Question 5 evaluation Media Studies


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Adam Bailey Year 12 Media Studies Evaluation Question 5

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Question 5 evaluation Media Studies

  1. 1. Question 5 Evaluation- How did you attract or address your audience?
  2. 2. Who were your target audience? • My target audience would be in the range of 17-50 year olds because at this age I would feel that my genre which is poverty would appeal to them the most as they would need an understanding of the genre. I felt that this would be the best age range because people under 17 wouldn’t really grasp the normal everyday life of a beggar on the streets of London
  3. 3. Examples of Target Audience People in their 40s Middle Aged people Teenagers
  4. 4. What did you find out about them? • I found out about my target audience by doing my product research on my WordPress blog. As well as this, I conducted some audience research by interviewing my target audience. • The link below is my audience research interview. • • Here is one main example of my product research that I used for the film genre
  5. 5. How, specifically, in terms of camera, m-e-s, sound, editing and narrative, your film appeals to them • Here are some stills from my film opening.
  6. 6. Camerawork • My film appeals to the audience via the camerawork by making them guess the name of the opening. This is done by the camera zooming in on the road sign on the previous slide. I did this because I didn’t want them to dwell on the name. I wanted them to get the name of the opening straight away. The 2 shot of the beggar with the woman in the coat shows that there is class difference and that’s what I wanted to appeal to the audience. As well as this, the middle still appeals via camerawork by me trying to include an establishing shot of the location, so that the audience understand where the beggar will go to search through the bins.
  7. 7. Editing • My film appeals to the audience via editing because I wanted to make the whole scenery a bit brighter as I wasn’t happy with the natural colour from the camera. I tweaked the overall vision of the scene by adding an effect from Adobe Premiere Here you can see the effect is in full use. This was used to brighten up the scenery so that the viewers won’t get an overall dull perception.
  8. 8. Mise En Scene • My opening appeals to the audience via Mise En Scene because I wanted class to be one of my main factors. Here is an example As you can clearly see there is class difference here as the woman dressed in the red coat is supposed to represent a higher class and authority as opposed to the old man who is at a lower status.
  9. 9. Sound • Sound was a big part of my film opening because I needed the audience to figure out the genre of the film by listening to the type of music used. The music I used was depressing and I wanted to implicate that depression onto my audience so that they can feel the same emotion.