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Bahati Banks' career portfolio


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Custom designed, interactive portfolio I created to highlight my career journey. Scroll over images and URLs to link to sites.

Published in: Career, Business, Technology
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Bahati Banks' career portfolio

  1. 1. Bahati Banks Career Portfolio
  2. 2. Bahati Banks Career Portfolio Bahati Banks Career Portfolio i.e. communications Youth Together Conducted social marketing research and Administered operations and marketing San Francisco, CA coordinated conference logistics for policy Oakland, CA communications for 501(c)(3) organization advocacy and media consulting firm. promoting youth leadership, social justice, Communications Coordinator Associate Director and violence prevention. 2000-2001 2001-2002ACCOMPLISHMENTS ACCOMPLISHMENTS• Successfully organized nine statewide conferences for • Promoted to associate director and worked directly the California Attorney General’s Office ‘Safe from the with fiscal sponsor to manage human resources, Start’ initiative, with over 5,000 legislators and opinion finance, IT, communications, grants management, and leaders in attendance. event planning.• Researched social marketing strategies for $2M public • Improved organization’s brand recognition by creating/ education campaign, funded by the California Wellness managing website, brochures, and newsletters. Foundation, resulting in increased media coverage and funding for statewide afterschool programs.
  3. 3. Bahati Banks Career Portfolio Awarded multicultural fellowship, over $1 million to more than 90 nonprofitsSan Francisco, CA throughout 5 San Francisco-Bay Area counties. Multicultural Fellow: Education2002-2004ACCOMPLISHMENTS• Administered $2 million education program portfolio and managed pre- and post-award administration.• Provided technical assistance to grantees and managed donor-advised college scholarship fund. • Improved efficiency of the Foundation’s Digital Divide Initiative by ensuring technology planning grants were integrated across all grant-making programs. Fellows (L-R): Melissa Saavedra, Bahati Banks, Margaret Rea, Jose Malvido, and Charles Fields
  4. 4. Bahati Banks Career Portfolio Bahati Banks Career Portfolio United Way of Broward County Morehouse School of Medicine Managed workplace giving campaigns Held various positions utilizing a broad Ft. Lauderdale , FL for more than 140 companies, including Atlanta, GA range of skills, including: web content Bell South, JM Faily Enterprises, and management, graphic design, project Development Manager First Data Corp. Various Positions management, copywriting, and event 2004 - 2005 2005 - 2012 planning.ACCOMPLISHMENTS ACCOMPLISHMENTS• During this four month project, I led a team of 15 Program Manager corporate executive volunteers and development Center for Community Health and Service-Learning 2005 - 2008 associates in raising more than $2 million through workplace giving campaigns. Expanded service-learning programming and partnerships with universities nationwide by implementing effective communication and evaluation tools. • Awarded grant to participate in the National Youth Leadership Council and National Service-Learning Partnership Service-Learning Emerging Leaders Initiative. • Improved brand awareness and expanded reach of the school’s service-learning program by developing marketing collateral, evaluation tracking tools, and online training curriculums. continued on next page
  5. 5. Bahati Banks Career Portfolio Bahati Banks Career Portfolio Morehouse School of Medicine Morehouse School of Medicine Atlanta, GA Atlanta, GA 2005 - 2012 2005 - 2012ACCOMPLISHMENTSSpecial Assistant, Communications Director, Alumni Communications Communications Specialist IIOffice of the President Office of Institutional Advancement Department of Marketing and Communications2008 2009 2009 - 2012• Drafted and edited speeches and • Designed various marketing collateral and Strengthened the school’s brand recognition by managing correspondences for the President. redesigned website to promote and encourage and improving its Web presence, digital media assets, alumni participation. social media networks, and internal communications.• Coordinated all logisitics for silent auction and awardee tribute video for the school’s • Assisted the director of alumni affairs with • Maintained and updated all content on using major donor recognition dinner. fundraising efforts, raising the participation rate web content management systems (Ingeniux, Sitefinity from 9% to 15% in one year. and Blackbaud’s NetCommunity). • Transitioned into web content manager role • Consulted with faculty, staff, and students on the after successfully spearheading migration of old design and development of all web content. website in partnership with web design firm. • Designed and disseminated internal communications.
  6. 6. Bahati Banks Career Portfolio Bahati Banks Career PortfolioProject Samples Project Samples
  7. 7. Bahati Banks Career Portfolio Bahati Banks Career PortfolioProject Samples Project Samples
  8. 8. Bahati Banks Career Portfolio Bahati Banks Career PortfolioProject Samples Project Samples
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