quien invento el <br />telefono en el siglo 19


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quien invento el <br />telefono en el siglo 19

  1. 1. quien invento eltelefono en el siglo 19It has long said who invented the telephone was the American scientist and inventorAlexander Graham Bell Scottish origin, along with Elisha Gray, but it was Bell who createdthe phone, only registered the first patent in 1876. The second patent was recorded by Gray.In June 2002 the U.S. Congress through resolution 269 decreed that Antonio Meucci was theone who invented the telephone, I call teletrofono. Meucci economic problems could onlybriefly describe his invention but not patented.Brief History of the Invention of the Telephone:In 1857 Antonio Meucci built and installed a rudimentary phone to connect his office in thebasement of his home in Staten Island with the bedroom on the second floor, as his wifecould not move around the house that suffered from rheumatism. But not having enoughmoney could not patent his invention. Meucci took his invention of the telephone to WesternUnion but ignored him and kept the materials, not proven but it is said that these materialswere captured by Alexander Graham Bell, who use them to create your phone.Then in 1876 Bell discovered that to transmit the human voice should use a current, thenbuilt and patented the first phone capable of transmitting and receiving quality human voice.Bell’s patent was registered only a few hours before that of Elisha Gray.Another important person was Thomas Alva Edison who introduced significant improvementsto the phone’s microphone as carbon granules which increased its output power.Antonio Meucci was recognized as the inventor of the telephone in the year 2002 by theCongress of the United States. Pat Bell was controversial from the start because it was saidBell had someone who helped him in the patent office and told him in advance that he wasgoing to compare the two patents that of Gray and Bell to discard the worst and the mostexpensive. Bell could thank his friend comparing patents and patent added to hand him anote in which he described an alternative design just like the Gray.The first years of the history of the telephone in Mexico:In 1878, Mexico was the first test in successful telephone between Mexico City and the thenremote village of Tlalpan, which today is one of the municipalities of the Federal District. TheFederal District (DDF) and the company Alfredo Westrup and Company signed a contract toconvey at six police stations in the city who was then with the offices of the Inspector Generaland the Minister of Interior. http://www.quieninventoeltelefono.com
  2. 2. Between 1879 and 1880 he laid the first private networks, and the July 19, 1881, permissionwas granted to U.S. ML Greenwood to install a network of public service in Mexico City, andin 1882 he founded the Mexican Telephone Company, a subsidiary of Telefónica of Bostonthat later, in 1905, changed its name to Mexican Telephone and Telegraph Company, SAThus was born the first telephone company in the country.The first years of the history of the telephone in Colombia:1878 First experimental telephone communications in Bogotá.1885 telephone service begins in Bogota.1885 starts Barranquilla particular telephone service1890 Starts Operations Telephone Company Cucuta. In Bogotá amount to one hundred thenumber of their phones.1890 The Antioquia department and the municipality of Medellin, are a telephone companyand request equipment New York1891 comes into operation the first floor with 50 telephone devices.1894 New repairs and upgrades to the telephone from Bogota, increase the number ofswitches and employees to meet the growing demand for the service.1896 The call center serves Bogotá 500 subscribers1899 The Cartagena telephone company begins its work, owned by local merchants.1900 In Barranquilla and Santa Marta, JP telephone operates Dieter “West Indies”1904 invented the dial telephone.1909 In Colombia operates a total of 1250 phones, just 50 more than the previous year.1910 Bogota reaches 400 handsets and the country to 1300.29 January 1911: Alfonso Villegas Restrepo, Case “Weather” in Bogota.Early telegraphy stations in Colombia.It creates the quartermaster telegraph, dependent solely on the government.
  3. 3. 1912 The Colombian government signed contracts with “fur Brahtluse GasellschaffTelegraphie” Berlin, for the construction of a wireless station; phones amounted to 2000, 800of which operate in Bogotá.Installs the Cali phone company with 250 subscribers and extending the service to Palmyra,with 45 devices in use.Medellín phone system has 400 subscribers, and operated by the government.The first years of the history of the telephone in Argentina:The service operation permanently and trade began in 1881 when the city of Buenos Aireswas the first authorizations granted for the installation of telephones to three foreigncompanies, two European and one American. The first telephone was installed in the privateresidence of the then Minister of the Interior Dr. Bernardo de Irigoyen, the second at theresidence of the President of Argentina Julio A. Rock, and the third at the home of thePresident of the Municipality Marcelo T. de Alvear. Until 1929, he managed to get the firsttelephone link between Argentina and EuropeDuring the year 1882 in the Republic of Argentina, created the Union Telephone Company ofRio de la Plata in Argentina resulting from the merger of Société du Pantéléphone L. DeLocht et Cie and Telephone Company of Rio de la Plata, in 1886 the Company acquiredGower-Bell Telephone. Had 6,000 initial subscribers in 1886.During the government of General Juan Domingo Peron, in 1946, the state began tointervene directly in the phone market, through the creation of the joint venture EMTATelefónica Argentina, among which nationalized the assets and liabilities of UnionTelephone, Main business activity.In January 1956, the Government established the National Telecommunications CompanyENTel, as state-owned company.In the late eighties, the Basic Telephone Service (SBT) was provided by: Entel, operatingabout 3,300,000 fixed lines representing 90% of the country’s market, 6% was covered bytwo companies, and 4 % rest comprised some 300 cooperatives that provided localtelephone service independently since the late 50s.In 1989 began the process of privatization of Entel, a need for infrastructure developmentand investment. That year President Carlos Menem intervened company, while the NationalCongress, declared subject to concession and privatization.In November 1990, won the south to the Spanish Telefónica and the north of France
  4. 4. Telecom, in partnership with the STET of Italy. Contracts involving licenses granted anexclusive license to provide SBT for the period of seven years, renewable for three yearssubject to meeting certain specifications goals.There are many features the iPhone has that makes it more than a phone. Your iPhone isprobably capable of a lot more than you even realize. Apply those tips, and youll be ready tobe an iPhone power user.