curl experiments - curl up 2022

Daniel Stenberg
Daniel StenbergSegfault manufacturer at wolfSSL
curl experiments,
deprecations and their
Daniel Stenberg
Experimental code is disabled in builds by default
Discouraged from use in production
Allows us to ship code earlier (not 100% there)
Gives room to fix initial blunders
Current experiments
The headers API
WebSockets (?)
Disabled in builds means barely anyone tries them
Virtually no feedback on experimental features
No clear point when to toggle it off
Improved experiments
Provide experimental binary builds?
Features / dependencies that aren’t in use anymore
“Trim the tree”
Must be possible to drop “nicely”
“Warn” at least six months ahead of time
Current deprecations
Daniel Stenberg
Thank you!
This presentation and its contents are
licensed under the Creative Commons
Attribution 4.0 license:
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curl experiments - curl up 2022