Holistic marketing concept on Unilever Bangladesh limited


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Holistic marketing concept on Unilever Bangladesh limited

  1. 1. ASSIGNMENT OnHolistic marketing concept on Unilever Bangladesh limited Course Name: Marketing Management Course Code: MKT-425 Section: A Submitted to: Farhana Noor Lecturer Department of Business and Administration Faculty of Business and Economics Daffodil International University Submitted by: Kamrul islam 093-11-1280 Tuhin Mir 093-11-1279 Md. Sabuz uddin 093-11-1298 Submission date: 04/07/2012
  2. 2. Holistic Marketing Defined“A marketing strategy that is developed by thinking about the business as a whole, its place inthe broader economy and society, and in the lives of its customers. It attempts to develop andmaintain multiple perspectives on the company‟s commercial activities.”The Holistic Marketing Concept has 4 elements. Internal marketing, integrated marketing,socially responsible marketing, and relationship marketing.
  3. 3. Introduction to UnileverNo matter who you are, or where in the world you are, the chances are that our products are afamiliar part of your daily routine. Every day, around the world, people reach for Unileverproducts.Unilever today:Our brands are trusted everywhere and, by listening to the people who buy them, weve growninto one of the worlds most successful consumer goods companies. In fact, 150 million times aday, someone somewhere chooses a Unilever product.Look in your kitchen, or on the bathroom shelf, and youre bound to see one of our well-knownbrands. We create market and distribute the products that people choose to feed their familiesand keep themselves and their homes clean and fresh.Peoples lives are changing fast. As the way we all live and work evolves, our needs and tasteschange too. At Unilever we aim to help people in their daily lives. So we keep developing newproducts, improving tried and tested brands and promoting better, more efficient ways ofworking.We have a portfolio of brands that are popular across the globe - as well as regional products andlocal varieties of famous-name goods. This diversity comes from two of our key strengths:  Strong roots in local markets and first-hand knowledge of the local culture.  World-class business expertise applied internationally to serve consumers everywhere.Focusing on performance and productivity, we encourage our people to develop new ideas andput fresh approaches into practice. Hand in hand with this is a strong sense of responsibility tothe communities we serve. We dont only measure success in financial terms; how we achieveresults is important too. We work hard to conduct our business with integrity - respecting ouremployees, our consumers and the environment around us.
  4. 4. Unilever is one of the worlds leading suppliers of fast-moving consumer goods. Here are somerecent highlights from our three global divisions - Foods, home care and personal care. Internal marketing of Unilever Bangladesh limited:Senior management:  Kamran Bakr ( Chairman and Managing Director)  Rakesh Mohan (hairman of Unilever Malaysia & Singapore and Managing Director of Unilever Malaysia & Singapore)  Mizanur Rashid (Director of Customer Development)  Mr. Mahtabuddin Ahmed(Finance Director)  Mr. Imran Momin(Supply Chain Manage)  Mohammad Iftekhar Jamil ACCA Factory Commercial Manager at Unilever  07. Gazi Mahfuzur(marketing executive)Hiring: Unilever Bangladesh limited hires people through different ways:  Newspaper  Internet  WebsiteMotivation: Unilever Bangladesh provides many motivational activities for their employeesthus the employees serve the best afford. Some motivational activities.  Bonus  Transport facilities  Mobile facilities  Residence facilities  Attractive environmentFrom the training program the employee benefited by the following way:  Improves morale of employees- Training helps the employee to get job security and job satisfaction. The more satisfied the employee is and the greater is his morale, the
  5. 5. more he will contribute to organizational success and the lesser will be employee absenteeism and turnover.  Less supervision- A well trained employee will be well acquainted with the job and will need less of supervision. Thus, there will be less wastage of time and efforts.  Fewer accidents- Errors are likely to occur if the employees lack knowledge and skills required for doing a particular job. The more trained an employee is, the less are the chances of committing accidents in job and the more proficient the employee becomes.  Chances of promotion- Employees acquire skills and efficiency during training. They become more eligible for promotion. They become an asset for the organization.  Increased productivity- Training improves efficiency and productivity of employees. Well trained employees show both quantity and quality performance. There is less wastage of time, money and resources if employees are properly trained.Ways/Methods of Training:  on the job training- On the job training methods are those which are given to the employees within the everyday working of a concern. It is a simple and cost-effective training method. The in proficient as well as semi- proficient employees can be well trained by using such training method. The employees are trained in actual working scenario. The motto of such training is “learning by doing.” Instances of such on-job training methods are job-rotation, coaching, temporary promotions, etc.  off the job training- Off the job training methods are those in which training is provided away from the actual working condition. It is generally used in case of new employees. Instances of off the job training methods are workshops, seminars, conferences, etc. Such method is costly and is effective if and only if large number of employees have to be trained within a short time period. Off the job training is also called as vestibule training, i.e., the employees are trained in a separate area( may be a hall, entrance, reception area etc. known as a vestibule) where the actual working conditions are duplicated.
