The last man in the universe


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My first Screenplay

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The last man in the universe

  1. 1. The Last Man in The Universe By Guilherme Neves First Draft. August 25th, 2010.
  2. 2. FADE ININT. GABE AND MATT’S LIVING ROOM - NIGHT.A New York City apartment fully decorated with actionfigures, posters, books, comic books and DVDs everywhere.Ina corner, an LCD TV on the wall in front of an old rippedfuton. In the middle of the living room, two work desks. Abig window in the back exposes the Empire States BuildingMATT VANDERSEE, a 26 years old comic book writer, circlesaround the living room hitting the pen on his forehead. MATT It starts with Marcus waking up by the sound of the alarm coming from the computer. He jumps out of bed and walks into the control room--GABE ROBERTS, a 26 years old comic book illustrator isseated on his desk holding a pencil. The desk is filled withillustration drafts of spaceships and astronauts. On the topof the pile of papers, the first draft of a Graphic Noveltitled "The Last Man in The Universe". GABE (VO) --Wait, you wanna do it on two or tree panels? MATT Anh? GABE You’re thinking about showing the act of jumping or just the awakening and the walking panels? MATT No, no. Show the jumping. I want to break into every action so we build the tension. Got it? GABE Yep. MATT So he wakes up, jumps out of the bed, walks into the control room, opens the door. No, wait! DIALS the password and THEN the door automatically opens! We see a huge windshield to the universe,you (MORE) (CONTINUED)
  3. 3. CONTINUED: 2. MATT (cont’d) know? like a massive wall of glass exposing this infinite dark of... of--Matt hits the pen on his forehead vigorously. MATT Of... you know, fucking darkness! Black ink! Then, he stares to this magnificent view.Matt uses hand gestures to describe his idea. MATT From below, a monstrous round blueish planet slowly appears in front of his eyes. GABE In how many panels do you wanna do the Earth’s arising?Furiously, Matt throws the pen on Gabe. MATT Dammit Gabe! Seriously! Can you make at least ONE creative decision on your own? I’m fucking trying to think inside the story here! Jesus-- GABE Sorry. Go on.Matt sits in his chair, trying to concentrate again. MATT Right. So, as the planet arises in front him, Marcus shakes his head in disbelief. Sobbing like never before, he falls on his knees contemplating what once he called home. GABE Oh.. really? Do we need all this weeping crap? MATT Duuude! I’m trying to capture the essence of this man, here! The guy has been alone for over 20 years on (MORE) (CONTINUED)
  4. 4. CONTINUED: 3. MATT (cont’d) that spaceship with one and only desire to find home! This is the achievement of a lifetime, We can’t just put him highfiving himself. GABE Ye, but sobbing? This guy hasn’t had any human contact for, like, ages! Don’t you think this reaction is a little bit too human? MATT What the fuck is wrong with being human, Gabe? GABE Nothing, but the fact that this guy’s best friend is a computer voice who tells time. He has no human attachment!Matt sights, stands up and wanders to the kitchen. MATT (OS) You’ve been watching too much Oprah, Gabe!Gabe gives a quick smile. MATT (OS) What happened to the milk? GABE I put it in the bottom drawer. So listen, I was thinking--INT. GABE AND MATT’S KITCHEN - CONTINUES.Matt looks for food in the shelves. MATT Now that’s unusual. Ha. GABE (OS) -- I’m not quite sure about this finding Earth passage.
  5. 5. 4.INT. GABE AND MATT’S LIVING ROOM - CONTINUES.Gabe takes a deep breath to organize his toughs. GABE Don’t you think Marcus character is too passive in this scene? I mean, it’s the spaceship that eventually passes around Earth. The main character had nothing to do with it.Matt comes back holding a bowl of cereal with milk. MATT So what? GABE So, it’s random! Just a coincidence! In a middle of the infinite universe, this man finds Earth by accident and that’s it? MATT I don’t know.Matt swallows a spoon full of cereal. MATT Maybe he was, like, meant to. It was his destiny-- GABE --Don’t even start with this destiny bullshit! Stop being a lazy writer and come up with a reasonable explanation for this event! MATT What do you want me to do, Gabe? Give him a map? An universal GPS? GABE You’re the writer. Use your magic powers.Matt let his head fall and hit the desk. MATT Argh...Gabe spins on his chair. (CONTINUED)
  6. 6. CONTINUED: 5. MATT (Moaning) Can we have coffee now?EXT. STREETS OF LOWER EAST SIDE, NEW YORK - NIGHT.Winter in New York. Matt and Gabe are using heavy coats. MATT Question. In a movie adaptation of "The Last Man in The Universe", who should play Marcus?Gabe looks funny towards Matt. GABE John Malkovich. MATT Are you kidding me? GABE What? He’s a great actor! MATT How do you expect to get rich putting an ugly old dude alone in the screen for two hours? GABE So now Marcus has to be handsome? MATT He has to be at least appealing, tolerable. Malkovich is too old! Maybe 15 years ago, but now he must what? Sixty?INT. DAVE’S DELI - NIGHT.A small and cozy Deli. Matt and Gabe step in it. The doorbell rings. DAVE, a mid-fifties black man, comes from a doorbehind the counter. DAVE What took you guys so long? I’m almost closing here! GABE Sorry Dave, we’ve been working. (CONTINUED)
  7. 7. CONTINUED: 6. DAVE Hunft... three? GABE Ye.Dave turns himself to the Coffee Machine. MATT Hey Dave, who is more convincing as a delusional astronaut, Russel Crowe or Edward Norton? DAVE Denzel.Matt and Gabe laugh but Dave don’t understand why. He facesthem. DAVE What?! GABE This character is... white. DAVE Why?Matt and Gabe look at each other. MATT Well, I don’t know. He just... is. DAVE (Grabbing three cups of coffee and moaning.) Here we go. Four fifty.EXT. STREETS OF LOWER EAST SIDE, NEW YORK - NIGHT.Matt and Gabe are back in the streets, this time, drinkingtheir coffees. Matt carries the third. GABE Besides, if we give the role to Edward Norton, he would end up rewriting the whole thing and taking our names of the credits.They rush to cross the street and stop in front of a poorlysignposted comic book store called Supernova. They walk intothe store.
