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Open house presentation 2012 2013


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Open house presentation 2012 2013

  1. 1. Welcome! 2012-2013 School Year Baines Middle School Ms. Patel Sixth Grade Social StudiesConference Time: Phone Number: 281-634-6870 08/23/12
  2. 2. 08/23/12
  3. 3. Tutoring: I offer tutorialsevery Friday morningsfrom 8:00-8:40. Studentswill be given a TutorialPass and it should betaped in their agenda.Tutorials will be on aneeds basis. 08/23/12
  4. 4. How can I find out what’s going on in my child’s class?-look for the weekly newsletter through e-mail-check the teacher webpage for additional resources-check your child’s agenda  08/23/12
  5. 5. Scope of Study:World Cultures and GeographyCourse Overview:Students will study people and places of the contemporary world. Societies selected for study are chosen from different regions of the world.Supplies:Spiral NotebookGlue/Tape/Scissors 08/23/12
  6. 6. First Nine Second Nine Third Nine Fourth Nine Weeks Weeks Weeks Weeks Culture Economics Latin Africa South America of SaharaGeography North Europe Asia America AustraliaGovernment Middle East and North Africa08/23/12
  7. 7. Classroom Expectations • Keep Interactive Notebook organized • Come prepared to class • Review notes on a daily basis • Study for tests/quizzes • Take pride in work • Perform above and beyond my expectations • Incorporate critical thinking skills into daily work • Interact with community resources08/23/12
  8. 8. Grading • Students will be given assignments in class, and will be made aware of all tests, projects, and quizzes. • Forms of Assessments: weekly quizzes, homework, journaling, group work, presentations, projects, and unit tests • Quizzes may be given on a weekly basis to assess the skill of the week. • In a 9 week grading period there will be a maximum of 3 major and 6 daily grades.08/23/12
  9. 9. WISH LIST• Scissors• Glue• Map pencils• Index Cards 08/23/12
  10. 10. I look forward to a successful school year!Go Longhorns!!!!!!!!! 08/23/12