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Go folic 28.6.2011


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Go folic 28.6.2011

  1. 1. Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus
  2. 2. Before you go public...• Consult on long-term campaign strategy (confidential) re fortification, supplementation and innovations.• Secure funding for campaign launch and logo
  3. 3. • Fund and build campaign website ready for launch
  4. 4. Invite key players to high profile launch• Supplement Suppliers• Politicians and Civil Servants• Health Professionals• People with direct experience of NTDs• Scientists• Media – print, TV and online journalists• Related charities and organisations
  5. 5. Publish list of projects for sponsorship prior to launch 1. Future development of Go Folic! website 2. Improving advice on high ranking health and baby websites 3. Use social networking and animation to make Go Folic! go viral. 4. Encourage health care professionals to give preconception advice 5. Recruit and support media advocates from families with experience of NTDs (Total cost 85,000 Euros)
  6. 6. Launch at Parliamentary Reception
  7. 7. Meet potential sponsors These companies are sponsors NOT donors...They will want to know your project will bring them increased publicity, contacts, credibility and sales.
  8. 8. Its all about logos!What product will you permit use your logo?What company/ brand logo will you permit on your campaign materials? What wording will you permit to be used by the logos e.g. ‘Supporting Go Folic!’ but not ‘Endorsed by Go Folic!’
  9. 9. You need the company’s money, consumer knowledge, marketing expertise, PR contactsThe company needs your charity’s public trust, access to free publicity, medical contacts, real- life stories
  10. 10. If you can’t ask for money, ask for: Mailing opportunities Speaking opportunities Lobbying News gathering Printing facilities Contacts
  11. 11. Get detailed sponsorship agreement in writingKeep your sponsors updated and tell them future plans. If you look after them they will sponsor you again... Laura Read, ASBAH , 2011