  8. 8. 7.INT. SUPERNOVA COMIC BOOK STORE - NIGHT.A large and dusty comic book store. JAY HERNANDES, a 28years old puerto rican descendant born and raised in NewYork is working behind the counter, talking to a girl who isholding some books. Her name is JESSA, 23 years old girlwith long blond hair. The door bells rings.RINGAs Gabe and Matt make their way into the counter, the girlleaves the books on the counter and heads for the exit. Whenthey are crossing to room, Gabe and the girl gaze eachother. JESSA Hi.Gabe is caught by surprise. GABE. Uh... hey.Matt and Gabe get to the counter. MATT (Talking to Gabe) Do you know that girl? GABE (Still confused) I don’t think so. JAY You probably don’t. She just moved from California. You have my coffee? MATT Here.Matt hands the coffee to Jay. Gabe walks around the counter,looking for something in the drawers. JAY (Holding one of the copies from the book the girl left on the counter) This is the book she just made. It’s like a series of comic strips about the female universal. She asked us to display at the Indie Section. (CONTINUED)
  9. 9. CONTINUED: 8.Jay points with his head to a bookcase in the darkest cornerof the store. Matt grabs another copy of the book. MATT "The Uncanny Manual of Unorthodoxy Girls, by Jessa Spalding.Gabe appears from behind the counter holding a flannel coat. GABE Found it! MATT (flipping through the girl’s book) How bad is it? JAY Haven’t read yet.Gabe grabs another copy of the book and starts flippingthrough as well. He sees her picture on the back cover ofthe book. GABE It seems alright. MATT (dropping the book on the counter) You always liked these girlie stuff. JAY How’s work going, boys? MATT All good, but Gabe was bitching me about using coincidences in the story. JAY What kind of coincidence are we talking about? GABE The scene when Marcus locates the Earth. JAY Hum... let me think...Jay crosses his arms and tips his forefinger on his mouth. (CONTINUED)
  10. 10. CONTINUED: 9. JAY I don’t think you HAVE to follow the causality rule. I mean, if it where a commercial graphic novel, ye sure, you would probably have to elucidate better, you know? Make it for dummies. But now in a case like this-- GABE --IT IS supposed to be a commercial graphic novel! We are sick and tired of stacking our work in the Losers Section!Gabe points to the same bookcase in the corner. GABE It’s time to go pro, Jay! We’re done being notorious nobodies.Matt takes a sip on his coffee. MATT The Last Man is our way out, dude. Next time you see us, will be at the cover of Wizard Magazine. JAY Argh! Can’t believe you, guys! You’re selling out! How can you?! GABE Sorry Jay, but between sticking to the cause or getting millionaire with the merchandise rights, I go with the toys.Gabe points at the action figure of "Material Man". In thebackground, a huge poster of the same character. JAY (Infuriated) Are you kidding me?! "Material Man"?! That’s the kind of shit you want to produce?! You wanna be the new fucking Frank Humbles? The biggest jerk of comic industry? Seriously, man?! How low can someone gets?!Gabe and Matt laugh, but Matt realizes that Jay is sincerelymad at them. (CONTINUED)
  11. 11. CONTINUED: 10. MATT Oook, boys. Play time is over. Let’s get back to work, Gabe. See you tomorrow Jay. JAY Jerks.Gabe and Matt make their way to the exit. Matt stops underthe door. MATT Hey, Jay, in a movie adaptation of "The Last Man in The Universe", who do you think should-- JAY --Fuck you, Matthew!INT. GABE AND MATT APARTMENT’S DOORWAY - NIGHT.Gabe and Matt are coming back from the street. Gabe is onthe phone. Matt is trying every key of his Superman keychain to open the door. He finally finds right key. MATT It’s ridiculous. It’s always the last one.INT. GABE AND MATT’S APARTMENT - CONTINUES.Gabe and Matt enter in their apartment. MATT So, can you wake me up tomorrow morning? I’m pretty sure my phone is gonna be dead by then I can’t find the charger. GABE Shh! Dude, I’m on the phone!INT. LEA’S BEDROOM - CONTINUES.LEA ROBERTS, 22 years old girl is talking to Gabe on thephone. She in on her bed, in a very girlie bedroom full ofold dolls and teddy bears. (CONTINUED)
  12. 12. CONTINUED: 11. LEA (Into phone) Just tell him to shut the fuck up!INTERCUT AS NEEDED GABE She is asking you to keep it down, please. MATT FUCK OFF, LEA! LEA (Yelling louder) YOU FUCK OFF, MATT!Gabe gets scared of her screaming and takes the phone out ofhis ear. Gabe goes to his room and closes the door.INT. GABE’S ROOM - NIGHT.Just like the rest of the apartment, Gabe’s room has a ComicBook theme. He leans his body against the door. GABE (Into the phone) There’s some unsettled sexual tension between you two, you know? LEA Shut up. When are you coming home?Gabe sits on his bed. GABE Ah... not sure. We are pretty focused on this new graphic novel right now. I don’t want to stop the process while we’re producing. LEA Whatever. Just saying, my birthday is on three weeks and you better be here. GABE Promise, no worries. I have to go sleep now. Tell the folks I said hi. (CONTINUED)
  13. 13. CONTINUED: 12. LEA Ok. Miss you, bro. GABE Miss you, sis.END INTERCUT.Gabe hangs off the phone and lays on his bed. Matt turns onthe stereo loudly. It’s playing "Know you Enemy" by GreenDay. Gabe closes his eyes, trying to ignore it. He can’t.Gabe stands up and opens the door. GABE FUCK OFF, MATT!Gabe slams the door.INT. GABE AND MATT’S APARTMENT - LATE NIGHT.Silence. A "Watchman" clock on the wall marks 2h45 am. Mattis fully awake, sited on his desk, tipping his fingersrhythmically on the table. He is looking deeply to a blankpiece of paper in the top of an unorganized pile of papersover his desk.Matt stops and stretches. He stands up, walks around theliving room looking for inspiration. His forefinger movesaround the bookshelf, trying to find help in one of hisbooks. Nothing.He sits again. Rest his head on his hands and moan.INT. GABE AND MATT’S KITCHEN - LATER.Matt opens the fridge. There’s water, milk and beer. Hetakes the beer.INT. GABE’S BEDROOM - LATER.Slowly, Matt opens Gabe’s door. Gabe is snoaring. Mattcloses the door with a smirky smile on his face.MONTAGE. INT. GABE AND MATT’S LIVING ROOM AND KITCHEN -LATER.BY THE SOUND OF KNOW YOUR ENEMY - GREEN DAY.Matt turns the stereo on again. The same song continues.Matt feels the music in his body, takes a long sip of beer (CONTINUED)
  14. 14. CONTINUED: 13.and sits back on his desk. He is writing fast. He drinks andwrites. He reads it punching his leg. He opens the fridgeand takes another beer. He writes. He drinks. He crumbles asheet of paper and throws it away. He keeps writing anddrinking moving his head energetically. MATT (holding a sheet o paper) Now that’s better!Matt opens another beer. He writes and drinks. He prepares aline of cocaine and sniffs it. He tips his fingers on thedesk really fast while he thinks. He’s writing furiously.There’s several writen pages on his desk. He opens anotherbeer and sniffs another line of cocaine. He laughs loud. Hewrites until his pen is out of ink. He grabs another pen.This second pen works. He is thrilled. MATT Yes, YES! This needs a celebration!Matt sniffs three lines of cocaine. Now he is writing reallyfast. He is really agitated. He opens another beer. Drinksit, writes, laughs and sniffs another line of cocaine.END OF MONTAGE.INT. GABE AND MATT’S APARTMENT - MORNING.Gabe steps out of his bedroom wearing his pajamas and dragshimself to the kitchen. He opens the fridge and there’s onlywater and milk. He takes the milk and pour some in a bowwith cereal.He sits on his couch and turns the TV on. There’s Sponge BobSquare Pants playing. The apartment looks messy, but hedoesn’t seem to have realized it yet. He looks to the"watchman" clock on the wall. It’s marking 10h21 am. GABE MATT! YOU’RE LATE!No response. Gabe eats his cereal. GABE (With his mouth full of cereal) MATT! WAKE UP! YOU’RE GONNA GET FIRED THIS TIME!No response. Gabe moans, stands up and walks to Matti’sroom. He opens Matt’s door and sees his friend is lying onthe floor. Matt is dead.
