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Developments in 3D Printing & Experiments in the Development of tools to cater local needs


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Neil Gershenfeld, Head of the Center for Bits and Atoms at MIT talks about his Fab Lab project and remote rural deployments to experiment the development of local tools relevant to local needs. There are pictures of the centre in Pabal based at Vigyan Ashram - an NGO that I am also associated with. V.A. was setup by Dr Srinath Kalbag, ex-DIrector Research of HLL - one of the largest Consumer Goods companies in the world.

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Developments in 3D Printing & Experiments in the Development of tools to cater local needs

  1. 1. Prof. Neil Gershenfeld Director NSF CCR-0122419
  2. 2. bits to atoms: building with logicatoms to bits: programming with math
  3. 3. Thresholds 1940s: Communications (Shannon)errors 1950s: Computation (Winograd, von Neumann) 2000s: Fabrication noise
  4. 4. in outmmmμmnm
  5. 5. How To Make(almost) Anything
  6. 6. The Liberal Arts The Trivium • Grammar • Rhetoric • Logic The Quadrivium • Arithmetic • Geometry • Music • Astronomy The Illiberal Arts
  7. 7. cam.pyinput: SVG, DXF (2D,3D), Gerber PCB, Excellon drill, JPG, TIFFoutput: G code, Roland mill & cutter, Omax waterjet, Epilog & Universal lasercutter,FEI focused ion beam, Haas machining center, Resonetics excimer micromachining
  8. 8. site.py
  9. 9. Diesel Timing (Kalbag, Ike Chuang, Amy Sun, Anil Bahuman)
  10. 10. BithoorCONVERTJava output to dxf or bitmap IMPORT dxf to 2D Design MILL polystyrene mold with Modella POUR and CURE silicon stamp in oven
  11. 11. Nomadic Data(Haakon Karlson, Telenor, Manu Prakash) Lyngen Alps
  12. 12. Boston Fab Labs space (µ m), time (µ s) fabrication, instrumentation divides Ghana, Costa Rica, ... IndiaNorway electronics 3D scan/mill PCB, analytical electromagnetics instrumentation