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Introduction to Bahmni Hospital management system


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Published in: Technology
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Introduction to Bahmni Hospital management system

  1. 1. Bahmni Hospital system for low resource environments
  2. 2. Hospital Functions Patient Care Out Patient In Patient Emergency Operation Intensive Care Pharmacy Administration Billing Inventory Procurement Human Resources Accounting Registration Case Management Investigations Laboratory Radiology PACS
  3. 3. Constraints - Hospitals are busy and mobile environments - Need ability to use few things offline - Easy to operate - Overall system is too large
  4. 4. Open Source Tapestry OpenMRS (Medical Record System) OpenERP OpenELIS (Lab Information System)
  5. 5. Browser User’s Machine HTTP OpenMRS 2.0 EMR frontend (JavaScript, HTML5, AngularJS) Server (Linux) Apache Web Server HTTP OpenMRS Server (REST API) Java OpenMRS DB (MySQL) OpenELIS Server (REST API) OpenERP Server (XML-WS API) HTTP, REST ATOM Python OpenERP DB (PostgreSQL) HTTP, REST ATOM Java OpenELIS DB (PostgreSQL)
  6. 6. Some screenshots
  7. 7. Registration (OpenMRS)
  8. 8. Test Result Entry (OpenELIS)
  9. 9. Lab Incharge’s Dashboard (OpenELIS)
  10. 10. Billing (OpenERP)
  11. 11. Inventory and warehouse management (OpenERP)
  12. 12. Key solution elements - Design for tablets and computers - Responsive web design - JavaScript based front end, allows offline - AtomFeed based integration - Coarse grained APIs - Product configuration handled by OpenMRS/ OpenERP. OpenELIS needs to be enhanced.
  13. 13. Bahmni modules UI design - Responsive web design - Touch screen (tablet) first mostly - Registration module is data-entry intensive, hence designed for computers only
  14. 14. Technology Stack OpenMRS Java, Relational DB, Hibernate, Custom OSGi like module system, REST API OpenERP Python, CherryPy, Postgres OpenELIS Java, Struts, Postgres, Hibernate