  15. 15. 14.EXT. PLATTSBURGH’S CEMETERY - RAINY DAY.Rains a lot. A line of black cars cross under a gateindicating "Plattsburgh Cemetery".EXT. PLATTSBURGH’S CEMETERY - LATER.Matt’s family and friends are gathered at his funeral.People are covering themselves with umbrellas. Gabe iswearing a black suit. Lea, wearing a black dress, standsbesides him. He hold his sister’s hand.EXT. PLATTSBURGH’S CEMETERY - LATER.The rain starts to fade. The funeral is over. Gabe, Lea andtheir parents BOB, a 58 years old chubby and bald man andMARGARET, a 53 years old and still very distinct woman, areheading to the car. JAY (OS) Gabe! Wait!Gabe turns his back and sees a soaked Jay running in hisdirection. GABE Hey Jay. How you doing? JAY Wha..what kind of question is this? The last thing I said to the guy was "Fuck You"! How do think I’m feeling? I feel like shit!Gabe laughs with sorrow. GABE I know the feeling. JAY Anyways. I just want to check on you. I don’t know what are your plans now. But, you know, if need anything-- GABE --Ye. I think I’ll spend sometime in my parents’ house. Need to process this whole thing before doing anything. (CONTINUED)
  16. 16. CONTINUED: 15. JAY Course. Well, I have to get going. Need to take the road back to New York before the sunset. Take care, man. GABE You too, Jay.Jay gives Gabe two awkward slaps on his sholder. Gabe startsheading to his parents’ car again. JAY Er.. Gabe. One more thing. I don’t wanna sound like a heartless corporate son of bitch but... how long are you intending to stay here? Because I need to know how long should I hold your job at Supernova.Gabe looks to Jay and then to his family, who are waitingfor him in the car. GABE Just... just don’t.INT. ROBERT’S DINNING ROOM - NIGHT.In a fancy dinner table, Gabe has a silent dinner with hissister and parents.INT. GABE’S OLD ROOM - DAY.Two weeks have passed. Gabe has a beard and dark circlesunder his eyes. Seated on the floor, he reads an old X-Menissue from his collection that is stacked in a big paper boxwith the sign "Gabe’s Comics" in front of him.DOOR KNOCKING.Bob opens the door. BOB Hey kiddo, can I come in?Gabe nods in permission. Bob sits on Gabe’s bed. Gabe keepsfocused on reading. (CONTINUED)
  17. 17. CONTINUED: 16. BOB Reading your old comics, ha? You know, I had to put up a fight with uncle Tommy for this.Bob hits the old box full of comic books with his foot. BOB He was trying to take this away for your cousin Brian, but I told him you wouldn’t like it. GABE Thanks, dad.Bob looks around the room, trying to find another subject tostart small talk. He fails. Gabe keeps his eyes on hiscomics. BOB So... how’s New York? GABE All right. BOB Did you guys paid this month rent? GABE Uhum. BOB Good, good. Are you... planning on moving back until the end of the month or... eventually?Margaret walks in the room, drying her hands on her appron. MARGARET Bob! Stop pushing him! Can’t you see his doing his "thing"? GABE It’s ok Mom-- BOB -- I was just talking to my son, Margaret!Margaret turns to Gabe. (CONTINUED)
  18. 18. CONTINUED: 17. MARGARET (In a sweet voice) Don’t let your old father bother you, Gabe. You can stay here as long as you want. As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to go back-- BOB --Now I’m the pushy one! Look at you woman! You’re son is a man! Stop trying to bring him back to your nest! GABE Guys... MARGARET I’m not trying to do anything, Bob! I’m just concerned about our boy! BOB He’s not a boy anymore-- MARGARET --That terrifing city can mess up a person! Look what happen to Matthew. GABE Stop it! BOB Oh, come on Margaret! You know that boy was screwd up way before he left Plattsburgh. MARGARET Don’t be so cruel, Bob! It’s been only two-- GABE --THAT’S ENOUGH!Scared, Margaret and Bob stare at Gabe. Gabe take a deepbreath. GABE Wolverine is dying here, for Christ Sake!
  19. 19. 18.EXT. FRONT OF ROBERT’S HOUSE - CLOUDY DAY.Gabe is looking to the christmas lights installed on theroof. He’s holding a ladder. He supports the ladder on thehouse’s lateral wall and prepares to climb it. A family carloaded with boxes stops in front of his house. He recognizesit. Uncomfortable, he goes toward the car.While he gets closer, MAURA VANDERSEE, 56 years old fatwoman, steps off the passengers seat and meets Gabe in thefront of the vehicle. Gabe gives her a confort hug. GABE Hey, Mrs. Vandersee. MAURA How you doing, my son?CHARLES VANDERSEE, A 63 years old man with a big mustache,is waiting holding the steering wheel. They both have largedark circles under their eyes and a really sad expression ontheir faces. GABE Hello, Mr. Vandersee.Charles nods to Gabe. Maura is still holding Gabe’s arms,caressing him. MAURA Me and Charles just got back from New York. We cleaned Matt’s bedroom and brought back all his stuff.She motions to the boxes in the car. MAURA I did’t touch anything in the living room because I don’t know what is yours or what was his. But well, all those things have any use for us now, so you should keep it. Matt would probably prefer that way. GABE OK, thanks. Thanks Mrs. Vandersee.Gabe smiles at her. Mrs. Vandersee hugs him strongly andlooks deeply into his eyes, slowly shaking her head. Gabenotices she starts to tear up. She wipes her eyes. (CONTINUED)
  20. 20. CONTINUED: 19. MAURA Anyway. We just came to give Matt’s keys back.She takes the Superman key chain from her pants pockets andputs on Gabe’s hands. GABE Thanks, Mrs. Vandersee.Gabe put the keys on his coat pocket. Maura gives himmotherly smile. Maura is about to cry, but she holds backher emotion. MAURA (Looking to the ground) Hum... I should get going. I need to unpack all these things and I’m pretty sure Charles as useful an umbrella in an ice storm.Charles is distracted in the car. Gabe and Maura laugh abit. GABE Good bye, Mrs. Vandersee. MAURA Good bye, son.Maura opens the car door. She hesitates before going inside. MAURA Gabe, Matt told me you two were really excited about this new book you were producing.Gabe grins timidly. GABE Ye... it was gonna be great, I think. MAURA You should finish it. You know?(BEAT) MAURA He would like it.
  21. 21. 20.EXT. FRONT OF ROBERT’S HOUSE - LATER.Gabe and Lea are breaking down the christmas decoration infront of the Robert’s House. Lea is deflating an inflatablesnow man while Gabe, on the roof, takes down the christmaslights. LEA Gabe? GABE Ye? LEA For how long was Matt having drug problems? GABE What? What are you talking about? LEA I heard mom on the phone. I know he OD-ed. GABE No, I mean, yes. He died of overdose. But he was no coke addict. LEA Well... how come? GABE What do you mean, how come? He used it now and then, but he was no addict. At least I don’t think so.(BEAT) GABE You know. He was like an ocasional user. LEA (intriged) Hum... never heard there was such thing.
  22. 22. 21.INT. ROBERTS KITCHEN - MORNING.Gabe is on the kitchen table waiting for his breakfeast.Margaret is making waffles. Bob walks in. BOB Waffles? You never do waffles! Now that’s just low, Margaret.Margaret ignores him. He makes a move to sit on the table. MARGARET Don’t even think about resting your ass on that chair before taking the trash out. BOB Ye, ye. I’ll take it later.Bob sits. GABE Oh, boy.Margaret stops cooking, crosses her arms, holding herspatula, and stares at Bob. MARGARET Later when, Robert? BOB Later! After you make my breakfeast. MARGARET Ha. But guess what.Margaret point her spatula at Bob. MARGARET I’m not making any breakfeast until you take your lazy ass out of that chair and take the trash out!While Margaret is threatening Bob, Lea enters the room. Sheignores the scene, walks around the table and stops behindGabe. She leans on Gabe’s chair and whispers in his ears. LEA Follow me if you want to eat today.Margaret and Bob are arguing while Gabe escapes with hissister from the kitchen. It takes a while until Margaretnotices their absence. (CONTINUED)
  23. 23. CONTINUED: 22. MARGARET AT LEAST TAKE THE GARBAGE OUT!INT. ROBERTS’ CAR - DAY.Lea is driving Gabe around Plattsburgh. The place seems calmand desert. They pass through a commercial area and Gabenotices an abandoned place. GABE What happen to the Salvador’s Market? LEA They went out of business. Everything is closing nowadays. The Cheesecake Factory closed as well. GABE That sucks. LEA Recession is a bitch.Gabe keeps looking through the window. LEA Missing New York? GABE A bit, maybe. LEA I would be crazy bored already. This town is the most lame place on Earth. Take a look on these streets, Gabe. Everything is the same from when we were kids. Nothing ever happens around here.Gabe nods, but keeps his eyes on the outside, starring at anendless line of identical houses. LEA So... when are you going back? GABE I don’t know. I don’t know if I will.Lea looks at Gabe in desbelief, very desapointed at herbrother. She hits the accelerator and the car goes faster.
