09 12 adjectives


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09 12 adjectives

  1. 1. What is an adjective?An adjective describes a noun or pronoun. It answers the questions: What kind? How many? Which?big angry red onegood intelligent hard a few
  2. 2. Adjectives usually come before the noun: He was wearing a red sweater.They can also come after the verb TO BE orother verbs, such as “look,” “seem,” “feel,”“appear,” “taste,” “sound,” and “smell.” She is tall. He looks angry. It seems difficult. It tasted terrible.
  3. 3. What are the adjectives in this sentence?The two cats were sitting on the old fence. The, two, the, old The articles (the, a, an) are adjectives.
  4. 4. Let’s change gears for a moment and go back tonouns. Which of the following nouns are propernouns?boy Samuel France fence Samuel and FranceAdjectives can also be proper.Which of the following adjectives are proper?an Italian black Elizabethan Italian and Elizabethan
  5. 5. When you have more than one adjective before anoun, you sometimes need to use a comma toseparate them…even when there are only two! It was a dark, stormy night.• Dark describes the night. Stormy also describes the night.• It would be possible to write, “It was a dark and stormy night.”• It would also be possible to write, “It was a stormy, dark night.”In this case, we put a comma between the adjectives.
  6. 6. It isn’t always correct to put a comma between theadjectives.George Washington was the first American president.• American describes the president, and first describes American.• It doesn’t make sense to write, “George Washington was the first and American president.”• We also can’t write, “George Washington was the American first president.” No comma!
  7. 7. In which of these six sentences would we add acomma between the adjectives?She’s wearing her black denim skirt. No comma!Jenny is an ambitious gifted student. Yes!That was delicious Indian curry! No comma!The athlete won three gold medals. No comma!The heartbroken singer wrote a slow Yes!sad song.The two fat Siamese cats meowed at No comma!her.
  8. 8. If there are a lot of adjectives, they need to go in a certain order.Quantity Quality or Size Shape Age Color Origin Material Qualifier Noun opinionone beautiful white denim jacketan amicable old Brazilian mana tall Oak treethree antique English grammar books I bought one beautiful white denim jacket. George’s grandfather is an amicable old Brazilian man. There was a tall Oak tree in the field. The library has three antique English grammar books. Notice…NO COMMAS. Why not???
  9. 9. Adjective Comparative Superlative great greater the greatest thin thinner the thinnest happy happier the happiest tired more tired the most tiredinteresting more interesting the most interesting good better the best bad worse the worst far farther the farthest
  10. 10. Mark Samantha Charles Denise Mark is taller than Samantha. Mark is the tallest person in the picture. Charles is the youngest child. Charles is younger than Denise. Denise is older than Charles.Charles is the smallest member of the family.