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Ibmtririga short

  1. 1. “On Demand IT Solutions”Euro Consulting EMEAIBM• TRIRIGAUnited KingdomEuro Consulting EMEA Head Office,23 Blair Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1QR, UKNetherlandsEuro Consulting, EMEA, Leeuwerikplein101, 144HZ, Purmerend, HollandMaltaEuro Consulting EMEA, 104 Old CollegeStreet, Sliema, SLM 1377, Malta, EU
  2. 2. “On Demand IT Solutions”Euro Consultant EMEA offer a unique focus on many different application and technologyinitiatives by combining leading expertise, broad coverage, global reach, and a flexibledelivery model, which is designed for the needs of each client.IBM’s solution for workplace data integration is IBM®TRIRIGA®. This solution providesan integrated workplace management system (IWMS).IBM®TRIRIGA® integrates functional models across: •Real Estate •Capital Projects, •Facilities Space Management, •Facility Maintenance •Environmental & Energy ManagementEuro Consulting EMEA is an IBM® Business Partner and offer the full TRIRIGA® suiteof products. Offering professional and expert, business and technical support services,Euro Consulting EMEA will successfully implement a solution designed to the client’sspecific requirements.Euro Consulting EMEA • IBM TRIRIGAEuro Consulting EMEA • 1
  3. 3. “On Demand IT Solutions”IBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Management opens new opportunities for improved real estatemanagement in three key areas: •Transaction Management •Lease Administration •Lease AccountingIBM TRIRIGA Real Estate Manager assists, reduce overall costs, increase return on assetsand achieve higher profitability.The three areas reeling the rewards from TRIRIGA Capital Projects Manager: •Project Portfolio •Management Project Planning •Project Schedule ManagementTRIRIGA Capital Projects Manager identifies priorities and opportunities for allocationof funding within capital programs, provides project risk analysis. IBM TRIRIGA ensuresadvanced project implementation and control capabilities required to successfullycomplete projects early or on time, within budget and with the desired quality.Euro Consulting EMEA • IBM TRIRIGAEuro Consulting EMEA • 2
  4. 4. “On Demand IT Solutions”IBM TRIRIGA Facilities Space Manager enables your organisation to manage your spacethe most efficient way.TRIRIGA Facilities Space Manager optimises the following aspects: •Strategic Facility Planning •Move Management •Reservation & Hoteling ManagementIBMTRIRIGAFacilitiesandOperationsManagerisafull-bodiedComputerisedMaintenanceManagement System (CMMS) improving these key components: •Service Life Cycle Management •Preventive Maintenance •Condition Based Maintenance •Environmental & Energy AnalysisTRIRIGA Facilities and Operations Manager enables organisations to manage their assetsover their lifecycle in order to reduce maintenance expenses and deliver high-qualityservice.Euro Consulting EMEA • IBM TRIRIGAEuro Consulting EMEA • 3
  5. 5. “On Demand IT Solutions”IBM TRIRIGA Environmental Manager concentrates on improving the following areas: •Environmental and Energy Analysis •Environmental and Energy Project Planning •Integrated Facility ManagementTRIRIGA Environmental Manager offers organisations the ways to achieve theirsustainability targets. This can be done, by tracking and managing the use of energy andenvironmental performance across their facilities and assets.Euro Consulting EMEA has extensive experience with the full TRIRIGA product. OurTRIRIGA-certified consultants work closely with our clients. Our clients can be assuredof a quality services through, up-to-date and detailed progress reports. Our consultantsdeliver on the commitment of Euro Consulting, providing the highest results.Euro Consulting EMEA • IBM TRIRIGAEuro Consulting EMEA • 4
  6. 6. PharmaceuticalOur Consulting PartnersOil, Gas, Energy & UtilitiesFinanceManufacturingHospitalityTransportEuro Consulting EMEA • 5Telecom“On Demand IT Solutions”Our Clients
  7. 7. Euro Consulting EMEAHead Office (UK): +44 (0)131 220 2820Malta Office: +356 2778 0717e: info@euroconsulting-emea.euw:© copyright Euro Consulting EMEAProduced in Malta, EU, 2013All Rights ReservedEuro Consulting EMEA and the Euro Consulting EMEA logo are trademarks orregistered trademarks of International Business.Other company, product and service names may be trademarks or servicemarks of others.References in this publication to Euro Consulting EMEA productsor servicesdo not imply that Euro Consulting EMEA intends to make them available in allcountries in which Euro Consulting EMEA operates.Contact Us“On Demand IT Solutions”