  24. 24. 23.EXT. OUTSIDE MERVIN’S DINER - DAY.The Roberts’ car parks in front of Mervin’s Diner, a oldfashioned trashy place on the Interstate 87. Lea steps outof the car. Gabe follows her. GABE Why are we eating here? This place is a shithole. LEA It’s not about the food. I need to show you something.INT. MERVIN’S DINER - DAY.A traditional road diner. A few locals are having theirbreakfast seated on the stools, but all the tables areempty. Gabe and Lea grab a both. An overly made-up waitressthat doesn’t look more then 24 comes to talk to them. On hername tag is written AMBER. AMBER Hello and welcome to Mervin’s Diner. My name is Amber and I will be serving you today.Gabe looks at her astonished. GABE Am?!Amber needs a couple of seconds to recognize Gabe. She’sseems uncomfortable with the situation. AMBER Oh my gosh! Gabe! It’s been ages! How you doing? GABE You know, living. Amber and Gabe look a little bit embarrassed. They try tosmile. LEA (Being cinical) Hey, Amber. AMBER (Fake smile) Heeey, Lea. (CONTINUED)
  25. 25. CONTINUED: 24. AMBER (To Gabe) So, I heard about Matt. Sorry I couldn’t go to the funeral, but it’s been crazy busy around here.Lea notices that the place is almost empty. LEA Totally. AMBER So, Gabe, how is the city? Heard you and Matt were a big hit in the comics business. GABE. Nah, still striving, you know. But we’ll get there. I mean, I, I’ll get there. AMBER Great.They both nod for a couple of seconds starring each otherwith a forced smile. Lea is delighted, reading Mervin’smenu. GABE So, how you been? Mom told me you and Jareth-- AMBER (Pointing to her wedding ring) --Ye, we got married last year. Big wedding, all that jazz, you know? For a small town, it was like Superbowl. GABE That’s great. What about acting? Have you been-- AMBER (Simulating a smile) --Oh, nonono. I quit all that nonsense a long time ago. I’m a happily married woman and future mother now.She caresses her belly.
  26. 26. 25.EXT. OUTSIDE MERVIN’S DINER - DAY.Gabe steps off Mervin’s Diner, followed by Lea. GABE (Sarcastically) Thanks Lea. LEA Don’t thank me, you paid. GABE I mean the whole trick you pulled out today. You tottaly scrooge me over, in there!Gabe gets inside the car. LEA I’m just trying to help you!INT. ROBERTS CAR, MERVIN’S DINER PARKING LOT - DAY.Lea enters in the car with Gabe. GABE Help me how? By making me face my highschool love pregnant with the biggest jerk in town?! LEA No! I wanted to show you how patetic and meaningless is life in Plattsburgh! You told me that girl was fucking talented and now look at her! Is that how you want to spend your life? Being a no one?Gabe breaths heavily, looking forward, to the windshield. GABE Just drive.INT. ROBERTS CAR - DAY.Lea is driving Gabe back home. GABE If you hate this town so much, why you’re still here? (CONTINUED)
  27. 27. CONTINUED: 26. LEA Look at me Gabe, what do you see? GABE You are... a pretty girl. LEA Exactly. I’m pretty girl. That’s it.INT. ROBERTS GARAGE - DAY.Lea and Gabe step out of the car inside their parentsgarage. The place is full of old furniture, boxes andhardware tools. GABE I don’t get it why you think you’re not good enough to live in city. LEA Come on Gabe. I was never the brightest. I didn’t go college like you, I have no skills. I’m doomed for this place, but you have a shot and you’re wasting it!Gabe closes the garage door. LEA I read your stuff, you know. That was not... not so bad.Gabe smiles at her. She smiles back. GABE Here.Gabe takes the Superman key chain from his coat pocket andthrows at her. She catchs it. LEA What is this? GABE Your keys. If I’m going back, I need a roommate.Lea grins, still skeptical. (CONTINUED)
  28. 28. CONTINUED: 27. GABE Happy Birthday, Lea.EXT. ROBERTS YARD - SUNNY DAY.Gabe and Bob are packing Gabe’s car with Lea’s bags. Acouple of feets away, Margaret is holding Lea by hershoulders. MARGARET And if I hear that you’re causing any kind of trouble to your brother, I’ll be boarding on the next train to NYC and bringing you back with me! Now give me a hug!Margaret gives Lea a tigh hug. Bob closes the car’s trunk. BOB That was the last one.Bob puts his hand on Gabe’s sholder. BOB You’re a good kid, you’ll be allright. Now, hug your dad.Gabe hugs Bob. Bob whispers in his ears. BOB Take care of that one for me, ok? GABE You got it. MARGARET (about to cry) Oh god! My little ones are leaving me!Margaret holds Gabe and kisses his cheek. She also gives hima hug and whispers in his ears. MARGARET You don’t have to go if don’t want to, you know?Gabe laughs and kisses his mother. GABE No worries, guys. We’ll be alright.Gabe and Lea enter in the car and leave the Roberts’ yard.
  29. 29. 28.INT. GABE’S CAR IN FRONT OF ROBERTS’ HOUSE - DAYLea watches her parents, holding hands in front of thehouse, waving goodbye. LEA I’ll miss those freaks. MARGARET (VO) Leandra! Don’t get pregnant!MONTAGE INT. GABE’S CAR AND EXT. I-87, BY THE SOUND OF"HOME"- EDWARD SHARP AND THE MAGNETIC ZEROS.Gabe looks aprehensive. A peaceful landscape enhanced by thesnow. Endless lines of trees. Lea plays with her hand out ofthe car, trying to catch snowflakes. The car passes througha brige over a deep river. Lea sleeps, Gabe looks at her andsmiles. It starts to get dark. Lea is awake again, shepoints to the lights of the New York buildings spotted milesaway. The car is on Washignton Bridge. Lea has a grin on herface but Gabe is serious.END OF MONTAGEINT. GABE’S APARTMENT - NIGHT.Gabe opens his apartment door. He stays at the front doorstaring at it. Lea pushes him inside with her luggage. LEA Come on, douchebag! I wanna take a shower and get to bed!INT. MATT’S OLD BEDROOM - NIGHT.Lea walks to Matt’s old room. All the furniture is there,but his personal belongings are gone. She puts her luggagein a corner and start unzipping it.INT. GABE’S APARTMENT LIVING ROOM - NIGHT.Gabe stands on his feet in the middle of the living room,right in front of Matt’s desk. The desk looks the exact sameway from the night Matt died. There are several papers fullywritten and piled randomly. He stares at it for a long time.Then he looks at his own desk and sees the unfinished coverof "The Last Man in The Universe".He steps away.
  30. 30. 29.EXT. STREETS OF LOWER EAST SIDE, NEW YORK - DAY.It’s Spring in New York. In the streets, people are walkingdogs, carrying their coffees and talking on their phones.Everyone seems happy, touched by the new season. Everyonebut Gabe. Now he has a long beard, messy hair and walks witha grumpy face. He carries as bag while listening to hisipod.INT. SUPERNOVA COMIC BOOK STORE - DAY.Gabe and Jay are working at the Supernova. The store isempty. Gabe is standing in front of the register, reading agraphic novel titled "Blankets" by Craig Thompson. Jay isseated on the counter, thrilled of excitement while drawingon his notebook. Jay’s enthusiasm draws Gabe’s attention. GABE What is going on in that little sick disturbed mind of yours? JAY Nothing... but the most AWESOME and fucking kick-ass superhero ever created. The Minute Man!Jay hands Gabe his notebook. Gabe sees it drawn a cartoonishblack super hero with a big clock on his chest. JAY He has the ability of traveling back in time. But here’s the trick! He can only go back one minute in the past. GABE Funny, your Minute Man looks just like Flavor Flav.Jay takes his notebook and stares at the opened page. JAY Fuck! You’re right!With the back of his pencil, Jay erases his drawing. Gabesmirks and goes back to his book. JAY (Grumbling) At least I’m drawing something... (CONTINUED)
