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Surveillance over black bears


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Surveillance over black bears

  1. 1. Surveillance over black bears Summer 2012 8 days/7 nights Discover your Lake Baikal!
  2. 2. Surveillance over black bearsMeet sacred Lake Baikal and its main taiga inhabitant - brown bear! They are lookingforward to seeing you during the cruise “Surveillance over black bears“ This uniquetour, during which you will be able to safely watch bears from a short distance.You will visit the most beautiful and remote places. You will see the "heart" of LakeBaikal - Olkhon Island, Ushkany islands, where Baikal seal live, magic Chivirkuyskybay and virgin shores of northern Lake Baikal.Suggested dates of your trip are the first two weeks of June. It is the best time for seeingan exciting spectacle - the bears coming to the shores of Lake Baikal.The advantage of the trip: an exclusive journey that can be made only one time peryear. Only during this cruise you will be able to see and make nice photos of blackbears – the so called owners of the taiga - in their acres at Lake Baikal.
  3. 3. Route Davsha Zavorotnaya bay Chivirkuysky bay Olkhon Island Irkutsk
  4. 4. Meet Lake Baikal Day 1
  5. 5. Day 1Meeting at the airport or train station in Irkutsk with Siberian hospitality and a littlesurprise. Transfer to Olkhon Island (transfer time – 6 hours). Arrival to Khujirsettlement. Accommodation at mini hotel “Baikal” in twin or double rooms. In theevening you will make a hiking tour to the famous Shaman rock (cape Burkhan). Banya.Meals included: none. Lunch and dinner are paid extra.
  6. 6. Olkhon IslandOlkhon is the biggest and most famous of all islands at Lake Baikal. This is the island oflegends and myths. The so called “heart” of the Lake and the center of shamanism atLake Baikal. This island is considered to be the cradle for many tribes and people ofCentral Asia: the warlike Huns, Turks, kurykan.A great amount of legends is associated with Olkhon. One of them tells us that “theconqueror of the universe"- Genghis Khan – was buried on the Olkhon Island.
  7. 7. Mini-hotel “Baikal”Mini-hotel "Baikal " is located in Khuzhir settlement near Saraysky Bay and the famousBurhan cape. The room category “standard premium" has: one double or two single beds(on request) , bedside tables, TV, mirror and chairs. Also there is a bathroom in the roomwith a shower. Enjoy 24-hours working dining room, bar, sauna with a swimming pooland Baikal spa: masks and body wraps from Lake Baikal clay for the healthy andbeautiful skin. There are sports grounds and grounds for kids, a spacious gazebooverlooking Lake Baikal, barbecue.
  8. 8. Cruising to the East Day 2
  9. 9. Day 2Early breakfast. Check-out. Boarding a ship. Cruising to Chivirkuysky bay. It will take usabout 10 hours to get to the place. In passing we will visit Ushkany islands, the place,where Baikal seals affect. In the evening our ship will arrive to Zmeinaya (Snake’s) gulf inChivirkuysky bay. You will bathe in hot springs there. Dinner and overnight on the ship.Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner.
  10. 10. Your shipLength 25 m, width 4 m, cruising speed 18 km / h. The ship is equipped with comfortabledouble and triple cabins.All cabins have windows, beds, wardrobes, dressing table, mirror, the source voltage of220 V.On the ship there are two combined bathrooms (toilet + shower) with modern sanitaryware and hot water. There is a DVD in the salon.
  11. 11. Thermal springsZmeinaya bucht is one of the most famous gulfs in Chivirkuysky bay due to its thermalsprings. The temperature of the water there reaches up to 45 ° C. The springs have aspecial therapeutic effect for the treatment of radiculitis, hondrosis. There are sourcesboth at the underwater and on the land - there are equipped wooden "tubs“ on the land.Fresh summer air, warming heat of the healing waters, stunning landscapes of Baikal -the combination which always gives a striking effect for healing from the everydaytiredness and melancholy.
