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The home without marriage and family- the new life pattern of mankind is stunningly wonderful


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We are in the last days of this age. Year 2013 is the turning point.
After seven- thousand years exploration in the darkness, the mankind finally have Lifechanyuan.

Xue Feng ,Deiform Buddha,the messenger of the Greator Creator,got the Revelation to build Lifechanyuan, the Noah’s ark in new era, in order to raise the rate of salvation to one or two hundredth in the catastrophe fore-and-aft 2013 and enter into Lifechanyuan era.

Lifechanyuan inherits and upholds the thinking and wisdom of Jesus Christ, Buddha, previous saints, prophet, and sages,and is the last course for human beings to learn and follow. (The first course was given by Buddha. The second by Jesus Christ. This is the third yet the last. )

The approach of Lifechanyuan era will not change according to the will of anybody but is the necessary evolution result of universal life; it is the law and order of Tao.

Lifechanyuan has set the pattern of new lifestyle for human beings in Lifechanyuan era, which is the Home without Marriage and Family of Lifechanyuan. Till now, there are three branches in the world, all built in Yunnan Province of China,and the Kingdom of the Greatest Creator is on the earth.The Home Without Marriage and Family-the New Life Pattern of Mankind is Stunningly Wonderful!

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The home without marriage and family- the new life pattern of mankind is stunningly wonderful

  1. 1. Xuefeng Corpus — Lifechanyuan¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ The Home Without Marriage and Family —the New Life Pattern of Mankind is Stunningly Wonderful Xuefeng One can find the dazzling beauty when walking out of the traditionalmarriage and family and entering a new life pattern of mankind withoutmarriage and family—Home without Marriage and Family. Everything has been faring fairly well and smoothly for the Homewithout Marriage and Family, from the first subunit founded about threeyears ago to several subunits that have come into being today, and fromoriginally about two dozen members to more than one hundred memberstoday. The environment is becoming more and more elegant and serene.Everything is clean, tidy and orderly. Chanyuan celestials are getting onwith each other more and more harmoniously and cozily. The food isbecoming richer in variety; the living space is becoming more spacious. Thenumber of vehicles has increased. More and more Chanyuan celestials areapplying to live permanently in the Home without Marriage and Family.
  2. 2. Seek Truth from Facts, and Tell Truth ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ More importantly, Chanyuan celestials are becoming more and moresunny and natural in mental outlook. The Chanyuan celestials’ state of soulis becoming increasingly purer and more sublimate. Everyone radiates thesmiles of happiness. People are becoming more and more diligent andcompetent. None of the sisters and brothers that live permanently in theHome would choose to leave it. The management of the Home is becoming increasingly simple. Everyday people are doing their work most pleasantly and willingly. No one islazy. There have been increasingly fewer cases of goofing off. Holographicmanagement has paid off. There is not any criminal offence in the Home. Even quarrels are rarein occurrence. On the third day of this lunar new year, there occurred someabuse and physical confrontation during the wine party, which is the onlysuch incident since the founding of the Home. The next day thetroublemaker was evicted from the Home. Chanyuan values have beenwidely accepted by people here. The Home without Marriage and Family is to be built into the mostideal life pattern of mankind. Everyone shall have pleasant mood and canfull manifest their origin of nature. The living standard of the Home isslightly higher than the average living standard for the entire mankind. Nowwe have basically achieved the goal of one bedroom for each person. Thedozens of bedrooms in the Home have all been built by itself according tothe standard rooms of a three-star hotel. The rooms here are more spaciousand bright than the standard rooms in hotels. The environments of allsubunits have been built according to the model of Thousand-Year World ofthe heavenly kingdom, thus these subunits are authentic fairylands. The Home is having an increasingly diverse variety of vegetables,fruits and eggs. The cultural life is becoming more and more colorful. The
  3. 3. Xuefeng Corpus — Lifechanyuan¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯games of the day are reserved, in addition to the evening party of song anddance held once a month. Thus we have practically realized the ideal thateveryone can live as innocently as children. The most troubling thing in the traditional marriage and family is thehousehold chores, which have disappeared completely in the Home WithoutMarriage and Family. People need no longer worry about the troublesomehousehold affairs, because all things have been professionalized. 256 subunits of the Home will be built all over the globe. Six of thesubunits are located in China. It is predicted that in the near future, dozensof subunits will flourish all over the world. As the chief architect of the Home without Marriage and Family andthe guide of mankind’s spirit and soul, I am now living in happiness everyday. I have nothing else to do except for feeling grateful, striving forcreation, and treasuring the happiness. It is stunningly wonderful to live in the Home without Marriage andFamily! Communism is perfectly wonderful! 2012-02-03 More information please go to site: The Kingdom of the Greatest Creator(God): Home without Family and Marriage Follow the guide of the Greatest Creator will be beneficial to humanity,
  4. 4. Seek Truth from Facts, and Tell Truth¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Blessed by God and Buddha, ideal will come true. Come on, my dear friend! We are destined to be hand in hand in this lifetimeLifechanyuan, follows the Tao of the Greatest Creator, safeguard life, cultivate saints. The Invitation from Lifechanyuan