  31. 31. CONTINUED: 30. GABE What you say, Jay? JAY At least I AM creating something.Gabe frowns, keeping the eyes on his book. JAY Seriously man, when are you gonna get going with your drawing again? Remember how you guys were all excited about "The Last Man in Universe"? Why don’t you just finish what you and Matt started? You could still finish in time to take it to Comic Con, you know?Gabe closes his book. GABE Can you please stop? Just drop it. You’ve been pushing me to finish that piece of shit for the last two months-- JAY --It is not a piece of shit, Gabe. GABE --And we didn’t even come up with a proper end to it. So why bother, man? Let it go.Gabe goes back to his book. Jay is not convinced. JAY What about those pages Matt wrote that night?Gabe slams his book and throws it on the counter. GABE What night, Jay?! Hun!? Which night?! Are you talking about the night when that son of bitch drugged himself to death? Do you want me to finish the story with the insanities of a coked man? JAY How the hell you know if it’s good or not when you don’t even bother reading it!? (CONTINUED)
  32. 32. CONTINUED: 31. GABE Forget it, Jay! I’m not gonna sit my ass reading senseless words on a paper! It’s just waste of time!Jay sighs. Gabe returns to his book. JAY (mumbling to himself) Waist of your fucking precious time.INT. SUPERNOVA COMIC BOOK STORE - NIGHT.Gabe stands behind the counter reading his book. He reclinesover the balcony and accidentally drops Jay’s pencil. Hegrabs it on the floor.With the pencil on his hands, he gazes to the inventorypapers and flyers spread over the balcony. He grabs onesheet of paper, turns backwards to it’s blank face andstares at it. His fingers plays with the pencil. He holdsthe pencil firmly and when it’s tip is about to touch thepaper, the door bell rings.DING.Gabe drops the pencil. A girl wearing a a Felix, The CatT-shirt walks in the store and goes towards the counter.It’s Jessa. JESSA Hi. Is Jay here? GABE You just missed him.Gabe recognizes her. GABE I know you! You’re the girl from that comic strip book. "The Unconventional Guide for Weird Chiks", right? JESSA It’s "The Uncanny Manual for Unorthodox Girls", but I like your version. (CONTINUED)
  33. 33. CONTINUED: 32. GABE He, Sorry. I’m Gabe. JESSA Jessa, nice to meet you.Gabe throws his arms forward for a hand shake but Jessa isleaning for a kiss. They share a moment of awkwardness whilethey try to synchronize their kiss on the cheek whileholding hands. They detached from each other with bigembarrassment. GABE You’re not from here, are you? JESSA Can you tell? GABE Well, costumers usually don’t kiss me during my shifts. JESSA (Giggling) Sorry. GABE (Mumbling) No, it’s alright. Highlight of my day. Can I try to help you? JESSA I don’t know, Jay’s supposed to have a check for me from the books that were sold.Gabe starts looking for something behind the counter. JESSA Is it there? GABE No. I’m actually looking for the key chain that opens the office. He usually keeps this kind of stuff there. But he probably took the keys with him. JESSA I should have called first. (CONTINUED)
  34. 34. CONTINUED: 33. GABE Come back tomorrow! I’m sure he’ll be here. JESSA (Walking to the door) Ye, sure. I’ll drop by. Thanks for the book title. I might use it for the sequel.Gabe smiles. JESSA Just kidding. Sequels sucks.INT. GABE’S APARTMENT - LATE NIGHT.Gabe is lying on the couch, having a good time reading "TheUncanny Manual for Unorthodox Girls". He is so distractedreading and laughing that he doesn’t realizes when Leaarrives. She’s wearing a sleeveless black blouse with a pigprinted on it, thigh jeans and high heels. A big andcolorful rose tattooed on her left shoulder. She walks inand goes directly to her room.Gabe is laughing out loud. Intrigued, Lea comes out to theliving room. LEA What’s so funny? GABE It’s just a book that I took from the store.Gabe glances at Lea’s shoulder and jumps out of the couch,shocked. GABE Lea! What the hell is that in your arm! LEA Oh! This?Lea gets her forefinger moistly putting it into hermouth. Then, she rubs it in her skin over her tattoo. Thetattoo starts fading. LEA It’s fake. Everybody at work has tattoos. I don’t want people thinking of me as a sweetheart. (CONTINUED)
  35. 35. CONTINUED: 34. GABE ’Cause that would be terrible.Lea seats on the couch with Gabe. LEA When you’re mean, people tip you better. What is this?She takes the book from Gabe’s hands. LEA (Reading the cover) Jessa Spalding. Hum, who is she? GABE That’s what I’m trying to figure out.MONTAGE. INT. GABE’S BEDROOM - MORNING.A Spider Man Alarm Clock awakes Gabe. He has a grim on hisface.INT. GABE’S BATHROOM - LATER.Gabe whistles a song in the shower.Rolled on his towel, Gabe stares at the mirror, analyzinghis face.Gabe shaving his beard.Gabe is combing his hair.INT. GABE’S APARTMENT COMMON AREA - LATER.Still rolled on his towel, Gabe walks from the bathroom tohis bedroom whistling. Lea, is watching TV on the couch. Shelooks back at Gabe, curious about the sudden change of mood.INT. GABE’S BEDROOM - LATER.In his underwear, Gabe browses his closet, looking for anice shirt.Gabe checks himself with his outfit.Gabe sprays perfume on his neck.
  36. 36. 35.INT. GABE’S APARTMENT COMMON AREA - LATER.A smiley Gabe leaves the the apartment. Jessa keeps lookingat the door after he left, shaking her head withincredulity.END OF MONTAGE.INT. SUPERNOVA COMIC BOOK STORE - DAY.The door bell rings.DING.Gabe comes in carrying his bag. Jay is the counter, veryfocused, drawing vibrantly on his notebook. He doesn’t lookat Gabe. GABE Morning Jay.Jay mumbles something incomprehensible.Gabe takes Jessa’s book out of his bag. GABE (Holding Jessa’s book) So, I took this book back home yesterday. And I have to say man, I think it’s pretty-- JAY --Ga..Gabe. Shh! I’m almost done here. Wait.Gabe seats over the counter, putting Jessa’s book besideshim. Jay keeps centering his attention on his drawing. JAY Let me just say ahead, that you might don’t get this idea. I think it’s a bit too outside the box for you. But listen up. Are you ready?Gabe nods. JAY I present you the most up-to-date hero. The state of the art force to annihilate evil in every kind of form. This is... wait--Jay gives the final touches in his drawing. (CONTINUED)
  37. 37. CONTINUED: 36. JAY --THE INTERNET MAN!Jay holds his notebook opened right in front of Gabe’s face. JAY An online hero who saves people without taking his ass of his chair! But here’s the trick: he uses a dial connection!Gabe laughs of the drawing: a fat man in glasses, using atiny superhero suit, seated in front of a computer, eatingMC Donald’s. Jay closes his notebook an puts itaside, disappointed at his friend reaction. Only then henotices Gabe’s new look. JAY Wow!! What’s is going on here?Jay points to Gabe’s facial area. GABE I shaved! So what?Jay sniffs the air. JAY Are you using PERFUME!?Gabe jumps out of the counter, turns his back on Jay andstarts organizing some papers. GABE Shut up. JAY Seriously, there’s something happening. Wait. Are you throwing me a surprise party? Because, considering my birthday was three months ago, I would be really surprised. GABE There’s no party. I was just tired of the "Cast Away" look. That’s it.Jay keeps starring at Gabe. JAY (Whispering) No way. (CONTINUED)
  38. 38. CONTINUED: 37.The front door opens.DING.Gabe turns his head quickly and sees Jessa coming in,wearing a Betty Boop t-shirt. He goes back to his duties,pretending he hasn’t seen her yet.Jay notices Gabe’s movements. He looks at Jessa, at her bookover the counter and then at Gabe again. He connects thedots. JAY (to himself) No way! JESSA Hey comic boys.Gabe turns to Jessa, pretending to be surprised. GABE Hey! JAY Hey! Let me get you money. Just a sec. Gabe, keep in charge, looking good.Jay steps away to the office. JESSA What happened to the beard? You look so... different without it.Gabe rubs his hand around his face. GABE You don’t like it? JESSA No. It’s cool. Somehow it’s like I’m finally meeting you face to face.Gabe holds Jessa’s Book. GABE I started reading your book last night. (CONTINUED)
