Lesson 6: Email on the Mac


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Introduction to Email on the Mac

Patrick M Burke

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Lesson 6: Email on the Mac

  1. 1. Lesson 6: Email on the Mac Communicating via the Internet
  2. 2. What you will Learn Difference between Pop Mail and Web Mail How to add New Email Accounts How to Set Mail Prefs How to add Mail boxes How to add Attachments 2
  3. 3. Mail Servers Server = Application on Mainframe Computer 1. Server receives incoming mail from Mail Program 2. Server forwards outgoing mail to email address 3 VOIP = Voice over internet
  4. 4. Types of Mail Accounts POP Accounts( e.g., Mac Mail (“Stamp”)) Mail transferred from Mac to Server and from Server to recipient (Most Common) pop= post office protocol IMAP Accounts Same as POP but mail also stays on Server (Udel and Mobileme)) Web based Accounts Accessed via Safari (Gmail, Hotmail) 4 POP = Post Office Protocol IMAP = Internet Message Access Protocol
  5. 5. Apple’s Mail Program •  Easy to setup and Manage" • Can use to Access Many Accounts Types POP mail accounts (Comcast, verizon, earthlink) IMAP Accounts (Mac’s MobileMe), udel) Many web mail accounts (gMail, aol, Yahoo, Hotmail) Integrated with: Address Book, Spotlight, Safari, iChat, Skype Connection Doctor, iPhoto, iCal No Commercials 5 POP: Post Office Protocol IMAP: Internet Message Access protocol (message stored on server, immediately accessible)
  6. 6. Setting Up Mac Mail POP Account Open mail Program Go to Preferences Click on Accounts, then Click + Fill in Boxes Hit Auto setup and Create Works for many account types 6
  7. 7. Mail Preferences Open Mail, in Menu Bar, Click Mail/ Preferences, Click on Icons General (New mail check time & Sound) Junk Mail Filtering, Training Fonts (type, size) Viewing (Display imbedded HTML) Composing (Spell-check, auto-complete) Rules (Sorting, defining junk) 7
  8. 8. Mail Boxes Default Add your Own Mail Boxes (menu/ In mailbox/new (smart) mailbox) Out Ray’s Jokes Drafts Club Events Sent Smart Mailbox 1 Junk Smart Mailbox 2 Trash 8
  9. 9. Dealing With Junk Train Mail Filter for Spam and place in Junk mail Box Set Up rules to minimize Spam Apply strict rules e.g only from people in my Address Book go to inbox Maintain Private and Public Email addresses Don’t answer Spam 9
  10. 10. Attachments Add attachment by: Clicking on paper-clip icon in toolbar Dragging icon into Message Window To read attachments double click on icon May need “Flip4Mac” (free) for some Windows attachments 10
  11. 11. Web Mail Advantages Can access on any computer via any Browser, from anywhere e.g., IE Explorer, Safari, Firefox Free or Low Cost Independent of ISP or location Examples: GMail, Yahoo mail, Comcast etc Disadvantages More cumbersome and difficult to manage See only mail from one Account Does not work with Address Book, iPhoto, iCal etc 11
  12. 12. New Mail Features Mail stationary with access to iPhoto Notes To-Do Lists Integration with Address Book and iPhoto Continued next week