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the age of cryptocurrency at Devoxx Morocco


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what is money
what is cryptocurrency
what is Bitcoin
Let's code for bitcoin and blockchain

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the age of cryptocurrency at Devoxx Morocco

  1. 1. #DevoxxCoin By BELLAJ Badr Twitter @badrbellaj The Age of Cryptocurrency Developers Let’s Discover A new opportunity
  2. 2. Twitter @Badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin The Age of Cryptocurrency •Money is …..? •In Math 𝑥 + 𝑎 𝑛 = 𝑘=0 𝑛 𝑛 𝑘 𝑥 𝑘 𝑎 𝑛−𝑘 we trust. •What is the Crypto-currency? •How it works (Bitcoin)? •Behind the scene(Block Chain Technology) •Start coding for Bitcoin/BC •Demo.
  3. 3. Twitter @badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin $ WhoamI?
  4. 4. Twitter @badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin $ WhoamI?
  5. 5. Twitter @badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin Money is …
  6. 6. Twitter @badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin Why Money ? With money you could exchange goods in a market for a common medium of exchange.
  7. 7. Twitter @badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin Currency Evolution
  8. 8. Twitter @badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin Currency Evolution Rai Stone The Stone money 4Tons Solution Anti-Pickpocket
  9. 9. Twitter @badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin Paper money was introduced in China during the 11th century. In the 13th century, paper money became known in Europe. PAPER ..No Way???? Currency Evolution The problems begins :(
  10. 10. Twitter @badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin A centralized system
  11. 11. Twitter @badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin inflation/diflation the Vietnam War and persistent balance of payments deficits, led U.S. President Richard Nixon to end international convertibility of the U.S. dollar to gold on August 15, 1971 Governments (banks) prints easily money to pay debts, pay more salaries … without regard for a stable currency.
  12. 12. Twitter @badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin Inflation/Hyper Inflation
  13. 13. Twitter @badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin How money is crated Based on credits !!
  14. 14. Twitter @Badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin In a centralized model, NO!!
  15. 15. Twitter @badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin In a god they trust I have no trust in the god they trust • Inflation • Slow transfers (2 business days) • Expensive transfers • Ease of seizure • local
  16. 16. Twitter @Badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin
  17. 17. Twitter @Badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin Wait After all, Everything is digital why not Money? Digital currencies are needed for a digital world
  18. 18. @Badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin The Cryptocurrency Bitcoin DREAMS BECOMES REALITY
  19. 19. Twitter @badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin A digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank within a peer to peer network. We trust in Math/ Encryption
  20. 20. Twitter @badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin • In 2008 A whitepaper was posted on the internet by Satoshi Nakamoto titled Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System. It described a sytem of cryptocurrency that was not backed by any government or any form of existing currency. Bitcoin ("BTC") since 2008
  21. 21. Twitter @badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin • Bitcoin is an Open-Source project (software) • The most successful & the first fully implemented crypto currency. • Bitcoin is a peer to peer Network (over internet) and a Currency base. Bitcoin
  22. 22. Twitter @badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin Bitcoin
  23. 23. Twitter @badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin Public key cryptography was invented in the 1970s and is a mathematical foundation for computer and information security In Math we trust We trusts In something (gold) we trusts In someone (bankers) we trusts
  24. 24. Twitter @Badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin High transparency High resilience / availability High Trust/security High Efficiency/Low Coast High performance universal Bitcoin is a better form of money
  25. 25. Twitter @Badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin Venture capitalists have invested more than $500 million (£340m) into Bitcoin-related startups.
  26. 26. Twitter @badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin Bitcoin/$
  27. 27. @Badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin How it Works THE AGE OF CRYPTOCURRENCY
  28. 28. @Badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin
  29. 29. @Badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin
  30. 30. Twitter @badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin Transactions
  31. 31. Twitter @badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin Proof of Work To get paid for their hash, a miner must find a hash that starts with a certain sequence. (for example, 000) This extends the amount of time the miner must spend on each block (avoid inflation)
  32. 32. Twitter @badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin Blockchain A persistent, distributed database, put assets into a transparent ledger, everyone has a copy. It is Cryptographly secure.
  33. 33. Twitter @badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin Blockchain BC resolves a complex problem : how to initiate trust without a centralized authority
  34. 34. Twitter @badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin Inside Blockchain Bitcoin/Blockchain is a transparent system
  35. 35. @Badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin DEMOBitcoin Core
  36. 36. Twitter @badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin >>bitcoind –regtest >>bitcoin-cli regtest generate 101 //frst time >>bitcoin-cli regtest getbalance Bitocoin core is available at Bitcoin core
  37. 37. @Badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin Talk is cheap, Show Me The Code
  38. 38. Twitter @Badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin Let’s code for Bitcoin BITCOINJIs Open source(Apache licensed) & Java
  39. 39. Twitter @Badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin Get started with BitcoinJ You can download the library as a JAR, or use Maven, or get the code from github. Documentation : bitcoinj is a library for working with the Bitcoin protocol. It can maintain a wallet, send/receive transactions without needing a local copy of Bitcoin Core and has many other advanced features
  40. 40. Twitter @Badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin BitcoinJ Sample final NetworkParameters params = RegTestParams.get(); final DumpedPrivateKey dumpedPrivateKey = new DumpedPrivateKey(RegTestParams.get(), "cQWVW6Vj3E7qEH4DSxN5HGcE29YTPQhpKBzJGXEcQ7LtWtEZ9YGK"); final ECKey key = dumpedPrivateKey.getKey(); System.out.println("BTC address that will be added: " + key.toAddress(RegTestParams.get())); System.out.println("Private key that will be added: " + key.getPrivateKeyEncoded(RegTestParams.get())); Address addressFromKey = key.toAddress(params); System.out.println("On the network, we can use this address:n" + addressFromKey); final WalletAppKit kit = new WalletAppKit(RegTestParams.get(), new File("Doxx"), "Devoxx BTC") { protected void onSetupCompleted() { } };
  41. 41. Twitter @Badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin DEMOBitcoinJ
  42. 42. Twitter @badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin BTC is 42 000 lines of code only As of June 30, there were 6,109 Github repositories referencing Bitcoin. By comparison, there were 2,318 repositories referencing Paypal.
  43. 43. Twitter @badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin Blockchain is here to stay
  44. 44. Twitter @badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin Projects based on BC NamCoin BitMessage Storaj.IO Zennet (super computer) La’zooz Etherum (smartcontract)
  45. 45. @YourTwitterHandle#DVXFR14{session hashtag} Twitter @Badrbellaj#DevoxxCoin The Age of Crypto currency