  39. 39. CONTINUED: 38. JESSA Really? What you think of it? GABE It’s pretty good, actually. JESSA Actually? You were thinking that just because I don’t make the nerdy weird girl stereotype, I can’t a make a descent work? GABE No! Of course not! I was just about to tell you how your work surprised by it’s unique way to tell a girl story without being cliche. You totally gets the feminine universe without having to talk about boys. JESSA Why should I have to talk about boys? JAY (OS) Got it!Jay comes back holding an envelope. JAY Sorry, it’s not that much. JESSA Nah, it’s OK. I’m surprised that we actually sold any of them.Jay handles the check to Jessa. JAY I was gonna ask you. Have you been to the Maitena’s exhibition at the MOCCA? JESSA No! I didn’t know she has an exhibition in town. But I absolutely love her work. What is this MOCCA? GABE AND JAY Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art. (CONTINUED)
  40. 40. CONTINUED: 39. JAY You never been at MOCCA?! The exhibition ends this weekend. You should go tonight! JESSA I will! Thanks for the tip! JAY (Very theatrical) I have to do inventory tonight, but maybe Gabe could take you, right buddy? GABE Ahn... JESSA Sure! That would be fun. Unless you already have plans-- GABE --No, no! I’m available. I’m mean, I can go. I, I’ll take you. It’s no problem, no problem at all. I’ve been willing to go there anyway before so it’s no problem--Jay taps on Gabe shoulder. JAY --OK Champ, we got it.Gabe’s shift ends at eight. Stop by and you guys can walk from here. JESSA That works. So, see you later, Gabe. Looking forward for tonight. GABE Ahn-- JAY --So are we. Right, Gabe? GABE Ahn, ye.Jessa leaves the store. Gabe sighs, starring seriously atJay. (CONTINUED)
  41. 41. CONTINUED: 40. JAY What?!INT. MAITENA’S EXHIBITION AT MOCCA - NIGHT.A fancy art gallery room with big printings of Maitena’sworks on the wall. The place is crowded by artists andhipsters. Gabe is still using the same outfit but Jessa ison a white dress, high hells and loose curly hair. They stopin front of one of the panels. JESSA All her work have deeply influenced me to start producing. GABE It’s so cool that you know Maitena. JESSA I have an aunt who bought me all of her books from Argentina a couple of years ago. What do you think of this one?Jessa is starring at the panel, but Gabe is looking at her. GABE Very beautiful.INT. MAITENA’S EXHIBITION AT MOCCA - LATER.Gabe and Jessa are at the final exhibition panel. It’s a bigpicture of Maitena, smiling to the camera. JESSA Oh my god, she is so gorgeous, right.Gabe disagrees. GABE Totally. Totally hot.EXT. UNION SQUARE - LATER.A crowded square, full of college kids hanging, playingmusic and riding their skates. Jessa is holding theexhibition book. (CONTINUED)
  42. 42. CONTINUED: 41. GABE So, why you moved from California? The comics industry is broader at the west coast. JESSA It was more like for personal reasons. GABE Sorry for asking. JESSA No! I mean, I was having some issues with my mother. She was constantly pushing me to be something that I’m not. I just felt lying to myself. So I came to New York, for a brand new start.INT. YAFFA CAFE - LATER.A nice diner with retro decoration. Zebra prints on thebooths and tables and Christmas lights hanging from theceiling. Gabe and Jessa are seated by the window, eatingburgers. JESSA Wait, wait! So you also do comics?! Why didn’t you tell me before?! GABE Well-- JESSA --I’ve been talking about me the whole night. I’m sorry! You must think I’m the worst company. GABE Shut up. You’re not. JESSA How many books you published? GABE Published? No no, we produced like half dozen of graphic novels, but we never got published. (CONTINUED)
  43. 43. CONTINUED: 42. JESSA Who’s we? GABE Me and Matt. He was my creative partner. JESSA What happen, you guys broke up?Gabe was about to bite his burger but he stops. GABE No. He died a couple of months ago.Gabe and Jessa eat their burger in an awkward silence.EXT. SAINT MARKS PLACE - LATER.A noisy and colorful street. Gabe and Jessa are walkingslowly, enjoying the evening. JESSA So, where can I find these books? GABE Nowadays? I don’t know. But I still have a couple of each volume in my apartment. We can go there someday-- JESSA --Can we go now?INT. GABE’S APARTMENT - LATER.Gabe opens the door for Jessa. They step into the apartment.Jessa examines the decoration. JESSA Wow! You take the nerd concept to a whole new level.Gabe walks to the bookshelf. GABE Here they are.Gabe points to his books. He grabs one of them and gives toJessa. (CONTINUED)
  44. 44. CONTINUED: 43. JESSA Cool!Jessa seats on the couch, and start reading Gabe and Matt’sbook. GABE Do you wanna drink something? JESSA Sure. You have beer?INT. GABE’S KITCHEN - LATER.Gabe opens the fridge. There’s only Lea’s healthy food. GABE HEY! I’LL BE RIGHT BACK! GOING TO THE DELI DOWNSTAIRS REALLY QUICKLY AND GET US A SIX PACK!Gabe runs throughout his apartment door.INT. DAVE’S DELI - LATER.A tired Dave is closing the front door and turning off theDeli’s lights when he hears door knocks. DAVE Now what the -- GABE (OS) --DAVE! DAVE! IT’S GABE! OPEN UP!Dave opens the door. DAVE We’re closed man, what the hell? Are you on drugs? GABE Sorry Dave! It’s an emergency! DAVE What is it?! GABE I need beer.Dave sighs and slams the door in Gabe’s face.
  45. 45. 44.EXT. DAVE’S DELI FRONT DOOR - CONTINUES.Gabe keeps starring the door while he hears Dave mumbling onthe other side. Dave opens the door again, handing a sixpack. He gives it to Gabe. DAVE Next time you have an emergency, call 911. GABE Thanks so much!Gabe rushes back to his apartment. Holding the door opened,Dave watches Gabe’s run. DAVE (Shaking his head) White people...INT. GABE’S APARTMENT - LATER.The door opens with a bang. Gabe walks in, breathingheavily. He goes straight to the living room, but he doesn’tfind Jessa on the couch. He turns his head and sees her,sitting on Matt’s desk, reading Matt’s papers. Gabe freezes. JESSA Hey! That was fast! GABE What... what you’re doing? JESSA I was reading this. "The Last Man in The Universe". You’re new baby! Wow Gabe, this is really good! GABE (talks under his breath) Uh... thanks. JESSA I didn’t know you were a writer as well.Gabe’s hands are trembling. GABE I’m...not.Jessa stands up, still holding Matt’s papers. (CONTINUED)
  46. 46. CONTINUED: 45. JESSA You don’t have to be so humble! This is amazing! You have talent.Gabe abruptly grabs the papers from Jessa’s hands and putsit back on the desk. Jessa gets scared. GABE This is Matt’s desk.The sound of a key chain trying to open the door is heard inthe living room. Lea comes in. She has a turtle tattoo onher left arm, this time. She doesn’t notice the tension inthe air. LEA Hey Gabe, I have left overs! Oh, hi. I’m Lea, Gabe’s sister.Jessa is relieved by Lea’s arrival. JESSA Hey! I didn’t know you had a sister. I’m Jessa. LEA Wait, you’re the comics girl! We read your book last night! You’re amazing! Right, Gabe?Gabe nods. Lea looks at the six pack Gabe is holding. LEA Wow! Beer!INT. GABE’S APARTMENT - LATE NIGHT.The living room is messier then before. Gabe is walking witha trash bag, taking out the beer bottles. He throws it inthe trash.He stares at Matt’s desk. Hesitating, he walks towards itand stops right in front of the papers. He seats on thechair, holds a sheet of paper and starts reading it.INT. SUPERNOVA COMIC BOOK STORE - DAY.Another work day at Supernova. Jay keeps drawing on hisnotebook. Gabe is reading a magazine. A fat kid is browsingthrough the store. (CONTINUED)
  47. 47. CONTINUED: 46. JAY You’re really not telling me what happened last night? GABE Nothing happened Gabe. We went to the exhibition and had dinner later. That’s it. JAY Ye, but what happened? Where’s the yesterday smiley face? You were glowing like like those Twilight gay vampires.Gabe ignores him. Jay tries to concentrate on his drawing.He can’t. JAY Did she try to stick a finger there? GABE What?! No! Shut up! Just... show me your new idea already. JAY Ok, wait...Jay gives the final retouch on his drawing. Before showingit to Gabe. JAY Taking in consideration all the creative feedback you’ve been giving me, I was able to realize the flaws in my previous art pieces and come up with my ultimate and final creation. The one that will rule them all. Are you ready? GABE Ye. JAY I have two words for you.(BEAT) GABE What? (CONTINUED)
