Being Architect


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Quick hint about being architect!

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Being Architect

  1. 1. Prepared By Bahaa Farouk 9/16/2013 ...... Being Architect !
  2. 2. Agenda  Who?  Roles?  ACF!  To Build Architecture.  References 9/16/2013 ...... Being Architect !
  3. 3. Architect Roles  1st and in advance, what are IT architect types:  Software Architect Design the technical solution of the entire application. The logical and physical structure.  Infrastructure Architect Ensure the safe and productive deployment and operation of enterprise applications. This involves managing hardware, network and operating systems.  Enterprise Architect Ensure convergence between business needs and technologies by establishing architectural guidelines such as enterprise conceptual data models or, in service-oriented environments, business service interfaces. 9/16/2013 ...... Being Architect !
  4. 4. Who is? Simply  Architecture is the structure of the system, comprised of:  components or building blocks  the externally visible properties of those components, and  the relationships among them  The people who do this are called architects. 9/16/2013 ...... Being Architect !
  5. 5. Architect Roles  2nd what’re main skill set in Architect  The architect is a technical leader  The architect understands the software development process  The architect has knowledge of the business domain  The architect has technology knowledge  The architect has design skills  The architect has programming skills  The architect is a good communicator  The architect makes decisions  The architect is a negotiator 9/16/2013 ...... Being Architect !
  6. 6.  Crafting the right architecture to solve the problem by:  Define, document, and communicate it  Ensures everyone is using it, and using it correctly  Ensures the software and system architectures are in synchronization  Ensures management understands it (to the detail necessary)  Identify and interact with stakeholders to make sure their needs are being met  Ensures that the architecture is not only the right one for operations, but also for deployment and sustainment  Resolve disputes and make tradeoffs  Resolve technical problems  Understand and plan for evolutionary paths  Plan for new technology insertion  Manage risk identification and risk mitigation strategies associated with the architecture Architect Roles 9/16/2013 ...... Being Architect !
  7. 7. With Others 9/16/2013 ...... Being Architect ! Architect Project Manager DEV/OPS Teams Customer <Technical + Business> Technical Analysis Propose Solutions Technical Ref./Conslt. PM Activities * Technical Ref./Conslt. Tech. Decisions Other Systems Integ. PM Activities * Client Req. Synch! Teams Synch! Strategy Synch!
  8. 8. Skill & Roles - ACF  Architect domain as per Architect Competency Framework (ACF) are:  Technology  Strategy  Organization Politics  Consulting  Leadership  There’s a competency table for each to show domain in details. 9/16/2013 ...... Being Architect !
  9. 9. Skill & Roles - Architect Domain Technology What to Know What to Do What to Be In-depth understanding of the domain and pertinent technologies Identify and address architectural challenges Creative Investigative Practical/pragmatic Understand what technical issues are key to success Create models and assess alternative approaches Prototype/experiment/sim ulate Insightful Good at working at an abstract level Development methods and modeling techniques Prepare architectural documents and presentations Technology trend analysis Take a system viewpoint Tolerant of ambiguity, willing to backtrack, seek multiple solutions 9/16/2013 ...... Being Architect !
  10. 10. Skill & Roles - Architect Domain Strategy What to Know What to Do What to Be Organization’s business strategy and rationale. Influence business strategy. Translate business strategy into technical vision and strategy. Visionary Competition (products, strategies and processes). Understand customer and market trends. Entrepreneurial Company’s business practices. Capture customer, organizational and business requirements on the Architecture. 9/16/2013 ...... Being Architect !
  11. 11. Skill & Roles - Architect Domain Organization Politics What to Know What to Do What to Be Who the key players are in the organization Communicate, communicate, communicate! Listen, network, influence Able to see from and sell to multiple viewpoints. Confident and articulate. What they want, both business and personal Sell the vision, keep the vision alive Ambitious. Patient and not Resilient. Take and retake the pulse of all critical influencers of the architecture project Sensitive to where the power is and how it flows in your organization 9/16/2013 ...... Being Architect !
  12. 12. Skill & Roles - Architect Domain Consulting What to Know What to Do What to Be Elicitation techniques Build “trusted advisor” relationships.. Understand what the developers want and need from the architecture. Committed to others’ success. Empathetic, approachable Consulting frameworks Help developers see the value of the architecture and understand how to use it successfully. Mentor junior architects. An effective change agent A good mentor, teacher 9/16/2013 ...... Being Architect !
  13. 13. Skill & Roles - Architect Domain Leadership What to Know What to Do What to Be Yourself Set team context (vision). Make decision (stick). Charismatic and credible Build teams. Motivate. You believe it can and should be done, and that you can lead the effort You are committed, dedicated, passionate. You see the entire effort in a broader business and personal Context 9/16/2013 ...... Being Architect !
  14. 14. Competency Conclusion As you become more senior in architect role, it is less about what you know and more and more about who you are -- your personal characteristics. 9/16/2013 ...... Being Architect !
  15. 15. To Build Architecture  Goals, architectural goals tend to address the following questions:  What is the expected lifespan of the system?  Will the system need to respond to technological changes over that time, such as new versions of middleware or other products?  How frequently is the system expected to adapt to change?  What changes can we anticipate in the future, and how can we make them easier to accommodate? 9/16/2013 ...... Being Architect !
  16. 16. To Build Architecture Patterns versus System Type Category Pattern Structure Layers Pipes and Filters Blackboard Distributed Systems Broker Interactive Systems Model-View-Controller Presentation-Abstraction-Control Adaptable Systems Reflection Microkernel 9/16/2013 ...... Being Architect !
  17. 17. To Build Architecture Principles 9/16/2013 ...... Being Architect !
  18. 18. To Build Architecture  Component Designing,  Component replace-ability  Source file replace-ability  Deployment replace-ability  Run-time replace-ability  Location transparency  Component instantiation  Modeling Components  UML Definitions -- A History 9/16/2013 ...... Being Architect !
  19. 19. To Build Architecture  Reusing  What is a Reusable Asset?  Identifying Reuse Opportunities  Assessing and Selecting Assets to Reuse  Reuse Techniques  Inheritance and Aggregation  Finding Reusable Code  Finding Reusable Code 9/16/2013 ...... Being Architect !
  20. 20. To Build Architecture  Refactoring  Code refactoring.  Database refactoring.  User interface (UI) refactoring. 9/16/2013 ...... Being Architect !
  21. 21. To Build Architecture  Constraints  Network topology  Given database vendor or an existing database  Web environment (server configurations, firewall, DMZs, and so forth)  Servers (hardware model, operating system)  Use of third-party software or a particular technology  Compliance with existing standards 9/16/2013 ...... Being Architect !
  22. 22. References  The Hidden Roles of Software Architects  systems-and-software.pdf  The Role of Software Architects   Characteristics of a software architect  Software Architecture | Research | Previous Architecture Research | Duties, Skills, & Knowledge of a Software Architect  The Role of Architect vs. The Role of the Software Architect, A Reality Check from Beautiful Architecture - O'Reilly FYI Blog  p/guidances/concepts/software_architecture_59A08DE0.html 9/16/2013 ...... Being Architect !