  6. 6. Integrated marketing of Unilever Bangladesh limited:Product category:  Household Care,  Fabric Cleaning,  Skin Cleansing,  Skin Care, Oral Care,  Hair Care, Personal Grooming,  Tea based Beverages.
  7. 7. Marketing Services  Aarong  Al Arafah Islami Bank Ltd.  Bangla Perfumes Distr. Ltd. (Distributors: Hugo Boss, Gucci, Burberry)  Bengal Cosmetics Ltd. (Distributors: Givenchy, Kenzo, Nina RICCI)  Brac Bank Ltd.  CITIBank N.A.  Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd.  Eastern Bank Ltd.  Fit Elegance  Grameen Phone Ltd.  HSBC Bank Limited  IFIC Bank Limited  KDS GrouAdvertising:  TV advertising:For this product we will provide the information in such a way that will include that, “Usingwhiting toothpaste is not always effective for everyone and visiting to dentist for whiting isuncomfortable for some people and it takes a long time. But as our “White Light”Tooth whitener is very small and light product and easy to use for anyone at home, it will beable to whiten our teeth quickly and safely and as the gel is of meant flavor, so itwill also help us to have fresh breadth. So, we should use this Too th whitener.”Inthese advertisements we will use either people or animation or both of them together. It will bedecided according to the costs.  Testimonial advertising:It refers to use influential or believable people in advertising. In this case we will deal withdentists, as they are most believable to the people in case of the matters of teeth. We willmake a deal with them and they will suggest people to use our Tooth whitener. We will
  8. 8. also give free samples to the dentists, so that they can use int o t h e i r p a t i e n t s a n d t h e yw i l l a l s o s u g g e s t o u r “ W h i t e L i g h t ” T o o t h w h i t e n e r i n t h e prescriptions of theirpatients.We will also publish attractive, colorful and informative advertisements in radio, newspapers,internet, and magazines and on billboards in regular basis. We can do sponsoring and eventorganizing and campaign as our promotional activity.  Sales promotion:We will give free samples in dental clinic, educational institutions like dental college,hospital and also in super stores. The quality of those free samples will be smaller thanthe original one. Depending on the costs and future positive response we will plan to make morevarieties o f a d v e r t i s e m e n t s a n d w i l l g i v e a t t r a c t i v e s a l e s p r o m o t i o n t o g r a ba n d r e t a i n m o r e customers.  Public Relation: To extend market or to introduce the product to people marketers need to createpublic relationship. U n i l e v e r a l w a ys t r i e s t o c r e a t e e v e n t s a n d s t o r i e s , w h i c ha u t o m a t i c a l l y c o m e t o p r e s s attention public gets to know about their product.For our new product “White Light” we will try to do the following activities.  We will arrange press conferences and will try to have renowned dentists in those programs, so that the information and messages seems trustworthy to the people.  We will try to arrange seminars in schools, colleges, universities and medical colleges about the usefulness and benefits of using White Light.  Action Program:Unilever Bangladesh Ltd has a very well-structured organization. Every department of it d o e sits job very efficiently. The marketing plan which we havem a d e w i l l b e implemented and accomplished by different departments. First of all theplan will have to be approved by the top level executives. Only after the approval it can start itsfunction. The strategies regarding the product, its promotional activities, pricesetting all will be done by the marketing department. The job of designing the product,manufacturing and packaging will be accomplished by the production department. Financedepartment will be responsible for budgeting and financing the product. Like other brands ofthe company, a brand manager will be assigned for „White Light -Tooth WhiteningSystem‟ to administer overall activities of the product