  48. 48. CONTINUED: 47. JAY Wait! I’m setting the dramatic tension here.Gabe sighs. JAY Fish Whisperer.Jay keeps nodding for approval. GABE I don’t get it. JAY Dude! Think! It’s Aquaman meets The Six Sense! GABE Wow. I’m... speechless. JAY I know, right!?The door bell rings.DING.Jessa walks in. JESSA Hey comic boys. GABE AND JAY Hey. JESSA Gabe, I dropped by to give you this.Jessa takes a small and thin notebook out of her bag. Shehandles to Gabe. GABE What is it? JESSA Well, I felt really bad about what happened last night.Jay stares at Jessa’s finger. (CONTINUED)
  49. 49. CONTINUED: 48. JESSA You could hardly sleep. So I decided to write some ideas to help you out finishing your story. GABE What?Jay takes the notebook from Gabe’s hand and reads it. Gabeseems confused. JAY Oh! Is this for "The Last Man in Universe"? JESSA Yes. I thought some ways on how to develop the story after Marcus lands on Earth.Jay keeps reading it. JAY This is great! You could really use some of this insights, Gabe!Gabe is looking to the floor. His hands are trembling again. JAY Gabe? GABE (controlling his anger) Why are doing this? JESSA I’m just... trying to help.Gabe grasps the notebook out of Jay’s hands and throws itback to Jessa. The notebook hits her chest and falls in theground. GABE (Aggressively) This is none of your fucking business!Gabe is breathing heavily. Jessa and Jay and the fat kidlook scared at him. Jessa opens her mouth to say something,but she can’t. She turns her back to them and exits thestore, leaving her notebook on the floor. Jay and Gabe stayin silence for some time. (CONTINUED)
  50. 50. CONTINUED: 49. JAY Now that must have been a hell of a finger.INT. GABE’S BEDROOM - NIGHT.Lighted by light of the moon, Gabe lies on his bed, starringthe ceiling. The Spider Man alarm clock marks 2h01 am. Gaberolls on the bed, sleepless.INT. GABE’S KITCHEN - LATER.Wearing his pajamas, Gabe opens the kitchen and grabs somewater. He drinks it from the bottle.INT. GABE’S LIVING ROOM - LATER.Gabe is walking back to his room but he stops and he faceshimself in front of his bag. He takes a moment beforeopening the front pocket and taking out Jessa’s notebook.Stares at it and them gathers courage to read it.He seats on his chair, holding Jessa’s notebook and Matt’spapers. He reads it all. A well sharped pencil over a blankpiece of paper lays in under his nose. He observes them andslowly moves his hands attempting to hold the pencil.After a deep breath, Gabe starts drawing again.EXT. WASHINGTON SQUARE - DAY.A flowering and crowded square with a big fountain in thecenter. Gabe and Jessa are seated on a bench. Around themchildren plays and people walk their dogs. GABE Thanks for coming. I’m really sorry for my behavior yesterday. Guess I overreacted. JESSA Oh, you think?! GABE I know, I was a jerk. But hey, look.Gabe takes out from his bag a folder with comic book pages. (CONTINUED)
  51. 51. CONTINUED: 50. GABE I spend the whole night drawing this. I took all yours and Matt’s ideas to keep producing The Last Man.Jessa is impressed, but resented. JESSA That’s terrific, Gabe. I’m glad for you. Hope you can finish it someday. GABE See, that’s the thing. Me and Matt, we had this idea of finishing The Last Man in time in time to promote it at San Diego’s Comic Con. We were confident that if we could do so, we would find a publisher willing to sell the book. JESSA That’s great. You should do it. GABE I can’t. At least not by myself. I can’t write, Jessa. I’m not a writer. I draw. But you, you clearly have the skills. JESSA Wait. Are you proposing a partnership? GABE Ye. Maybe together we can finish it in time to San Diego. JESSA How much time would he have? GABE A couple of weeks to finish the sample and send it to be evaluated and then two months to finish the whole thing. Matt and I had some savings we’ve been keeping to print some copies. So you wouldn’t have to spend any money on it. (CONTINUED)
  52. 52. CONTINUED: 51. JESSA Well, that is a lot to process.Gabe stands up. GABE Of course. Take some time and call me if-- JESSA --Time?! We don’t any time! Ok, I’ll do it, but you have to promise me you won’t have another freak attack! GABE You got a deal!MONTAGE, BY THE SOUND OF "BRAND NEW START" - LITTLE JOY.INT. GABE’S APARTMENT - DAY.Gabe and Jessa are on Gabe’s couch, discussing ideas for"The Last Man in The Universe".EXT. SOUTH SEAPORT STREET - DAY.Gabe and Jessa are talking and walking at the South SeaportStreet.INT. SUPERNOVA COMIC BOOK STORE - DAY.Gabe and Jessa are discussing their ideas with Jay, who istotally excited.INT. GABE’S APARTMENT - LATE NIGHT.Gabe is drawing on his desk, while Jessa sleeps in thecouch. He looks at her with kindness.EXT. CENTRAL PARK - DAY.Gabe is seated in bench at Central Park. Jessa talks whileGabe draws in his notebook.INT. GABE’S APARTMENT - NIGHT.Gabe, Jessa and Lea are eating chinese food in the couch andwatching TV.INT. GABE’S APARTMENT - LATE NIGHT. (CONTINUED)
  53. 53. CONTINUED: 52.Gabe is drawing on his desk. Jessa sleeps at Lea’s lap inthe couch while Gabe’s sister watches TV.INT. SUPERNOVA COMIC BOOK STORE - DAY.Jay and Gabe are drawing in their notebooks while they workat the supernova. Gabe’s drawing is a complex view of adesert abandoned city. Jay’s drawing is a cartoonishcharacter dressed as a banana, wearing a cape.INT. GABE’S APARTMENT - LATE NIGHT.Jessa seated on the couch while she writes. Gabe sleeps overhis desk.INT. SUPERNOVA COMIC BOOK STORE - DAY.Gabe is in front of the computer, coloring "The Last Man inThe Universe" pages. Jay and Jessa are making suggestionsbehind him.INT. GABE’S APARTMENT AND JESSA’S BEDROOM - NIGHT.Gabe and Jessa discussing ideas through the phone. Gabe isdrawing a female character on his notebook that resemblesJessa.INT. FEDEX KINKO’S - DAY.Gabe and Jessa are printing the cover of "The Last Man inThe Universe" sample.INT. STARBUCKS CAFE - DAY.Gabe and Jessa are filling the application form to ComicCon.INT. POST OFFICE - DAY.Gabe is in a line to send the application form in the postoffice.END OF MONTAGE.INT. SUPERNOVA COMIC BOOK STORE - DAY.While Gabe is seated behind the counter, drawing anotherpage of "The Last Man in Universe", Jay is helping a fatyoung dude in the register. The kid gives Jay a pile ofbooks. (CONTINUED)
  54. 54. CONTINUED: 53. JAY Ok, let’s take a look on what do we have here.Jay start charging the books. JAY Eisner... Sacco... Spiegelman, sweet man, nice selection! Moore... Crumb... wait a minute.Jay holds a copy of "Material Man". JAY Are you kidding me? FAT YOUNG DUDE What? JAY Are you... are you buying this? FAT YOUNG DUDE Yes. JAY But why?! FAT YOUNG DUDE Ahn... excuse me? JAY Why the hell, among all the great art pieces in this store, you chose THIS!?Behind Jay, a monstrous "Material Man" poster. FAT YOUNG DUDE I... I don’t know, dude. I heard it’s cool. JAY Cool?! You heard that this pile of shit is cool? This big cliche machine, superficial crap is cool? How... who... how the... who told you...Jay closes his eyes, leans on the counter and takes a longand deep breath. He looks deadly serious at the fat youngdude. (CONTINUED)
  55. 55. CONTINUED: 54. JAY Dear and beloved costumer, I can see that you mean no harm. And I can also realize, by your other selections, that you have potential to be a quality reader. The books you have here are classics of the ninth art and I am proud of you for taking them home and embarking on these delightful journeys, full of meanings, emotions and talent. That’s why, putting this--Jay breaths deeply again. JAY -- "book" among these other titles is, at least, sacrilegious. Therefore, as an certificate sales associate at Supernova, I have to recommend you something more suitable with the other titles you’re purchasing today.Gabe is shaking his head with a smirk smile. FAT YOUNG DUDE Wow. Well, thanks dude. But I’m taking it. JAY What!? But I just-- FAT YOUNG DUDE --Dude! Are you fucking selling me this or not?! JAY No! I won’t be responsible for such a crime! FAT YOUNG DUDE FINE! I’ll get it online, then! Who wants to buy in a dirty old store, anyway?The fat young dude walks towards the exit. JAY WAIT! What about the other books? (CONTINUED)
