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Visiting baikal national parks


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Visiting baikal national parks

  1. 1. Visiting Baikal National Parks Summer 2012 9 days/8 nights Discover your Lake Baikal!
  2. 2. Visiting Baikal National ParksThe untouched nature of Lake Baikal, the same as it used to be thousands years ago,was reserved only at certain protected areas, such as reserves, National parks andclosed woods.During this trip you will visit Barguzinsky reserve, the so called “place of crystal water,taiga and sables”, which is one of the oldest reserves in Russia. Also you will visit thebiggest National Park at Lake Baikal – Baikalo-Lensky national park. You will seeElokhin cape, have rest at Chivirkuysky bay in Transbaikalsky National park.While tracking the sacred reserved areas you will be accompanied by professionaljaegers, who know a lot about Lake Baikal and its nature.
  3. 3. Route Elokhin cape Davsha Zavorotnaya bay Sosnovka bay Chivirkuysky bay Ulan-Ude city
  4. 4. Meet Lake BaikalDay 1
  5. 5. Day 1Meeting at the airport of Ulan-Ude with Siberian hospitality and a little surprise.Transfer to Monakhovo settlement, which is located in Chivirkuysky bay, by minibus(transfer duration 6 hours). On the way you will have lunch in Maksimikha village.Boarding a ship. Dinner on the ship in Zmeinaya (Snake’s) bay. Walking along theshore of the bay. Bathing in hot springs.Meals included: lunch, dinner.
  6. 6. Chivirkuysky bayOne of the most beautiful bays of Lake Baikal, Chivirkuysky bay, is located at theterritory of Trans-Baikal National Park. This is a place with a special protection regime,there is not any construction on the shore of the cape. Only taiga and sky-blue LakeBaikal will surround you at Chivirkuysky bay. Its current name was given to the baydue to the great Chivirkuy River, which flows into it from the north. This bay is thewarmest on the Lake Baikal, and the hot springs of the Zmeinaya gulf make it evenmore attractive.
  7. 7. Ship for the group of 2-6 peopleIt is a reliable small boat. Its length is 16,5 m, width 3.7 m, cruising speed of 16 km / h.Accommodation on board at comfortable double cabins. There is a bathroom with ashower on the ship.In the saloon there is TV, DVD-video and stereo - everything to make your journeypleasant and unforgettable. The boat has everything you need for a great fishing: a motorboat for 4 people, gears and robs..
  8. 8. Ship for the group of 10-12 peopleLength 27 m, width 4 m, speed 18 km / h. it is a standard level boat, which is equippedwith a diesel generator, providing round the clock electricity supply. There is a modernnavigation equipment.Accommodation in cabins for 2 or 4 people (bunk beds). On the deck there is a saloonwith TV, DVD and music center, an awning from rain and sun. On the ship there are twotoilets and two showers.
  9. 9. Baikal SealsDay 2
  10. 10. Day 2Breakfast. Cruising in Chivirkuysky bay, watching Ushkany islands and Baikal seals.After watching the seals we will get back to the Zmeinaya bay, where you will havesome free time. You will be able to swim at the Lake and bathe in hot springs. For theextra charge it will also be possible to go fishing and have banya on a floating hotel.Overnight on the ship.Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner.
  11. 11. Barguzinsky reserveДень 3
  12. 12. Day 3Early in the morning we will cruise to Sosnovka bay, to the shores of Barguzinsky reserve(Cruising time – 6 hours). At the midday we will arrive to the gulf. Alighting. Tracking tothe river Shumilikha with a Jaeger (8 or 12 km one way at your request). On the way youwill have a picnic in the forest. In the evening you will get back to the ship and havedinner. Heading to Davsha (cruising time – 1,5 hours). Arrival to Davsha. Overnight onthe ship. Meals included: breakfast, picnic, dinner.
  13. 13. ShumilikhaWalking tour along the river Shumilikha is one of the most beautiful hiking routes atLake Baikal. The entry of the river is located in Sosnovka bay, in this place Barguzinridge comes close to the shore and its picturesque mountains frame the expanse of thebay. Shumilikha is famous for its waterfalls, its length is 11 km and the heightdifference - 1 km.The duration of trip may be shortened or extended at the request of the group.
