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A great transformation has been unveiled. We will either lead in the transformation, or follow it closely, or get eliminated. There is no a fourth way for us to choose. Lifechanyuan will usher in a new era (the Lifechanyuan era) for the mankind on this earth after 2013.Lifechanyuan is the last course for human beings to learn and follow :

The new era of mankind — Lifechanyuan Era has unveiled its curtain. It is being unfolded in full swing, in terms of both theory and practice. Every member of mankind should get to know the connotation of Lifechanyuan Era as early and quickly as possible, otherwise, he or she will certainly lag far behind.

The present day of mankind is caused by the past of mankind, and the present day of everyone is caused by his past. Only if we have realized this, can we have a tranquil mind, and form wisdom instantly. Only if we have understood this, will we stop complaining god, the earth, the society, and other people. Only in this way, can we find the direction and make for the thoroughfare.The process of life is just like the composition of a fax.

Life is a short journey of being in the human world.To create happiness for mankind and individual, you must rely on the Greatest Creator as well as yourself.

In life if a person wants to live a free and easy life, he must know how to give up. Only if he can continuously give up, can he continuously surpass himself.

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800 values-life

  1. 1. 800 Values for New Era Human Being800 Values for New Era Human being (Second Edition) Deiform Buddha Chapter 9:Life Definition of "Life" and "LIFE": LIFE: IFE is a nonmaterial structure with spiritual sense. LIFE=1+1,IFE is composed of two parts, the intangible spiritual entity and the tangible body. The intangible spiritual entity mainly refers to thought, consciousness, spirit, and soul, etc. The tangible body mainly refers to the flesh body where the soul is attached. Life: life is just a journey of LIFE in this world. The traveller is issued a single-entry visa with the travelling date specified.255. Life is a short journey of being in the human world.256. Man should pursue three major treasures in life: the richness of soul,the spiritual wealth, and material wealth. Man should first seek after therichness of soul, then the spiritual wealth, and finally the material wealth.None of the three treasures is dispensable. A life without any one of themwill be imperfect.257. In life one should simultaneously scale two highest realms: one isthe pursuit of the maximum happiness, joyfulness, freedom and blessing
  2. 2. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingof life; and the other is the sublimation of the quality of LIFE and theperfection of the nonmaterial structure of LIFE, and the effort to continueLIFE into the higher space of life such as Thousand-year World, theTen-thousand-year World, and the Celestial Islands Continent of theElysium World.258. The number of people who have awakened to this enlightenment isvery small, and the number of people choosing to go ashore is very small,and the great majority of people choose to drift with the tide. Awakeningto enlightenment is drudgery, while enjoyment is a satisfying matter. Thisis a result of man’s inertia. With inborn inertia, people are hesitant toattempt the new ways. They want to conserve what they already possess.They are conservative, and they prefer a secure and stable life and areafraid of change and loss. They are afraid of entering the unfamiliar areas.They dread the prospect that what they obtain from their adventure maynot be worth what they have invested. Actually the more afraid you are,the more miserable situation you will be plunged in. The best defense isattack, and the best life is active innovation. It is better to be innovativethan conservative. Expanding into a new area would be better thanobstinately clinging to the old area. Everyone has endless potential,capability, and charms. The conservative man will never know and cannever bring his potential and capability into full play, and thus he willlose his charm.259. In life if a person wants to live a free and easy life, he must knowhow to give up. Only if he can continuously give up, can he continuouslysurpass himself. Abnegation is a major magic weapon for the growth ofsoul and spirit, and more importantly abnegation is the best way tosublime oneself and obtain a beautiful future. Abnegation is included in
  3. 3. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingthe core teachings of Jesus Christ and Buddha Sakyamuni, in the freedomand happiness of life, and in the mystery to lead life to heaven.260. Man falls into five categories: ignorant person, laity, mortal, sage,and celestial. Those who are driven by instincts are ignorant persons,those by desires are laities, those by sentiment are mortals, those byrationality are sages, and those by spiritual sense are celestials. Sagesbelong to the category of celestials.261. Man lives to pursue happiness, joyfulness, freedom and blessing. Allactivities of man and mankind are centered on this goal. If we haveignored this goal of the existence of life, we would be putting the cartbefore the horse, whether it is the study for a doctorate’s degree, themarriage to found a family, the establishment of a company, the pursuitof an official career for more money, or the self-cultivation. Pursuehappiness, freedom and pleasure, and fully enjoy the happiness,joyfulness,freedom and blessing on the journey of life, and hence lovelife, love being, love nature, and feel gratitude—this is the moral of beinga man and also the major value and significance of life.262. The highest realm of life is: read extensively, have the world in mind,cure the severe illness, make vigorous effort to turn the situation, benefitthe people, and build the globe into a paradise where the peoples of thewhole world live harmoniously with each other. The highest realm ofLIFE is: self-improve and self-refine, release souls of people frompurgatory, achieve celestial being and Buddhahood, and realize SupremeAuthentic Wisdom. The highest realm of Chanyuan celestial is: perfectthe nonmaterial structure of LIFE, and go to live in the Thousand-yearWorld, the Ten-thousand-year World, and the Elysium World, especiallythe Celestial Islands Continent of the Elysium World.
