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Company database

  1. 1. Introduction to tables <br />The first table is for Customers, their names, date of birth, email and mode of payment, in this table we have the information about few customers that will be buying from different suppliers in Ottawa city, these information is for use by anyone how wants to know some information about any customers contacting specific suppliers. Note that this table can be expanded to many information like contact number, address and so on the table contain only 5/5 for a sample illustration; however most tables may contain 100 of rows that will make a search very difficult<br />CustomerCustomer IDLast NameFirst NameDOBEmailMode of payment1BadrBenani12/09/1982badr@hotmail.comCash2JohnSmith02/11/1973John@smith.comCredit Card3DanRonald23/05/1967Daniel@yahoo.comCredit Card4MalekHadge06/05/1988Malek@gmail.comCredit Card5SoniaMoore25/02/1982Mooresonia@hotmail.comCredit Card<br />In the second table I showed different type of products this customer is buying from us. What category fall in, what s the price of the product and how much quantity the customer is ordering from us. As mentioned before, there might more information included. The problem faced while putting information is such tables Excel for example may not notice a repetition or a writing mistake. <br />Table 2<br />ProductSupplierNameCategoryPriceCustomer IDQuantityBontiesCrackiesFood$15.00110 LbCoca lightMintoBeverage$22.00130 LtDansCookies mxFood$20.00320 LbGatorade CoGatoradeBeverage$0.9944 LtMarsSnickers BarFood$0.7955 Lb<br />Table 3<br />In the last table (third one) I have included the supplier’s information, since we have to keep track of our suppliers and what time they receive orders and when they will be able to deliver to us. In my case I am a intermediate between suppliers and small stores in the city; therefore, both information of small stores and suppliers are important to me. <br />SupplierSupplierLocationDay of OperationDay of deliveryBontiesPincrest RdMondayThursdayCoca lightBank StTuesdayThursdayDansRoma StMondayMondayGatorade CoKelly Stevery dayNext dayMarsKing Edward StWeekdaysNext day<br />As I emphasized before, the information is small and data are not huge, in other cases these data are for many suppliers and stores; therefore, is a big task for me to relate both of them and try to find information in a very short time. in Excel also there a possibility of many mistakes and error or redundancy, repetition and confusing of information that might cost me a lot in my business and risk my operation. Hence the best option for me is to plug this information in Access data tables and create two key corners in Access: <br /><ul><li>The first one is relationship: this one is very important to create a flow of information between my tables in this case are three, in other cases may go to 20 and more, relationship will decrease my time search and also error done while extracting the data
  2. 2. Second key component is Query: this tool is very utile, it will give me the option to reduce tables and create one table with certain information I want, that might be useful to me rather than to look in all tables and try to take what I want </li></ul>Customers and day of deliveryLast NameFirst NameCategoryPriceSupplierDay of deliverySoniaMooreFood$0.79MarsNext dayMalekHadgeBeverage$0.99Gatorade CoNext dayBadrBenaniFood$15.00BontiesThursdayDanRonaldFood$20.00DansMondayBadrBenaniBeverage$22.00Coca lightThursday<br /> <br />