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examples of rock

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Sugar Loaf Mountain Brazil intrusive igneous rock that eventually reached the surface when overlying rocks were weathered away
  2. 2. Granite tors in Dartmoor, England
  3. 3. Layered igneous rock somehow the darker shade minerals are separated
  4. 4. Microscopic view of a section of gabbro
  5. 5. Sedimentary rock Limestone
  6. 6. Sedimentary rocks - conglomerate & breccia Why are the rock fragments more rounded on the left rock (conglomerate)?
  7. 7. Ease Gill (Limestone) Caves, England stalactites stalagmites
  8. 8. Pamukkale Falls, Turkey The terraces are formed from the precipitation of calcite from hot springs in limestone areas
  9. 9. Microscopic view of schist (metamorphic rock) Can you tell the difference between the earlier one shown (of igneous rock)?
  10. 10. Gneiss (granite underwent pressure) Can you see the wavy bands ?
  11. 11. Gemstones (crystals because mineral cooled after being heated by magma) Blue sapphire Pink sapphire Colourless sapphire Yellow sapphire Clear sapphire Mauve sapphire Sec 1/GEO/RP/RGS/SW/2004/rocks