  4. 4. 800 Values for New Era Human Being263. The human world is a place where the LIFE of different realmsalternates and transmigrates between each other. It is a transfer stationbetween the paradise and the hell. Motley travelers are jumbled in thehuman world. Some are going to the Thousand-year World, some to theTen-thousand-year World, some to the Elysium World, some to theanimal world, some to the hell, and some back to the human world. Withthe confusing scenes and theories and the contention between Buddha andmonsters, it is difficult to tell right from wrong.264. The habit that is the easiest to form, and the easiest to ignore, but themost harmful to life and LIFE is the habit to accept favor and forget tofeel the gratitude. The more intimate the person is to you, the moreimportant the person is to you, and the more unselfishly devoted to youthe person is, the more likely you are to feel resentment and blame, themore likely you are to forget respect and gratitude, the more likely youare to be fault-finding, and the more likely you are to demand perfection.Often accustomed to gaining, one is likely to forget gratitude; oftenaccustomed to acquisition, one is likely to ignore appreciation—this iswhy the more intimate persons are more likely to incur hurt. Of all thatone should feel thankful for, the people are most likely to ignore theirgratitude for the Greatest Creator. We are used to the warm sunshine, theair that we breathe in, the beautiful flowers and mountains, and thewonder and pleasure of sexual love, but we have completely forgottenthat all these are bestowed by the Greatest Creator. We have forgotten ourgreatest benefactor. Those who don’t know how to feel grateful and yetdemanding perfection have formed the worst habits.265. What is most easily obtainable is the most precious. We must behighly clear-headed that what comes by easily is very precious. Weshould not think that what we have gained easily is of little value. Rather,
  5. 5. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingwhat is most easily available is most precious. We should regard them asthe favor of the Greatest Creator, and we should take this principle as thevaluable book of life.266. Human society needs traffic lights. Human society is in need ofsages or community of sages, who have in mind only the interest of thewhole mankind and disregard their own interest, the interest of theirfamilies, of their nationalities, of their political parties, of their religions,and of their own countries. Only such sages or community of sages canrelatively impartially institute the traffic light to be jointly observed by allmankind.267. Sages do not celebrate birthdays. Saints do not celebrate festivalsrelated to the state, political party, religion, family, and army.268. Saint knows the origin of the universe and LIFE, understands Taoand rules of the operation of Tao. Saint is the incarnation of rationality.269. Man can fall into 18 grades according to the percentage point ofspiritual sense in human nature. The greater the percentage, the higher thegrade.270. The theory of evolution cannot testify the origin of mankind. Man isabsolutely not a result of evolution. The bible only records the origin ofman in the Middle East, not the origin of the whole mankind.271. Man is the product of the consciousness of the Greatest Creator. Theexistence of man is closely related to all LIFE in the universe and thereexists a mutual cause and effect relationship between them. Once man hasdestroyed the harmony, order, and symmetry of nature, mankind is to facethe catastrophe. There must be three basic conditions for man to live on
  6. 6. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingthe earth: 1. Love the Greatest Creator, 2. Love nature, 3. Love mankinditself. Without the three conditions, man will not be entitled to live in theparadise created by the Greatest Creator.272. The morality and ethics of Lifechanyuan are as follows: Life is ashort journey of LIFE in the human world, life is a game, and the purposeof life is to please the Greatest Creator, the value of life is to pursue Taoand attain celestial being, and the significance of life is to obtainhappiness, joyfulness, freedom and blessing. All arguments, forms andstatutes develop around such morality and ethics. Life is no longer asource of worry about whether you own something or not. You need notfeel anxious for money, power, fame, and gains. You need no longer liveyour life by bending to other people’s attitudes and comments. You needno longer feel dreaded of death. You need no longer be persistent inanything, you need no longer force yourself to waste your time on acertain purpose, and you no longer need to live for certain creed, truth,state, religion, political party, or family. You just make yourselfadjustable to whatever the situation calls for and act according to yourown nature. “You just enjoy life no matter where we are and what we aredoing.”