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QualiTech is a Software and Information Technology Services Provider, QualiTech is based in KSA as a headquarter and development kitchen in Egypt.

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QualiTech Profile

  2. 2. About Qualitech • QualiTech Group is an organization dedicated to providing best of breed e-business solutions. We aim to offer a variety of products and services that fit almost any budget and fulfill the needs of organization to educational institutions to multinational corporations .Despite their diversity . they all have common objectives .They have common objectives : • Improve efficiency • Maximize the value of their IT investments WWW.QUALITECH.COM.SA
  3. 3. Our Mission Our Mission is to become a leading regional e-business enabler by exceeding our clients' expectations while offering outstanding value in all our deliverables. We are achieving this by providing an attractive corporate culture allowing us to recruit and retain the best people. WWW.QUALITECH.COM.SA We take customer satisfaction extremely seriously. To us, it is not just an empty slogan that we mention merely because it is "standard business practice". In fact, all QualiTech Group employees are committed not only to satisfying our customers’ needs, but to actually exceeding our client's expectations .
  4. 4. Our Customers of our very selectedsome; please find below a list ofof clientshundredsOut of growing clients with whom different projects were carried out: WWW.QUALITECH.COM.SA
  5. 5. Our Customers WWW.QUALITECH.COM.SA
  6. 6. Our Customers WWW.QUALITECH.COM.SA
  7. 7. Products & Services QualiTech solutions set are based on an in-depth knowledge of the processes that drive your business, whether you are a small business, a midsize company, or a large enterprise. E-business solutions are guaranteed to streamline and integrate your processes according to your industry . WWW.QUALITECH.COM.SA
  8. 8. Products & Services QualiTech provides e-business solutions to meet the needs of many industries like: WWW.QUALITECH.COM.SA o Plug-in Web Based Recruitment System. o MS SharePoint Development. o Custom Web Sites Design and Development. o Mobile Apps (Android/iOS) Development. o ERP And CRM Solutions Implementation. o Infrastructure Solutions, and o Technical Courses Training.
  9. 9. SharePoint Applications Have you ever thought about managing your business through web application ? The answer is so easy because we can help in customizing your needs through a powerful platform “SharePoint 2010” which enables you to : WWW.QUALITECH.COM.SA
  10. 10. SharePoint Benefits WWW.QUALITECH.COM.SA
  11. 11. Web Sites Design and Development Solutions Our talented team of website designers and website developers, using the latest in website design technology, will provide you with incredible services at very competitive prices. Our Website Developers have successfully designed cost effective websites for businesses worldwide. From high end ecommerce website development, and static website design. WWW.QUALITECH.COM.SA
  12. 12. Mobile Development Solutions The growth on the mobile device market has caused an exponential increase of interest in developing applications for Smartphones and tablets. These devices provide excellent mobility which combined with their increasing computing power allows the creation of highly interactive applications. Also mobile applications allow you to stay ahead of your competitors. WWW.QUALITECH.COM.SA
  13. 13. ERP Solutions We present the most powerful ERP solutions you need to cut costs, improve operational efficiency, and make smarter decisions—faster. That's what you get from both Desktop Compierer® ERP and Web Based Opentaps ® ERP+CRM which both are Open Source Packages, where’s Cheap customizations , drawn-out implementations. And with flexibility, so adding functionality as your business grows. WWW.QUALITECH.COM.SA
  14. 14. ERP Benefits Our ERP Solution gives you more benefits like: WWW.QUALITECH.COM.SA o Reduce operational costs and improve efficiency o Gain better visibility into transactions across the enterprise o Make better business decisions o Deliver the right product at the right time o Keep customer promises o Adopt manufacturing best practices, including lean
  15. 15. CRM Solutions Many companies today are looking for the magic wand to solve customer relationship management (CRM) challenges. CRM Solutions partner with you to understand your business and the critical relationships between your business goals, business processes, IT infrastructure, and your staff and customers. QualiTech provides Open Source CRM Solution which is Opentaps® is a web based dynamic CRM Solution. WWW.QUALITECH.COM.SA
  16. 16. CRM Benefits QualiTech helps you to get all these features by developing smart solutions using innovative technology. Which enables you to : WWW.QUALITECH.COM.SA o Build long term relationships o Enhance your productivity o Increase your sales o Increase your customers loyalty
  17. 17. Infrastructure Solutions Qualitech provide network solutions advantages you need to : o Drive better business outcomes o Help you to reduce risk o Grow your business o Reduce cost. o Improving you levels of network availability o Enhance performance, and response Through Microsoft and Cisco technologies implementation as per customer needs. WWW.QUALITECH.COM.SA
  18. 18. Technical Courses Our widely spread professional team of trainers and engineers can solve your most prominent problems and deliver a high level of training on time to facilitate business goal reaching. We provide many courses that are Job or Task oriented as: WWW.QUALITECH.COM.SA
  19. 19. Contact Details WWW.QUALITECH.COM.SA Address : P.O Box 51125 Riyadh Kingdome of Saudi Arabia KSA 3 Aly Bn Aby Taleb , Zagazig, Sharkia, Egypt Phone : 00966 1472 7270 002 055 2380319 Fax : 00966 1456 4227 Email : Info@qualitech.com.sa sales@qualitech.com.sa Online : QualiTech.com.sa Facebook.com/QualiTech LinkedIn.com/company/QualiTect-Egypt YouTube.com/QualiTechShow f
  20. 20. WWW.QUALITECH.COM.SA Thank You! QualiTech Team Customer Satisfaction is Our Aim