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Setting Up Ideal Development Environment for JDeveloper


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Presented at Kscope 2012 Conference at San Antonio.

The abstract as follows

When: Thursday June 28, Session 19, 11:45 am - 12:45 pm
Topic: Fusion Middleware - Subtopic: ADF

So you decided to move to ADF with JDeveloper 11g as your tool of choice. But now you are confused how to setup a proper development environment in JDeveloper 11g so you can work better in a group of teams. This session will provide basic steps to setup a development environment using SVN source control, Hudson, and Team Productivity Center, as well as share the experience of experts.

Published in: Technology
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Setting Up Ideal Development Environment for JDeveloper

  1. 1. Setting Up Ideal DevelopmentEnvironment for JDeveloper Presenter: Zeeshan Baig Oracle ACE Northwestern Healthcare #Kscope
  2. 2. Agenda  Oracle ADF and Jdeveloper Overview  What is Productivity?  Productivity Hacks  Solutions for Software Development Productivity  Expert’s Tips  Demo  Q&A2 #Kscope
  3. 3. About Me  12+ years of experience in Oracle Development tools (Database, Forms, APEX, ADF, Fusion)  Senior Architect & Developer at Northwestern Healthcare in Chicago.  Oracle ACE, OCP DBA certified in 8 to 10g  Technical blog on ADF and other fusion technologies at  YouTube Disclaimer: The views expressed are my own and does not affiliates with my employer Images used in this presentation courtesy of Google images and Oracle Documentation3 #Kscope
  4. 4. Oracle ADF and Jdeveloper  What is ADF? End to end framework builds on JEE standard platform to develop Web 2.0 Applications  What is Jdeveloper? A free integrated tool to build Java-SOA based applications  What is Weblogic Server? Oracle WebLogic Server is a scalable, enterprise-ready Java/SOA Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) application server4 #Kscope
  5. 5. What is Productivity? As per Wikipedia: “Productivity is a measure of the efficiency of production. Productivity is a ratio of production output to what is required to produce it (inputs). The measure of productivity is defined as a total output per one unit of a total input.”5 #Kscope
  6. 6. What is Productivity? In Simple terms: Productivity = Value / Time  Increase the value created  Decrease the time required to create that value Source #Kscope
  7. 7. Productivity Hacks Things that could hurt our productivity?  Noise  Our Addictions  Social media sites  The Boss7 #Kscope
  8. 8. Productivity Hacks But what really hurts….  Small pixels screen  Too many windows  Context switching b/w apps  Lack of Issue tracking  No source control  Lack of communication between developers8 #Kscope
  9. 9. Solution  Implement general best practices  Share common code  Control Source  Track issues  Automate build and deployment processes  Enhance communication between teams9 #Kscope
  10. 10. ADF Development Best Practices  Use Iterative development  Develop Common module first  Shared ADF Model  Develop using Bounded Task flows  Common layouts and skins  Common connections settings  Use Integrated WLS to Test Plus….  Integrate LDAP could help  Developer wikis  Big screen monitors, More RAM  Meetings (What I learned last week)10 #Kscope
  11. 11. Controlling Source Implement Source Control Management Popular:  Subversion SVN  CVS  GIT Manages:  Revision History  File Locking  Version Merging  Labels and tags11 #Kscope
  12. 12. Controlling Source SCM could safe you from this happening12 #Kscope
  13. 13. Track Issues Implement Issue tracking system Popular:  JIRA  BugZilla  Teamwork Manages:  Work flow  Tracking progress  Distribute workload  Project performance  To do lists13 #Kscope
  14. 14. Automating Builds & Deployment Implement Continuous Integration Popular:  Hudson/Jenkins  Cruise Control  Continuum Manages:  Quality control  Automate builds & deployment  Success or failure notification  Runs Unit tests  Resolve Conflicts earlier14 #Kscope
  15. 15. Communication Between Teams  15 min meetings  Wikis  Blogs  Discussion forums Now another problem Too many windows….15 #Kscope
  16. 16. Oracle’s Solution Oracle Team Productivity Center Provides:  All under one umbrella  Connectors  Repository  Team Navigator  Tags, Label  Chat  Build Dashboards16 #Kscope
  17. 17. Expert’s Tips Discussion Topic on ADF EMG Environment: ● Restrict developers to build and upload ADF Library JARs ● Deploy Shared Libraries to artifact repository to avoid version drift ● Do regular Commits on SVN and at directory level ● Make simple developer machines Tool: ● Custom colors in JDeveloper ● Make source view default to open a file ● Use JDEV short cuts & code templates17 #Kscope
  18. 18. Expert’s Tips Continued.. Credits:  ADF EMG  Mark Robinson  Aino Andresson  Chad Thompson  Missgebut  Juan Camilo Ruiz Check ADF EMG for more Best practices #Kscope
  19. 19. DEMO19 #Kscope
  20. 20. Thank You Congratulations you are now ready to develop in Oracle ADF20 #Kscope
  21. 21. Questions?21 #Kscope
  22. 22. Contact  BLOG:  Twitter: @baigsorcl  YouTube:  LinkedIn:  Email:  ADF EMG:  OTN: #Kscope