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Port of i̇zmi̇r

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Port of i̇zmi̇r

  1. 1. • Port of İzmir was established in 1959 and made over to TCDD in 1989. • Port of İzmir now operated by TCDD. • Port of İzmir is Turkey’s third largest city and a major port.
  2. 2. Port of İzmir is located in the western part of the Aegean Sea. The port has a wide agricultural and industrial hinterland. The port of İzmir, which is the agriculture and industry port of Aegean Region, has a vital importance for the exportation of Turkey. The port serves customers to handle every kind of cargoes and the port expansion studies are in progress. Also the port has connections to both rail and highway networks.
  3. 3. Mission: To keep ready to serve existing network and vehicles,if necessary to build new lines and tie lines, to combine maritime transport with the other transportation systems,to create transportation system which is economic,comfortable and safe. Vision: To render the railway most common for people and to help to national economy and to be helpful for government.
  6. 6. Considering the tourism potential of Izmir with its rich natural and cultural heritage and maximizing benefits from cruise tourism, PHC foresees the privatization of the Izmir port as cruise and cargo ports separately by the method of “transfer of operational rights”. 1:25.000 scale District Master Plan Amendments, 1:5000 scale Land Use Plan Amendments and 1:1000 scale Zoning Plan Amendments of Cruise Port approved by the PHC with the decision, dated April 30, 2012, no. 2012/58 and published in Official Gazette on 4 May, 2012. Tender Announcement was published on May 22, 2012. The bidding deadline is September 7, 2012. Zoning plan studies of Izmir Container Port are ongoing. Besides, necessary investments are made by TCDD.
  7. 7. STRENGTHS Their experiences. Hinterlad of port. Wide container yard. Having 23 docks Providing service all types of ship. Having most of customer in the Aegean Region Their customer relationships Qualified labor-force Having high handling capacitiy regard to their competitors To be close tothe center ofindustry. WEAKNESS Being unprivatized port. Lagging behind the technology. Slow decision-making process The integration of industry and trade is insufficient The networks of railway and highway are insufficient. OPPORTUNITIES Investment about four hundred million dolar Expansion project of container yard The increasing cruise tourism THREATS Economic crysis Lack of R & Dgrants Distrust investors because of frequently changing legislation Increasing energy costs The popularity of the Port of Pire(Greece)
  8. 8. TDI Turkish Maritime Organization Customer Directorate Safety Directorate Coastal Safety Chamber of Shipping Chamber of Commerce