. “The wind rustles the sparse bamboo groves, and no sound is leftin the grove after the wind dies down; the wild geese swim across thecold pool, and no reflections are retained in the pool after the wild geesehave flown away”. Follow what is predestined and be unrestrained.273. The eighteen causes of suffering in life: 1. Incorrect values of life,LIFE, and universe; 2. Selfishness; 3. Greed; 4. Laziness; 5. Jealousy; 6.Complaint and resentment; 7. Comparison; 8. Undue ambition for victoryand struggle; 9. Arrogance and insolence; 10. Dependent; 11. Infatuatedand poisoned love; 12. possession and occupation; 13. Contention forfame and gain; 14. attachment; 15. Ambition to transform and control
  7. 7. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingother people; 16. Deviation from Tao of nature; 17. Transgression of lawsand disciplines; 18. Consciousness of marriage, family, nationality, state,political party, religion, and organization.274. The present day of mankind is caused by the past of mankind, andthe present day of everyone is caused by his past. Only if we haverealized this, can we have a tranquil mind, and form wisdom instantly.Only if we have understood this, will we stop complaining god, the earth,the society, and other people. Only in this way, can we find the directionand make for the thoroughfare.275. Man should not only get out of the “Egypt” of flesh but “Egypt” ofsoul.276. What is the ultimate goal of life? Put more simply, it is thesublimation of spiritual sense, the transcendence over the secular world,and the gradual progress toward the higher space of LIFE. In morecomplicate terms, the ultimate goal is to strive to make the nonmaterialstructure of one’s LIFE evolve toward the LIFE structure of celestials inthe Thousand-year World, Ten-thousand-year World, and Elysium World,and ultimately achieve the quality of celestials and go to live in the placeabided by gods and celestials.277. How can we return to the correct path? Light up the magical lamp inmind, and take an overview of one’s life; get detached from the fetters oflife and death, and return to the original nature. Get rid of conventionalthinking and move forward at super light speed; discard all possessions,have a firm belief in the journey of life; just forge ahead and think ofnothing else.278. The process of life is just like the composition of a fax.
  8. 8. 800 Values for New Era Human Being279. Life is a kaleidoscope. What kind of flower will put forth dependson the structure of flowers. What kind of life one can achieve is decidedby man’s consciousness. Therefore the core issue is not such factors asobjective environment but the intrinsic quality. When you approach themountain you will get to know the twitter of birds; when you approachthe water you will understand the free swimming of fish; when youworship Buddha, you will acquire the nature of Buddha; when you seekcelestials, your dream of becoming a celestial will come true. As long aswe have the wish to build a perfect life, we will unconsciously realize ourdream under the subtle influence.280. Life needs a runway. If one wishes to achieve something in his life,he must choose a runway that best suits his character. Without a runway,he cannot exert his talent; without a runway, he will be obscured in themultitude. The best runway is the runway for which one can fight all hislife, the runway subject to constant changes is not a good runway. Onceyou have chosen your runway, you had better not give it up easily. Giveup means failure.281. To create happiness for mankind and individual, you must rely onthe Greatest Creator as well as yourself.282. The meaning of life is to fully exhibit one’s own nature and pleasethe Greatest Creator. Man is created by the Greatest Creator. Since man iscreated by the Greatest Creator, the purpose of creation is to please thecreator. Man who cannot please his creator will have a life of tragedy.283. It is the lazy people’s philosophy to leave everything in the hand ofdestiny. They don’t have an enterprising spirit, don’t work hard and arelazy by nature. They are always dreaming of beautiful things but are