  14. 14. Sables kingdomDay 4
  15. 15. Day 4Breakfast. Excursion at the museum of Barguzinsky reserve in Davsha settlement. Youwill spend about an hour at the museum. After it you will make a hiking tour along thecordon with the keeper of the reserve. Picnic. In the evening you will get back to theship and have some free time. Dinner and overnight on the ship.Meals included: breakfast, picnic, dinner.
  16. 16. Sables kingdomThe word “davshe” translated from the Evenk language means "the meadows", "wideopen terrain." Thia is a small settlement, founded in the mid-twentieth century, which isfamous for its beautiful landscapes, but the main thing is, that the central cordon ofBarguzin reserve is located here. This reserve is the oldest in Russia.
  17. 17. Taiga fairytaleDay 5
  18. 18. Day 5Breakfast. Cruising to the cape Elokhin, which is located in Baikalo-Lensky Nationalpark (Cruising time – about 7 hours). We will arrive to Elokhin cape after lunch.Alighting. Free time. While having spare time you can have a walk or go berrying. Yourguide will tell you the history of the National park, its nature and its inhabitants. Atyour request it is possible to have banya (is paid extra). Overnight on the ship.Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner.
  19. 19. Cape ElokhinCape Elokhin is located in the North of Baikalo-Lensky National park (the biggestNational park at Lake Baikal0. there are 50 kinds of mammal and about 240 kinds ofbirds. This National park is famous for the high amount of bears, that is why it issometimes called “Black bears acres”. It is possible to meet rare and interesting birdsthere, such as white-tailed sea eagle, black stork, white-winged scoter, roody shelduck,grey crane.
  20. 20. Black bears acresDay 6
  21. 21. Day 6Breakfast. Tracking to the waterfalls in Baikalo-Lensky National park. Picnic in the forest.Cruising to Zavorotnaya bay. It will take us about 3 hours to get there. Alighting. Walkingwith your guide, who will keep on telling you about the National parks. Dinner andovernight on the ship.Meals included: breakfast, picnic, dinner.
  22. 22. Cruising to the EastDay 7
  23. 23. Day 7Breakfast. Heading to Chivirkuysky bay. It will take us about 6 hours to get there. Ourship will make a stop in Zmeinaya bay. Fishing and bathing in hot springs. At yourrequest it is possible to have banya (for the extra charge). In the evening we will make acampfire on the shore of the Lake. Overnight on the ship.Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner.
  24. 24. Farewell with Lake BaikalDay 8
  25. 25. Day 8Breakfast. Transfer from Monakhovo settlement to Ulan-Ude (in Ust-Barguzin we willchange the car), transfer duration – 6 hours. On the way you will have lunch inMaksimikha village. Upon the arrival to Ulan-Ude accommodation at the hotel “SagaanMorin” in twin or double standard rooms. Spare time.Meals included: breakfast, lunch. Dinner is paid extra.
  26. 26. “Sagaan Morin” hotel17-storey hotel "Sagaan Morin" is located in downtown of Ulan-Ude. Comfortable roomof the category “Standard” consists of a bedroom and a bathroom equipped with modernequipment. There is a satellite TV, telephone, air conditioning, internet access and a minibar in each room.The hotel is located in the shopping center, so you can go to the cinema, bowling, buy air-or train tickets.
  27. 27. FlightDay 9
  28. 28. Day 9Breakfast at the hotel. Check-out. Transfer to the airport of Ulan-Ude. Flight.Meals included: breakfast.
  29. 29. Tour price Tour duration: 9 days/8 nightsThe maximum number of people in group: 12 The number of 2 4 6 8 10 12 people in the group Tour price per 5 093 2 814 2 558 2 418 2 023 1 767 person, €. Tour price for the 10 186 11 256 15 348 19 344 20 230 21 204 group, €.
  30. 30. RouteDay 1: Ulan-Ude – Chivirkuysky bay (Transbaikalian National park);Day 2: Chivirkuysky bay;Day 3: Chivirkuysky bay – Barguzisky National park (Shumilikha)– Davsha;Day 4: Davsha (Barguzinsky National park);Day 5: Davsha – cape Elokhin (Baikalo-Lensky National park);Day 6: Cape Elokhin – Zavorotnaya bay;Day 7: Zavorotnaya bay – Chivirkuysky bay;Day 8: Chivirkuysky bay – Ulan-Ude;Day 9: Flight.
