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CAD presentation


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A easy to understand approach to CAD/CADD

Published in: Technology, Business
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CAD presentation

  1. 1. CAD/CADD By: Baijnath Pan
  2. 2. We’ll Discuss: What’s CAD??? History Of CAD CAD Drawing- How It Works The CAD Industry16/12/2011 CAD- Baijnath Pandey 2
  3. 3. Computer-aided Design (CAD) Or Computer-aided Design And Drafting CAD??? (CADD) History Uses Computer-technology To Make Quick And Accurate Drawings, Intricate Designs And Design-documentationsCAD Drawings Even 3D drawing possible!!!!!!CAD Industry So, Basically A Computer Package for drawings16/12/2011 CAD- Baijnath Pandey 3
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  8. 8. So who uses it?Civil-Engineers Gaming industryArchitects Web-designersAnimation industry Fashion DesignersAutomobile industry Machine- ManufacturersAircraft Industry And of-course…… we students 16/12/2011 CAD- Baijnath Pandey 8
  9. 9. 1940s: Came into existence, by dr. Robert Issac newton CAD??? 1960s: Found use in the aircraft and automotive industries History Also used by 3D surface construction and NC programming, the firstCAD Drawings commercial users of CAD 1971: Founding of MCS (ManufacturingCAD Industry And Consulting Services Inc.) by dr. P. J. Hanratty, one of the most influential events16/12/2011 CAD- Baijnath Pandey 9
  10. 10. A few years ago, CAD quite an CAD??? exclusive computer-program Was meant only for engineering History applications that needed high degree of precisionCAD Drawings Only the rich-firms could afford itCAD Industry And today………16/12/2011 CAD- Baijnath Pandey 10
  11. 11. How do we draw in day to day life???? CAD??? Little different here…….and how??? History Need to access a particular function from the Draw menuCAD Drawings Separate functions to draw text, dimensions, patterns, symbols, andCAD Industry other elements of a drawing16/12/2011 CAD- Baijnath Pandey 11
  12. 12. Need to be specific about the no. Of CAD??? lines, arcs or any other shapes….. Must specify where each line and arc History starts, where it ends, the center point of the arc, the radius, etc.CAD Drawings Separate functions to draw text, dimensions, patterns, symbols, and otherCAD Industry shapes16/12/2011 CAD- Baijnath Pandey 12
  13. 13. Based on program level, divided into: CAD??? Low-end programs: Have just the basic drawing capabilities Commonly used for general drawing works History Mid-range programs: Almost 80% of all the cad programs fall hereCAD Drawings Offer advanced drafting techniques such as layers, 3D, basic database capabilities, advanced dimensioning and many automated drawingCAD Industry features Commonly used by architecture and engineering design firms16/12/2011 CAD- Baijnath Pandey 13
  14. 14. Advanced Programs: Have integrated features such as CAD??? engineering, solid modeling, analysis, design, database and project management History Can be customized to meet the specific client requirementsCAD Drawings Few such programs available Priced very highCAD Industry Commonly used by large corporations for manufacturing16/12/2011 CAD- Baijnath Pandey 14
  15. 15. Some of the most popular brand-names:•Solid Works•AutoCAD•Turbo CAD and•Micro Station16/12/2011 CAD- Baijnath Pandey 15
  16. 16. References:Websites1. ign_automation_introduction_0.htmEBESCO Reference:1. Asiabanpour Bahram, Et Al An Overview On Five Approaches For Translating Cad Data Into Manufacturing Information, Journal Of Advanced Manufacturing Systems Vol. 8, No. 1 (2009) 89–1142. Szewczyk Jaroslaw, Difficulties With The Novices’ Comprehension Of The Computer-Aided3. Design (Cad) Interface: Understanding Visual Representations Of Cad Tools J. Eng. Design, Vol. 14, No. 2, June 2003, 169– 185 16/12/2011 CAD- Baijnath Pandey 16
  17. 17. 16/12/2011 CAD- Baijnath Pandey 17