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What is Redhat Certification and Why Get Certified Now?


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Know about Red Hat Certification and Why become Certified. To know more visit Bagful Academy.

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What is Redhat Certification and Why Get Certified Now?

  1. 1. Bagful Academy
  2. 2. Red Hat is the world's leading provider of open source software and solutions, using a community-powered approach to provide reliable and high-performing cloud, virtualization, storage, Operating System (Red Hat Enterprise Linux), and middleware technologies (such as JBOSS Application Server). Red Hat has been a staple of private, state and federal enterprise information systems for 15 years, providing stable, robust and efficient solutions for industries, organizations and educational institutions worldwide. Red Hat Certification
  3. 3. Red Hat Certification Red Hat has an array of certifications oriented towards job roles from system administration, to system engineering and architecture, to development and application administration, to cloud and virtualization administration. The Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator (RHCSA), for example, is Red Hat’s basic certification which guarantees that an administrator knows how to configure local storage, work with the system security controls such as SELinux, Firewalls, and Access controls, and manage its file systems and user base. The Red Hat Certified Systems Engineer (RHCE) adds to this with skills in web server administration, remote storage connections, configuring DNS services, NFS services, FTP and SMTP services, and many others. Further certificates of expertise deal with Directory Services, Virtualization, Clustering and remote storage management, SELinux and other advanced technologies.
  4. 4. Red Hat Certification Red Hat has just released the public beta test for the new version of their core operating system, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) in Q4 of 2013, and is likely to come to final release in the 2014 calendar year. A number of core technologies, such as the initialization system and the bootloader, will be changing with this version, and a number of new options, such as the default XFS file system, the OpenLMI remote configuration and management system, Samba 4.1 and its Active Directory interoperability, and for the first time, UEFI and Secure Boot compatibility with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  5. 5. Red Hat Certification As a result, when this is released, all Red Hat certifications for RHEL 5 and earlier will be considered no longer current 60 days after release of RHEL 7. By becoming certified now, you possess a current certification for three years from the date of passing the exam. By training for the RHCSA or RHCE now, or training for these exams when RHEL 7 is generally released, you will enjoy three years of current certification in the version of your choice.
  6. 6. Red Hat Certification Red Hat Certification can help you to get your Dream Job. So what are you waiting for ? Join Authorized Academy & Get Red Hat Certification with assurance of 100% Job Placement Program.
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