  31. 31. Tour price includes:-Meeting and seeing at the airport of Ulan-Ude;-Guide service during the whole tour;-All transfers as per itinerary: transfer “Ulan-Ude – Monakhovo settlement – Ulan-Ude bya comfortable minibus, transfer to the airport;-Ship freight for the cruise (8 days of cruise, plus blank run of the ship and the crew work);-Accommodation at the hotel “Sagaan Morin” in twin or double standard rooms for 1 night;-Meals as per itinerary: day 1 – lunch, dinner; days 2-7 – breakfast, lunch, dinner; day 8 –breakfast, lunch; day 9 – breakfast;- Excursions as per itinerary: excursion to Ushkany islands, hiking tour along Shumilikhariver (Barguzinsky reserve), visiting the museum of Barguzinsky reserve, excurtion at thecordon of Barguzin reserve in Davsha with the keeper;- Permission for visiting the Chivirkuysky bay;- Permission for visiting Baikalo-Lensky National park;- Leisure time activities, such as barbeque, campfires on the shore of the Lake, games, etc.;- Medical insurance in case of emergency.
  32. 32. Siberian cuisineFrom the ancient times till nowadays Siberian people were engaged in cattle breeding,hunting and fishing. Therefore, traditional Siberian cuisine is a combination of meat,poultry, fish and unique taiga spices. You will taste the traditional dishes of Russiancuisine, such as soups, pelmeni, pancakes, and Siberian native dishes - a variety of wildgame, pelmeni, mushroom soup, and, of course, a variety of dishes from Baikal fish!
  33. 33. Extra services- Flight or train tickets to Ula-Ude and back;- Alcohol;- Extra excursions and services, such as banya at Elokhin bay (per person) – 1500RUR/hour, 2000RUR/2 hours; trying fish at Elokhin bay – 60 RUR for one fish; Banya atthe floating hotel in Chivirkuysky bay – 600 RUR/hour; fishing from under the screw –from 5000 RUR/hour (should be ordered in advance); fishing rods rent – from 500 RUR/hour (should be ordered in advance); motor boat rent – from 1500 RUR/ hour (should beordered in advance);- Dinners not mentioned at the itinerary (the average price is about 600 RUR/ per person);
  34. 34. Our tourists’ impressions It was a fantastic experience.The guide was really nice to everybody. He is a great guy. Ithink the best moment of the trip for us was these 2/3 days in the small lake. It was fantasticto camp and to be in such a place. We also liked a lot the fact to be able to fish from a boat for2 days. And I think it would be great if you could propose to fish for the people who are notinterested in Bania and hot springs like I and my brother. Aurélien Valance, Paris (France)It is very beautiful here! We were surprised that the water is so clean. The tour makers takecare about the ecological situation at the Lake and they are really interested in their work. Irina and Michael, Carlstadt (Sweden)
  35. 35. Contact information Experts for the recreation at Lake Baikal: Office in Moscow: +7 (495) 287-40-17 Office in Irkutsk: +7 (3952) 500-689 e-mail:
  36. 36. Quality Assurance“Baikalov” is the only tour operator in Eastern Siberia that operates on the tour qualityassurance programm (Quality Assurance).The basic principle of the tour operator “Baikalov” is to guarantee the quality of a turn-key journey at the most beautiful and sacred sites of Lake Baikal. We are constantlyworking on to ensure that you are overjoyed at your vacations on Lake Baikal! Wecooperate only with the best guides. We offer only comfortable hotels, ships, boats andyachts. We guarantee the high quality of tours organization!“Tour Quality Assurance” applies to all itineraries tour operator “Baikalov” makes. Wecommit ourselves to organize your rest at the highest level. These commitments aredocumented in the section number 7 of the contract, signed by the tour operator and atourist. The guarantee extends to the category and class of a hotel, transfer conditions,ship characteristics, the number of meals and other qualitative and quantitativecharacteristics, reflected in the tourist contract.