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How to apply for European Social Funds


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How to apply for European Social Funds

  1. 1. European Social Fund: a practical example Stockholm, 16th June 2012 « Finding our ways » Stefania Pirani IF European Projects Coordinator
  2. 2. A practical example: ESF in Ireland
  3. 3. A practical example: ESF in IrelandESF in Ireland is channeled through a variety of different programmes• Employment and Human Resources Development Operational Programme,2000-2006• Border Midland & West Region• South & East Region• PEACE Programme II• EQUAL Community Initiative• Human Capital Investment Operational Programme 2007-2013• Human Capital Investment Operational Programme 2007-2013 (Revised 2009)• Human Capital Investment Operational Programme 2007-2013 ( 2012 version)
  4. 4. Managing Authority • Contact the unit and the person in charge for the ESF/disability actions • Check for information sessions
  5. 5. First step: study the Guidelines GUIDELINES + Q&A
  6. 6. 3 key elements• Objective of the programmeWhat do they want to achieve throught myproject?• Target GroupWho do they want to reach?• Budget and TimescaleHow big and for how long?
  7. 7. ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA• Administrative eligibility criteria Deadline, applications forms, signatures,documents attached• Content of the proposalType of activities, geographical impact, type ofeligible costs
  8. 8. Scoring• Selection CriteriaAccording to what criteria my application will beevaluated? What’s the weight of each criteria?• Check ListDocuments required
  10. 10. Second step: the application form APPLICATION FORM
  11. 11. How to write the application1) Organisation detailsGeneral information2) Organisational Structure and ExperienceSingle applicant, consortium, relevantexeperience
  12. 12. How to write the application3) Project Details overall objective specific objective Inputs/means activities results outputs target group final beneficiaries
  13. 13. Important concepts overall objectiveBroader, long-term changes (directly or indirectly; intended orunintended) in the environment of the project. The project contributesto the overall objective, but can not achieve it alone.“to contribute to poverty reduction among vulnerable rural populationsof Laos” specific objectiveSpecific objective addressing the core problem(s) (e.g. improvements inarea of intervention due to the improved capacity of the target group)“improvement of the living conditions by addressing needs and rights toaccess to water, sanitation, health education and first aid in 30 villages inthe Vientiane and Sayabouri Provinces”
  14. 14. Important concepts Input/Means: resources used Activities:the steps undertaken to transform inputs into outputs, e.g. organization of the training sessions; Outputs: Goods and services delivered by the project (e.g. a training session); Results: Benefits derived from the outputs of the project (e.g. improved capacity of those who attended the training)
  15. 15. Important Conceptstarget groupIt is very specific (50 unemployed young peoplewith disability). Directly benefiting from theactivities of the project. They are involved.final beneficiariesbenefiting from the operation in the long term(impact), they might not be directly involved(parents of 50 unemployed young people withdisability)
  16. 16. The terminology varies among different aidagencies, donors and implementers which cancreate confusion. It is especially important tokeep in mind the difference between Outputs and Results which are too often mixed up.
  17. 17. To be includedDissemination and communicationMonitoring and evaluationSustainability
  18. 18. BudgetHuman ResourcesSalaries (gross salaries including social securitycharges and other related costs)TravelJustifiable and appropriate rates, costs directlyrelate to project activitiesOverhead CostCost directly related to the activities eg phone
  19. 19. BudgetEquipmentComputer etcProgramme CostsHire of rooms for trainings, communicaiton costs List of Cost/Activities ineligible
  20. 20. Thanks