  9. 9. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingreluctant to make any effort. They are not ready to take the initiative butexpect pies to fall from the sky. Life has an order of priority. A best plancan be found for everything. If we leave everything in the hand of destiny,we will be muddleheaded as to the order of priority, our intelligence willbe more and more retarded, and we will be more and more ignorant andconfused. The essence of self-cultivation is to change the track of destinythrough transforming the thinking and thus enter the higher space of life.284. Man is extremely elastic; man has unlimited potential; man can begreat and small, and noble and humble.285. The tribulation of mankind comes from mankind itself. Thetribulation of every individual comes from himself. The functioning ofTao abides by rigorous logic and order. The equity and impartiality of theGreatest Creator is incarnated in the functioning of Tao. If we can notunderstand this principle, the tribulation may never come to an end, andthe vicious circle may continue endlessly.286. The most important thing in life is not to try one’s best to possess asmuch material as possible but to change thinking.287. During the life, we must try hard to have a clear view of the roadahead, figure out the principle and mystery of life as soon as possible, andfind out the direction and scene of heaven. Then we shall quickly gothrough the procedures for “passport”, “visa”, “air ticket” and “luggage”.We shall settle the liabilities and affairs in the human world as quickly aspossible and get ready to fly to heaven at any time.288. Based on the outlook on world and the outlook on LIFE, the valuesystem of life is the “box and needle” and “compass” that adjust thedirection of life all the time. Different value systems will bring about
  10. 10. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingdifferent lives. The wide variety of lives is caused by the numerous andcomplicated value systems. The value systems of Jesus Christ andBuddha have consummated their characters of god and Buddha. Thevalue system of Hitler has brought about his character of a demon. Someengage in politics, some enter the business, some become ministers andrabbis, still others have turned burglars—all these are caused by theirdifferent value systems.289. To understand the meaning of life, we should first turn on thespiritual perception and the dharma-caksus and Buddha-caqksus.Otherwise, we would be in a dark room and can see nothing.290. Time and energy are the diamonds of life, which should be inlaid onthe crown. Time and energy should be spent on the place and cause thatcan best embody the value of life.291. Life is a journey. No matter how many reincarnations we canundergo, even if a thousand or ten thousand samsara in the human world,we will have only one life in the human world if we have lost ourmemory. We won’t know about our previous life and future life, and wewill not even know the relation of previous life and future life with us andtheir significance. Only people who can clearly understand their past andcan see their future are living in a reasonable way. And only such peoplecan turn tragedy into comedy, enter the realm of freedom from the realmof destiny and fully enjoy the dainties and regales and magnificentdemeanors.292. The best investment in life is to make investment in the causes thatcan bring happiness, joyfulness, freedom and blessing to life and at thesame time lead the LIFE to the Thousand-year Word, or
  11. 11. 800 Values for New Era Human BeingTen-thousand-year World, or the Celestial Islands Continent of theElysium World. Any other investment is either full of bewilderment,compunction, loneliness, humdrum, bitterness, affliction or end in failureand loss, we may fall short of a success for lack of a final effort, or evenworse, our wrong investment may cause boundless sin that cannot beredeemed through many samsaras.293. The values of life advocated by Lifechanyuan are: life should behappy, joyful, free and blessed, all things and factors that can make ourlife happy, pleasant and free are valuable, and all things and factors thathinder us from obtaining freedom, happiness and pleasure are valueless,and the perfection of the nonmaterial structure of life takes precedenceover everything else in life. LIFE is boundless, while life is finite. Thematerials that have been obtained through hard work during the life areall empty in the final analysis, and only the formless things obtained byus are real things. What can people take with them at the time of death?They cannot take anything tangible—money, fame and gain, and status.They cannot take with them their parents, spouses, and children. They cantake with them only one thing—the quality of LIFE, which according tothe teachings of Jesus Christ is the wealth we have stored in heaven andwhich according to the teachings of Buddha is the accomplishment of aspiritual state of an immortal.294. A life that can achieve health, abundance and freedom is a rich life.In another word, health, abundance and freedom are the three constituentelements of a perfect life.295. The eight general outlines of human life: 1. firm belief in theGreatest Creator and kindness; 2. diligence and creation; 3. respect for theelderly and love for the young; 4. mastery of balance and betwixt; 5.
