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my Hotel Pratunam


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my Hotel Pratunam - In his next soap opera, Setha Sirachaya gets to play an undertaker, a challenging role for someone who's afraid of ghosts. In the meantime,

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my Hotel Pratunam

  1. 1. my hotel pratunam home privacy archive enter keywords here...  my Hotel Pratunam I was the Cliff Richard of my band, and his smooth voice inspired my singing, said the newly-appointed national artist. His best memory of the good old days was when The Impossibles performed at The Fire Cracker Club, First Hotel in Pratunam. Share | Posted by on my Hotel Pratunam In his next soap opera, Setha Sirachaya gets to play an undertaker, a challenging role for someone whos afraid of ghosts. In the meantime, we get to see him also dealing with the dead as the merciful Lord of the Underworld in Channel 3s comedy, Saphai Phayayom, aired Monday to Friday, at 6:30pm. "As an actor, I have taken many, many roles, from a beggar to a prime minister. Seventy percent of the movies and TV soaps that I have played in are comedies and normally Im a kindhearted character, even as the compassionate Lord of the Underworld," said the easy-going and good-humoured Setha, whos also known as Ar Toy. As a matter of fact, he was the first to call himself Ar Toy. In Thai ar means the younger brother or sister of ones father. Setha, 68, has kept this status and hes everyones beloved Ar Toy, whose work in performing arts will culminate in being appointed National Artist, with the award presentation taking place today _ Thailands National Artist Day.
  2. 2. Acting and hosting TV shows are his main domain nowadays, but he has beenawarded this coveted title in the category of being a vocalist in Thai contemporarymusic.Once a year, he gets to show his prowess as a legendary singer in a big concert.On March 13, his annual show will be staged at Queen Sirikit National ConventionCenter and this year he pays tribute to people who have supported his singingcareer in a concert titled "Jak Wan Nun Tueng Wan Ni Phroa Mi Khun" (From thatday till today it has happened because of you).It started back in the 1960s with the teenage Setha following his uncle and a musicband touring upcountry. From observing the musicians and asking them to teachhim, he learned to play the guitar and later became a musician working upcountrybefore returning to Bangkok to form his own band in 1966."I dearly wanted to continue my schooling but my familys economic situationrequired me to make a living," said Setha, who after gaining a bachelors and amasters in political science is now pursuing a doctorate.When I was young, there werent any music and singing schools like what wehave today. So I just naturally sang without having any background in music, hesaid. Three to four years ago, I began taking singing lessons from Khru Rodj[Rungrodj Dullapun], who has taught the countrys top singing stars. I wanted tolearn the basics and apply them to improve my singing. I also got some techniqueson how to save my vocal cords and this is important with ageing in order to be ableto sing effortlessly.Even though the cheerful crooner still has the smooth and charming voice of hisyounger years, when he was the lead singer of The Impossibles, also a Thai musiclegend, whose other key members included Vinai Phunturak, Pichai Thongniemand the late Pracheen Songpao and Rewat Buddhinan.In those days, Thai bands mostly performed Western songs and different singersspecialised in different artists, for example The Beatles, Elvis Presley, and CliffRichard. I was the Cliff Richard of my band, and his smooth voice inspired mysinging, said the newly-appointed national artist.His best memory of the good old days was when The Impossibles performed atThe Fire Cracker Club, First Hotel in Pratunam. He joyfully remembers the bigcrowd coming to see their act and it was unbelievable that the band would becomeso popular.Before the 1970s, Filipino bands dominated the hotel entertainment scenewhereas Thai bands mostly performed in bars, he recalled. After winning theKings trophy for Best String Combo Band, we were based at The Fire CrackerClub, which was a prestigious place for a Thai band to play. The Impossibles kindof opened a new era for Thai musicians as afterwards more and more hotelsfeatured local bands.Setha (seated left) with other members of The Impossibles on an album cover.Along queue of music fans was also seen in front of The Impossibles Cafe inPhloenchit. The owner named the cafe after the sensational Thai band, and thatwas another example of how phenomenal they were back in the 70s.At first, we couldnt believe that someone wanted us to go and perform abroadbut we had to take this opportunity, which gave us international experience todevelop our performance, he said. But before going to Hawaii, we recorded the
