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Approval Tests @ CodersTUG


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Published in: Software, Technology
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Approval Tests @ CodersTUG

  1. 1. Approval Tests A picture’s worth a1000 tests Matteo Baglini Freelance Software Developer & Tecnical Coach (and so on...) Coders TUG & DotNetToscana Co-Founder @matteobaglini
  2. 2. The Principle var expected = "some string"; var actual = "some other string"; Assert.Equal(expected, actual);
  3. 3. Approval Tests Framework Available for many languages: • Java, C#, VB.Net, PHP, NodeJS, Python or Ruby. Support most (may be all) test frameworks/runners: • JUnit, NUnit, xUnit, NCrunch, rSpec, etc. Many useful reporters: • Diff reporters: Generic, AraxisMerge, P4Merge, KDiff, VisualStudioDiff, TortoiseDiff, WinMerge. • CI: CruiseControl, TeamCity, Quiet. • Misc: FileLauncher, Image, Clipboard. Environment/Platform specific approvals: • ASP.NET (WebForm/MVC), WPF, Rdlc Reports.
  4. 4. Unleash the power Fight with Legacy Code
  5. 5. Random Thoughts Plus Tips & Tricks
  6. 6. Both High & Low Level Tests
  7. 7. Code Quality Feedback
  8. 8. Intermediate Steps
  9. 9. Only Commit approval.* Files
  10. 10. By Default Use CI Friendly Reporters
  11. 11. Learning Through Sharing