  12. 12. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingindependent; 6. maintenance of commonness and no pursuit of eminence;7. a forgiving attitude to oneself; 8. cherishing dreams and climbingsteadfastly toward the most beautiful place.296. The basic morality of behavior: filial obedience to parents, notdisgrace ancestor and the sovereign, revere the Greatest Creator, bepractical and realistic, do not bully those who have no kin and cannotsupport themselves, do not bully the disadvantaged groups, do not destroypeople’s homesteads and homes of animals, make living through workand creation, do not do harm to brothers, sisters, neighbors and friends,do not participate in any superstitious activities, do not expose others’privacy, do not engage in fabrication and forgery, keep promise, carrythrough to the end what you have started doing, respect teachers andseniors, love hometown and motherland, do not uglify one’s nationality,revere life and nature, do not deprive others of their freedom, and have afeeling of gratitude.297. The perfect human nature should meet eight conditions: (1). reverethe Greatest Creator and god and Buddha, and respect other people; (2).have no ambition for victory and no desire to fight for superiority; (3).love nature; (4). be modest, trustworthy, and honest; (5). be sympatheticand compassionate; (6). be able to adjust yourself and remain calm nomatter whether you are under favorable circumstances or in adversity; (7).conform to the laws of nature and do not seek eminence; (8). love life andlove labor.298. A life without direction is blindfold, and a life without values isperplexing. The affliction and misfortune of life lie mainly in the lack ofthe direction and values of life.
  13. 13. 800 Values for New Era Human Being299. What is a successful life? As long as you can feel happy, joyful, freeand blessing all your life, you have a successful life.300. Life is like a dream. All the four elements (earth, water, fire and airof which the world is made) are void. We should fully experience life andthus feel no regret for life.301. All are games, and only life is real. The reality is a game. Peopleobsessed with it are muddleheaded. People who are happy and pleasant inthe game have a waking consciousness. To own the reality is like thedream of an infatuated person. Only with a game-playing attitude willyou not miss the life.302. There is not very important matter in life, there is no matter ofextraordinary importance in life. Only LIFE is an important matter thatshould be maintained and cherished. Life is limited and yet LIFE isboundless. Everything of life centers on LIFE and LIFE is the core themeof human life.303. The first strategic issue of life is to exert one’s strong points and dowhat one is willing to do. The second strategic issue of life is compliancewith climate. Spring is the time for sowing and autumn is the right timefor harvest. If you act against the heavenly time, you are certain to bepunished by Tao of heaven. And this is called “whoever understands thetimes is a great man”. The third strategic issue of life is to always stay inyour rightful position and never step beyond it. The greatest strategicissue of life is LIFE. All others are games and only LIFE is real. Weshould place the issue of life and being on the most important position.We do everything surrounding life and being. In this way, when theheadrope of a fishing net is pulled up, all its meshes open. All the other
  14. 14. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingthings will be understood clearly. All the other things of life are simplygames. You will never have your mind abide in form, sound, scent, taste,touch, and dharma. You are then Tathagata. And this is the real strategiclife of great wisdom.304. Man is intrinsically blessed with the nature of god, Buddha, celestial,man, beast, and things. The differences in times, environments, familysurroundings, educations and individual efforts have caused some peopleto succeed in achieving a splendid and perfect life but have caused otherpeople to ruin their life.305. The great wish can induce great life, and great wish has incredibleeffect on life. All who have achieved great results are people with greatwishes. Without great wishes, life is like duckweeds that drift with thetide. Without great wishes it is impossible to scale the peaks of life andbeing.306. Pursue the highest moral quality: man is differentiated in qualities.The person who has highest moral quality possesses sincerity, kindness,beauty, love, faith and honesty, and optimism, activeness, humbleness,courtesy, cleanness, and tidiness. The highest quality is the sunlight thatbrings sunshine and hope to people, the messenger of love that bringpeople with happiness and good luck, the lucid stream that bringsfreshness and vitality to people, and the big mountain that brings securityand reliability to people.307. Do not miss the last flight of life. Once we have missed it, all themoney, power and fame in our possession will be valueless. Crying andshouting will be of no avail. The flight of LIFE will not be delayed
  15. 15. 800 Values for New Era Human Beingsimply because we are presidents, chairmen, scientists, masters,professors, scholars, billionaires, or architects of soul.308. Man has also spiritual perception apart from vision, hearing,olfaction, taste, and touch. People without vision are blind, and peoplewithout spiritual perception are blind in spiritual perception.309. Without spiritual perception, there would be no spiritual sense.Without spiritual sense, one cannot obtain perfect human nature, and theconsequences are as follows: 1. Thinking is confined to thethree-dimensional space; 2. The law and inevitability are denied; 3. therewould be no belief in law of cause and effect; 4. There would be no beliefin reincarnation of life; 5. The theory of evolution is introduced intohuman society with belief in the law of jungle and the survival of thefittest; 6. Attention is paid only to immediate interests withoutconsideration of long-term consequences; 7. The world will bedemoralized and human nature will be corrupted; 8. There would be nofeeling of gratitude and desire to repay the favor received. Website of Lifechanyuan —“New OASIS FOR LIFE”