  12. 12. Cruising to the North Day 3
  13. 13. Day 3Heading from Chivirkuysky bay to Davsha. It takes about 4 hours to get there. You willcruise in Barguzinsky National park. There is a bear every kilometer en route. Often, onthe shores of Lake Baikal it is possible to see a bear with cubs, which you will certainlywatch, and also you will be able to make a unique photo.Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner.
  14. 14. Taiga hostIn early June almost all bears come out of the wilds of Baikal taiga in order to eatlipochan, the so called Baikal Caddis crank. It is a great holiday for the bear, who wokeup after hibernation, to wander along the beach licking a tasty and easy catch. We willwatch the bears from our ship, it is safe and you will be able to make great photos. Inorder to have a more detailed watching it will be possible to use a boat.
  15. 15. Crossing Lake Baikal Day 4
  16. 16. Day 4Early in the morning we will cross Lake Baikal and cruise to Baikalo-Lensky Nationalpark. It will take us about 8 hours to get there. Your ship will make a stop inZavorotnaya bay. You will try Russian banya, which is on the shore of Lake Baikal, gofishing and make a hiking tour in the forest. Dinner and overnight on the ship.Meals included: breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  17. 17. Zavorotnaya bayZavorotnaya bay is a perfect shelter from all Baikal winds. Here, the high scarp slopesof Baikal mountains comes close to the shore of the Lake, and the nature is preserved inits pristine beauty.Wind, sun and the heavenly moisture often create great pictures over the bay. There arereally fabulous views in Zavorotnaya bay!
  18. 18. The shore of black bears Day 5
  19. 19. Day 5Breakfast. Alighting. This day you will spend watching bears. We will make a veryinteresting hiking tour with a professional Jaeger in order to see the bears and watchthem. During the tour you will have a picnic in Baikal taiga, also you will have a good restand a nice walk. .Meals included: breakfast, picnic, dinner.
  20. 20. Хозяин тайгиYou will go deep into the taiga to the hunting rig, from which you will be able to makephotos of the bears you meet and watch them from a safe distance. Your group will beaccompanied by an experienced Jaeger, who knows a lot about bears behavior. He willtell you about the habits and characteristics of the beast, and the precautions to befollowed. You should unquestioningly follow his advice and requirements.
  21. 21. Sacred shores of Lake Baikal Day 6
  22. 22. Day 6In the morning you will cruise from Zavorotnaya bay to Olkhon Island. The ship will headalong Baikalo-Lensky National park, passing the famous cape Ryty. In the evening wewill arrive to Olkhon Island. Overnight on the ship.Meals included: breakfast, lunch, dinner.
  23. 23. Bears worldToday all day long we will watch and make photos of bears. Due to the favorable habitatconditions for bears in the end of May and the beginning of June the number of bears onthe coast of the Baikalo-Lensky National Park can reach 6-8 individuals per 1,000 ha.
  24. 24. Farewell with Lake Baikal Day 7
  25. 25. Day 7Breakfast. Transfer from Olkhon island to Irkutsk by a comfortable minibus. It will takeus about 4 hours to get to the city. Upon the arrival to Irkutsk accommodation indouble or twin standard rooms at the hotel «Zwezda» (The star).Meals included: breakfast. Lunch and dinner are paid extra.
  26. 26. Hotel “The Star” (“Zwezda”)Hotel “The Star” is a cozy three store building, which is located in the park area ofIrkutsk near the city center. All standard twin or double guest rooms are equipped withItalian furniture and necessary stuff a tourist might need, such as a wardrobe, bed,setelite TV, mini-bar, telephone, WC. The hotel offers different services, such as a goodsauna, massage, a swimming-pool, restaurant and bar.
  27. 27. Flight Day 8
  28. 28. Day 8Breakfast at the hotel. Check-out. Transfer to the airport of Irkutsk. Flight .Meals included: breakfast at the hotel.
