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Search Klonopin Informations


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Search Klonopin knowledge

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Search Klonopin Informations

  1. 1. search klonopin search klonopin advertisement Wednesday, June, 2011 6:00 PM Posted by SuperbSite Restless Leg Syndrome, My Search For a Cure search the web By Gail Manishor A popular comedian who has a regular TV show said, "People complain about Restless Leg Syndrome, the cure is simple, just get up off your Finance lazy fat a...." At the time I was walking three Hotels miles a day. He thought it was funny and it is Furniture unless you have it. Games Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) is very hard to Insurance define. My legs have ached at night since I was a child. My mother used to say it was just "growing pains." More Cars women than men have RLS. Why this should be no one seems to know. I dont have all the answers, but I can tell you Movies what has worked for me and what hasnt. Maps RLS is not life threatening. However, it is quality of life threatening. Im fine all day until I decide to sit down and watch Loan TV in the evening. Knees and legs ache. The discomfort moves around and can be described like ants beneath the skin Music or a wiggly and jerky feeling in the legs. There is an inability to sit still and a compulsion to get up and walk around. Travel Determined not to take drugs, Ive bought and read nearly everything recommended on the internet that sounds like it might work. I have half a file cabinet drawer filled with the research. Some people stand up all night and try to sleep leaning against a wall. Ive spent half the night playing solitaire while standing. Ive gone through thousands of dollars looking for a cure and avoiding drugs. I paid $30 for a book on the Internet that says they have the answer and the cure. Their answer was: "stop eating salt." I stopped eating salt and it did help. But it didnt completely stop the symptoms. I went to a highly recommended herbologist. I am the only person with RLS he has not been able to help. A chiropractor recommended a sleep set that included mattress, blanket and pillow that had special magnets. She even lent me her mattress for a week. I spent $2,500 for the mattress, blanket and pillow. It was a miracle! It worked!-for 6 weeks! Then it stopped. I took it off my bed. It did not work ever again. My body adjusted to it and that was that. Next I went to an intuitive acupuncturist and Doctor of Oriental Medicine who has literally saved the lives of many people. I tried an M.D. who practiced homeopathic medicine. I took a special and expensive juice made from an exotic fruit. Ive tried various creams to rub on my legs. Page 1 / 3
  2. 2. Some of these things do help. Ive noticed a difference when I take more magnesium. Im sorry to report that sugar definitely sets RLS off for me. A glass of orange juice or one glass of wine and I am up all night. Believe me it is not worth it to have even one piece of chocolate. I didnt want to take medication and resisted it for years. I tried anything and everything that didnt sound like a complete hoax. In desperation I waved the white flag of surrender and went to a neurologist and said, "Please, help me." "What causes RLS?" I asked. The neurologist said, "We dont know the cause. It is related to Parkinsons. It seems to be hereditary." He started out cautiously with the medication and we first tried 2 Requip before bed. I still couldnt sit down and watch TV in the evening. He added 1 more Requip. Then he added one Klonopin.5 mg a day before bed. The last thing he added was Codeine. He convinced me that I did not have an addictive personality and so should take it. Now, I sleep through the night provided I do not take any sugar. I realize this is discouraging, but it may help to know that you are not alone. I have not given up. I know there must be something out there that will help me and all the other sufferers of this wide-spread condition. I continue to investigate and so should you. Visit and contact me on my website at From Here to Serenity, A Spiritual Guide to Transform Your Life is about YOU! It helps you move from wherever you are on your spiritual path to a place of tranquility. Its a step by step map to a deep sense of peace and harmony. Buy my book link: search klonopin Information search klonopin Wednesday,June, 2011 6:00 PM Posted by SuperbSite Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) is very hard to define. My legs have ached at night since I was a child. My mother used to say it was just "growing pains." More women than men have RLS. Why this should be no one seems to know. Page 2 / 3