  3. 3. album Pen Pai Mai Dai [Its Impossible] for our Thai fans so that they wouldntforget us.In 1972, the one-year contract had The Impossibles performing at Hawaiian Hut,Ala Moana Hotel in Honolulu. The band came back to Bangkok the next year but itwasnt for long since they got invitations to do a concert tour in Europe that furthergave them international exposure.We had the chance to play as a back-up band for The Platters, famous for OnlyYou and Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, and we even got acquainted with FrankZappa, who shared with us the making of his futuristic music, said Setha, referringto meeting some Western music icons.The heyday of his music career ended after The Impossibles broke up in 1976 andeven though Setha wanted to keep on being a solo singer he absolutely couldntbecause movie acting roles took up all his time.It was a relatively smooth transition from being a singer to being an actor. TheImpossibles made a guest appearance in Piak Posters movie Tone (1970), whichwas followed by Setha acting in Fai Gam Phrae (1975) that earned him a TukataThong _ the equivalent of an Oscar _ for best supporting actor.The first-time actor felt very honoured to receive this award from the hand of HMthe King. Thereafter, Setha found himself being an in-demand movie actor.It wasnt because I had good looks, he joked. In Thai movies, theres the bestfriend of the lead male character, and I was mostly cast for this must-have role. Itwas great to be acting with Sombat Metanee, Sorapong Chatree and KrungSrivilai, who were the countrys top actors at that time, he said. I learned a lotfrom watching them acting, in the same way that I learn from todays young actorsthat Ive had the chance to work with.He did get to play the leading man in Chuen Ruk (1979), co-starring with AranyaNamwong, whom he married and they have one daughter, Puttatida.Nowadays, Setha is more into TV acting and production. However he starred in themovie, Big Boy (2010), as a forever-young grandfather of a country boy (playedby Tony Rakkan), who just wants to dance. In this flick, Setha had to show offsome B-boy moves.I enjoyed learning the physically demanding dance moves, but honestly I haveforgotten all the steps, he said. But the movie demonstrated that you are nevertoo old to learn something new, and this is what keeps me going in showbiz.When Setha was approached by Academy Fantasias executive producer,Attaphon Na Bangxang, to be the shows host he admitted that he felt that the jobshould fall to a younger person.I straightforwardly asked Khun Boy [Attaphon]: Wasnt I too old for a reality/talentshow with a bunch of young contestants ? He replied that I was the right man, andunbelievably we have done eight seasons of Academy Fantasia. Yes, I lookforward to AF10 because by that time I would have hit my 70s, said Setha, anaward-winning TV host from the popular game show, Ma Tarm Nud, back in the1980s and early 1990s.The showbiz all-rounder looks forward to regaling his fans in his annual concert tobe held in mid-March. The Jak Wan Nun Tueng Wan Ni Phroa Mi Khun concertwill be accompanied by an album with the same name on sale only at the concert
  4. 4. venue. The set of four CDs feature classics penned by songwriters and national artists Payong Mukda, Sanga Aramphee, Chalee Intarawijit and Surapon Tonavanik. In addition, members of The Impossibles will make guest appearances in the upcoming show. I really want to thank people who have supported me throughout the years _ especially all of my fans, the national artist said. Their support has made the impossible possible. On March 13, the Jak Wan Nun Tueng Wan Ni ... Phroa Mi Khun concert will be staged at Plenary Hall, Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre, from 8pm. Tickets priced from 1,000-2,500 baht are available at Thai Ticket Major booths. Call 02-262-3456 or visit www.thaiticketmajor. Setha’s acting career has allowed him to play various roles.Did you know?We have videos of daily news summaries & media reports coupled with commenary and analysis of key developments every Weekdays. Watch them all on Morning Focus page. Delicious Digg Reddit Stumbleupon Technorati Twitter Republishing permission Print this E-mail this Latest stories in this category: Most of the mysteries referred to in the title are of the kind found in those immense, ultra-melodramatic serialised novels that kept 19th-century readers waiting for the next issue. The generous documentary extras included with this new release ... Share | Posted by on    COPYRIGHT (C) 2012 . ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.CONTACT US ABOUT US