Review Of The Canon 2044B002 Telephoto Lens


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Review Of The Canon 2044B002 Telephoto Lens

  1. 1. Review Of The Canon 2044B002 Telephoto LensIf you want to get a bit further into your photography as an enthusiast or as a possible careerprospect then do read on. Most likely you may already have one of the popular Canon EOSmodel camera bodies and wondering what may be a good lens to put on it for your telephotorequirements. A possible good choice for you may be the Canon 2044B002.This telephoto lens usually comes bundled with the newer Canon EOS models as a come on forthe prospective photographer or enthusiast. It can be purchased separately however and mostpeople have done this. Do read on for some useful information on this fast becoming popularlens for the Canon camera series.Probably the most salient feature of this lens is its price. On average you can get one for undertwo hundred dollars, which is fairly cheap when compared to other telephoto lenses in themarket. It has a focal length of from 50mm to 255, and is definitely one you can use for greatzoom shots. Its built in stabilizer is an added bonus for the more sensitive shots where you needa steady hand.Canon swears by its heavy weight features despite its small size. Coming in at a little under apound in weight and a length of only a little over four inches, Canon believes that it can meetthe demands of even the most seasoned photographer or hobbyist.The 70 mm diameter lens is designed specifically for outdoor use, and there may be minorissues as to overall quality when used indoors. Its ability to get shots of as little as one fifteenthof a second due to its image stabilizer will be a boon for avid sports photographers who want toshoot the action as it happens. More advanced users will also find that it can give great imagequality when doing other outdoor shots like landscapes and sceneries as well as the occasionalwildlife photo shoot. It also does fairly well as a lens for nighttime shots as claimed by quite afew users.Yet others also have found satisfaction with its ease of interchangeability plus its autofocusfeatures, which they find to be sufficiently fast and accurate enough for their needs. The feature,alongside the good range, gives greater image quality.Others however do say that you get what you pay for. They say that the low price comes at acost as they feel that the construction of the lens body is somewhat soft and flimsy. Others havecommented that what others find as a fairly reasonable fast autofocus is really quite slow,alongside comments that the small aperture is something that needs to be improved.No doubt the Canon 2044B002 Telephoto lens will have its supporters and detractors just likeany other product out there, but in reality it really is a great beginner telephoto lens for thosewho want to start more advanced photographic techniques. All in all the lens is a great packageat a good price, and will give you a feel of more advance photo opportunities without putting ahole in your pocket. 1/4
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