  29. 29. Tour price Tour duration: 8 days/7 nights Maximum people in the group: till 8 The number of people in the 2 4 6 8 group Tour price per person, € 3 516 1 888 1 604 1 472 Tour price for the group, € 7 032 7 552 9 624 11 776
  30. 30. RouteDay 1: Irkutsk – Olkhon Island;Day 2: Olkhon – Chivirkuysky bay;Day 3: Chivirkuysky bay – Davsha;Day 4: Davsha – Zavorotnaya bay;Day 5: Baikalo-Lensky National park;Day 6: Zavorotnaya bay – Olkhon Island;Day 7: Olkhon Island – Irkutsk;Day 8: Flight.
  31. 31. Tour price includes- Meeting and seeing at the airport of Irkutsk;- Guide service during the whole tour;- All transfers as per itinerary: transfer “Irkutsk – Khujir – Irkutsk” by a comfortable car;- Ship freight for the cruise (6 days cruise, plus blank run of the ship and the crew service);- Accommodation at the hotel “Zwezda” in double or twin standard rooms for 1 night;- Accommodation at mini-hotel “Baikal” in twin or double rooms for 1 night;-Meals as per itinerary: 2- 6 days: breakfast, lunch, dinner ; 7-8 days: breakfast;-Excursions as per itinerary: excursions while cruising, excursion to the Shaman Rock;-Permission for visiting the Chivirkuysky bay;- Permission for visiting Transbaikalian National park and Baikalo-Lensky National park;- Satellite phone rent during the tour;- Bathing in hot springs in Zmeinaya bay;- Hiking tour in taiga with Jaeger;- Banya in Khujir settlement;- Banya in Zavorotnaya bay;- Leisure time activities, such as barbeque, campfires on the shore of the Lake, games, etc.
  32. 32. Siberian cuisineFrom the ancient times till nowadays Siberian people were engaged in cattle breeding,hunting and fishing. Therefore, traditional Siberian cuisine is a combination of meat,poultry, fish and unique taiga spices. You will taste the traditional dishes of Russiancuisine, such as soups, pelmeni, pancakes, and Siberian native dishes - a variety of wildgame, pelmeni, mushroom soup, and, of course, a variety of dishes from Baikal fish!
  33. 33. Extra servicesThese services are not included into the price and should be paid extra:- Flight or train tickets to and from Irkutsk;- Alcohol;- Extra excursions and services;- Meals not mentioned at the itinerary (about 400 Rubles per person for one meal)
  34. 34. Our tourists’ impressions It was a fantastic experience.The guide was really nice to everybody. He is a great guy. Ithink the best moment of the trip for us was these 2/3 days in the small lake. It was fantasticto camp and to be in such a place. We also liked a lot the fact to be able to fish from a boat for2 days. And I think it would be great if you could propose to fish for the people who are notinterested in Bania and hot springs like I and my brother. Aurélien Valance, Paris (France)It is very beautiful here! We were surprised that the water is so clean. The tour makers takecare about the ecological situation at the Lake and they are really interested in their work. Irina and Michael, Carlstadt (Sweden)
  35. 35. Contact information Experts for the recreation at Lake Baikal: Office in Moscow: +7 (495) 287-40-17 Office in Irkutsk: +7 (3952) 500-689 e-mail:
  36. 36. Quality Assurance“Baikalov” is the only tour operator in Eastern Siberia that operates on the tour qualityassurance programm (Quality Assurance).The basic principle of the tour operator “Baikalov” is to guarantee the quality of a turn-key journey at the most beautiful and sacred sites of Lake Baikal. We are constantlyworking on to ensure that you are overjoyed at your vacations on Lake Baikal! Wecooperate only with the best guides. We offer only comfortable hotels, ships, boats andyachts. We guarantee the high quality of tours organization!“Tour Quality Assurance” applies to all itineraries tour operator “Baikalov” makes. Wecommit ourselves to organize your rest at the highest level. These commitments aredocumented in the section number 7 of the contract, signed by the tour operator and atourist. The guarantee extends to the category and class of a hotel, transfer conditions,ship characteristics, the number of meals and other qualitative and quantitativecharacteristics, reflected in the tourist contract.