Village knowledge Centre & Village Resource Centres


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Village knowledge Centre & Village Resource Centres

  1. 1. VKC & VRC Presentation By : Mr. Bai Koyu 1st Year, 2nd Semester Agricultural Extension CAU/CPGS/AGEXT/M13/01
  2. 2. VILLAGE KNOWLEDGE CENTRES : • Village Knowledge Centre (VKC) serves as information dissemination centre. • It provides instant access to farmers about latest information/ knowledge available. • Basically in the field of agriculture, starting from crop production to marketing.
  3. 3. VKC Implementation : It was started at Villianur, a village in Pondicherry in 1998. The cost of project is completely borne by MSSRF. The VKC project uses a Hub & Spokes model. The hub is a “Village Resource Centre” Which is typically connected to 20-30 VKCs spread over a 60Km radius.
  4. 4. OBJECTIVE : • For promoting single window delivery of need-based services viz. rain water harvesting, nutritional information. • Including primary processing of fruits and vegetables • Rural sanitation, preventive and curative aspects of health and hygiene, • Skill development and linkage with market requirements etc.
  5. 5. • Location : Rural areas • Target group : Economically disadvantaged sections of the society, SHGs • Stake holders: CAPART, NGO, District Administration, Village Panchayats, Local Communities.
  6. 6. Specification ( Technical & Functional Central Site : The originating point of information dissemination. Remote Site : The receiving point of information from the central site. Connectivity : WiMax/VSAT/Leased Line/ISDN Technologies
  7. 7. The central studio, from where the speaker will deliver the interactive real time, will have :  audio/video systems, Computers, Printers, UPSs, CPCB certified Diesel Generator Sets and Wireless Broadband radio link /VSAT/Leased Line/ISDN lines
  8. 8. The remote location i.e. Village Knowledge Centre will have Audio / video system, printer, UPS and CPCB certified DG set and Wireless Broadband radio link/VSAT/Leased Line/ISDN lines. It will also have a Windows XP enabled PC with TV tuner card. for digitizing, archiving , conducting playback input from video conferencing.
  9. 9. VILLAGE RESOURCE CENTRES: • It has been evolved by ISRO and implemented through a partnership with RRSSC. • VRCs was inaugurated in 2004. • The VRC is a totally interactive VSAT based network. • The network uses one of the Extended C- band transponders of the INSAT-3A satellite.
  10. 10. Contd... Users located at one node of this network can fully interact with others located at another node through video and audio links. Two facets of VRC have been envisaged: One is Governmental domain. The second is the Public domain. Provide information on health, education, nutrition, gender issues, legal services and women empowerment
  11. 11. VTCs Services : Tele-education Tele-healthcare Land & Water Resources Management Interactive Advisory Services Tele-fishery e-Governance Services Weather Services
  12. 12. VRC - Status and Future Plan: During the past two years, over 275 VRCs have been set up in the country across 16 States. In association with about 40 partner agencies. These VRCs have conducted over 3,000 programmes benefiting over 200,000 people.
  13. 13. Contd... • In the coming years, the VRC programme will be expanded. • To cover the entire rural and semi-urban parts of the country. • Together with the initiatives of other agencies, the benefits of VRCs will be able to reach all the villages in the country.
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