  56. 56. CONTINUED: 55. FAT YOUNG DUDE SHOVE IT!Jay keeps starring forward while the front door closes. GABE Great selling skills, Jay. You totally deserve the assistant manager title. JAY Shut up!Jay looks to the ceiling. JAY Father, you know I won’t give up on my quest of saving as many souls I can. GABE Maybe you should think about saving this store finances, because it’s just a matter of time until this shit hole closes.Jay grabs the fat young dude pile of books over the counterand starts replacing it back through the store. JAY So Gabe. Have you guys did it already? GABE Did what? What you’re talking about, Willis? JAY You know. You and Jessa. Have you, you know. GABE Are you talking about-- JAY --Sex! GABE What!? No! We’re just friends! JAY Right. Not by your choice. (CONTINUED)
  57. 57. CONTINUED: 56.Gabe keeps drawing. Jay finishes replacing the book and goesback to the counter. JAY Seriously, Gabe. You have to make a move, and fast. Otherwise you will loose your moment. GABE Ye, I should definitively take love advices from you, Casanova.INT. GABE’S APARTMENT - LATE NIGHT.Gabe is drawing in his desk. He hear the sound of a keychain and then the door opens. Lea comes in, dressed on herwork uniform. LEA Hey, still working? Where’s Jessa? GABE She left about an hour ago. I want to finish this page before going to bed.Lea throws herself in the couch. LEA So, there was this guy in the bar tonight. Great tipper. He told me he works in comics industry. GABE (Without paying too much attention) Hum, he’s an artist? LEA No, he said he is a publisher at Black something. Black Horse-- GABE --Dark Horse?! LEA Yes! Dark Horse! Exactly. And I told him about you and the book you’re making. (CONTINUED)
  58. 58. CONTINUED: 57. GABE And?! LEA He said he would love to meet you sometime. But... he I might just be trying to get into my pants. GABE I don’t care! It’s a publisher, Lea! He can get into whoever pants he likes as long he takes a look at The Last Man. LEA Gabe, I’m not your bitch! GABE Sorry, Lea. Just kidding here! That’s not what I meant. LEA It’s ok. I’ll take one of the samples you printed and I’ll bring to him tomorrow.Gabe grins. GABE Thanks sis. LEA Whatever.Gabe goes back to his drawing, with a large smile on hisface, while Lea curls her hair with her fingers. LEA How much money do you think a publisher makes?INT. GABE’S BEDROOM - MORNING.The Spider Man Alarm Clocks wakes Gabe at 9h00 am.INT. GABE’S KITCHEN - LATER.Gabe is preparing his cereal. The door bell rings. He opensthe door.
  59. 59. 58.INT. GABE’S APARTMENT HALLWAY - CONTINUES.Ouside the apartment, Jessa is holding an envelope withlarge smile on her face. GABE Hey! What’s that? JESSA We’re in! GABE What?Gabe sees the Comic Con logo on the envelope. GABE No way. JESSA Way. GABE No way! JESSA Way, Gabe, way!Gabe hugs Jessa and lift her up in the air. GABE We did it!Gabe starts spinning her in the hallway. Jessa laughsloudly. GABE I can’t believe it! JESSA Put me down, Gabe!They stop spinning. Gabe puts her down. He looks into hereyes. JESSA Thanks for this oportunity, Gabe. GABE No... thank you.Gabe leans forward and kisses Jessa, holding her hips. Jessagets scared. She pushes him. (CONTINUED)
  60. 60. CONTINUED: 59. JESSA Gabe! What the fuck!? GABE I’m sorry, I thought that we-- JESSA --Fuck! Fuck! GABE -- that we had a connection. JESSA We do, you idiot! We’re creative partners. That’s it! GABE I’m so sorry. I misread the signals. JESSA You’re an asshole, Gabe!Jessa marchs out of the hallway through the stairs. LeavingGabe completely confused.INT. GABE’S APARTMENT - NIGHT.Gabe and Jay are seated in the couch, drinking beer andwatching TV. JAY So she just called you an asshole and disappeared? GABE Pretty much, ye. JAY Without any further explanation? Terminal cancer? Time traveling? Seven evil ex boyfriends? GABE Nada. I’ve spend the day trying to understand why, but... it just doesn’t make any sense. JAY You should call Lea and get some feminine perspective on it. (CONTINUED)
  61. 61. CONTINUED: 60. GABE I did. She said she have no idea. But she told me that her and Jessa are going out to drink and talk tonight JAY I think Jessa probably feels she needs to be around her girlfriends now. GABE Ye. I’ll just drop by her house tomorrow and ask what is going on. JAY You do that, boy! Just be straight to her. I can’t see how that can go wrong. GABE Cheers. JAY Cheers.They drink their beer.INT. JESSA’S APARTMENT HALLWAY - MORNING.Gabe knocks at Jessa’s door. He’s well dressed and a bitnervous. He hears a feminine voice on the other side of thedoor. FEMININE VOICE Shut up! Let me pay, I have a job!A girl opens the door. Completely confused, Gabe recognizesthe girl. It’s Lea. She is Jessa’s Felix The Cat t-shirt andher panties. Lea is petrified by seeing Gabe at the door.They stare at each other, without saying a word. JESSA (OS) Just pay the guy and come to bed, I’m starving! GABE Lea? JESSA (OS) Lea, come on! Hurry up! (CONTINUED)
  62. 62. CONTINUED: 61. LEA I’m sorry. JESSA (OS) What is talking you so long?Gabe hears footsteps getting closer. Jessa apears behindLea. JESSA Oh, fuck.Gabe walks away.EXT. NEW YORK STREETS - RAINY DAY.Under their umbrellas, people walk fast through the streetsof New York. A big line of cars are stuck in traffic,honking with impatience. Gabe ignores the rain, the peopleand the cars. He’s completely wet, walking slowly carrying amiserable expression.INT. GABE’S APARTMENT - LATERSeated on the couch, a soaked Gabe zaps the TV withoutinterest in any particular channel. The phone rings.RING!Gabe picks up the phone but stays mute. LEA (trough phone) Gabe? Gabe?!EXT. STREETS OF NEW YORK - CONTINUES.Lea walks fast in the streets. Still rains massively. Shecarries an umbrella and talks on the cellphone. LEA (Into phone) Gabe, I know you’re there, I can here you breathing! Listen! Don’t freak out! It’s not what you’re thinking! I’m coming home now and we can talk--
  63. 63. 62.INT. GABE’S APARTMENT - CONTINUES.Gabe hangs up the phone. He promptly turns off the TV, grabshis bag and exits the apartment.INT. SUPERNOVA COMIC BOOK STORE - LATER.Jay is alone in the store, reading a hentai magazine. (adultcontent Japanese comics). The door bell rings.DING.Scared, Jay throws the magazine on the floor, behind thecounter. Gabe walks in, even more wet then before. JAY Gabe, it’s your day off. What the hell are you doing here? GABE I can’t stay home, Jay. Do you want me to step in and cover your shift today?Jay looks to the ground and sees the magazine laying there.He steps on it, trying to hide it. JAY No! You stay right there! It’s your day off, for Christ sake! Tell me what’s going on.INT. SUPERNOVA COMIC BOOK STORE - LATER.Jay looks astonished with his mouth open. Gabe is seated onthe counter, gazing at Jay. GABE So, you’re not gonna say anything?(BEAT) GABE Jay? Jay?! JAY Dude, wait! This is too much to process! (CONTINUED)
  64. 64. CONTINUED: 63. GABE I know. JAY It’s not easy to image the scene, you know? I’m struggling here to make it more realistic as possible. GABE Oh, fuck you! JAY Sorry, Gabe! But come on!Jay stares deeply into Gabe’s eyes. JAY (Whispering) Two girls! GABE One is my sister. The other one is the girl I love. JAY Ye, it’s probably a little bit more tricky for you, but still.The door bell rings.DING.Lea comes in. She throws her umbrella in the ground andwalks towards her brother. Jay looks at Lea with wonderment.She is holding her cellphone. She tries to hands it to Gabe,but he doesn’t grab the phone from her hands. GABE I don’t wanna talk to you nor her right now. LEA It’s not Jessa.Confused, Gabe takes hold of the phone with hesitation. GABE (Into the phone) Uh.. hello?