  9. 9. Performance Marketing:UNILEVER’S GROWTHAlthough Unilever has been around since pre-liberation days, the real impetus for growth startedfrom 1999. Since then the sales growth has consistently been in double digits and at more thandouble the GDP rate of growth. In 2003 UBL was the fastest growing business for Unilever Asiadelivering profitable growth of 17%. They have also strengthened the fundamentals of thebusiness and have been able to double the rate of gross margins, which has provided us thenecessary fuel for growth. During the last few years the profit after tax has increased more than 8times and this has resulted in exponential growth in shareholder‟s fund now being one of thehighest in corporate in Bangladesh.Awards & recognition:2009Our endeavour to be the best and give the best to our consumers and the community we operatein, has won us many awards and recognitions over the years. Heres a list of some of thesignificant accolades we received:nilever Bangladesh Limited Oral Care Team won the Regional Asia Oral Care Awards, one ofthe most prestigious awards in the Unilever Regional/Global Oral Care Category. The companywon this award for the unprecedented success of Pepsodent Toothpowder over the last few years.
  10. 10. 2008Unilever Bangladesh Limited received two of Unilevers prestigious international awards at theAsia-AMET (AA) level. The business received the AA Vitality Awards 2008 in the "Win KeyMarkets" and "Win With Customers" categories from amongst the operating companies in theAA region.Unilever Bangladesh Limited scored highest among all Asia AMET (Africa Middle East &Turkey) Companies (Group B) to win the AA Reporting Cup 2008.The AA Reporting Cup isbased on the monthly best performance and is awarded on the basis of timeliness and quality ofdata that is reported.2007Unilever in South Asia has won the Excellence award in the Poverty Alleviation category for itsWomens Empowerment Project (Project Joyeeta & Aparajita in Bangladesh, Shakti in India andSaubhagya in Srilanka) at the Asian Corporate and Social Responsibility Awards Forum.Unilever Bangladesh Limited received the Best IT Use Award 2007 from BASIS (BangladeshAssociation of Software and Information Services) for Project.Global environment:Unilever Bangladesh Ltd. is registered under Unilever. As a part of a global company it followssome generalized strategies and principals of Unilever. However, they also modify differentstrategies based on the national conditions. The different strategies that they follow in the globalenvironment are stated below:  As a worldwide famous company and comprising internationally renowned brands gives them unique strengths that allow a company to achieve superior efficiency, quality, innovation, or customer responsiveness. The different policies and strategies Unilever follows and their experience is transferred to Unilever Bangladesh Ltd.  They import the raw materials from the places where it is less costly, thus achieve location economy.  They are locally responsive. They are always ready to improve and modify their products to meet the needs of the local customers.  UBL follows a multi domestic strategy where the companies extensively customize both their product offering and marketing strategy to different national conditions.
  11. 11. Brands: Wheel, Lux, Lifebuoy, Fair & Lovely, Ponds, Close Up, Sunsilk, Taaza, Pepsodent,Clear, Vim, Surf Excel, Rexona, Dove, Vaseline & Lakme.Unilevers contribution Unilever Bangladesh is one of the largest contributors to the government exchequer through duties, taxes and dividends. 72% of the company‟s value addition is distributed to the Government of Bangladesh. Our operations provide employment to over 10 000 people through factories, dedicated distributors and exclusive suppliers.Improving the quality of lifeWhether through better hygiene, relief from daily chores or a refreshing cup of tea, our brandshave raised the quality of life in Bangladesh. Through innovations and our relentless pursuit ofefficiencies we constantly seek to add value to our consumers. Our focus and initiatives onquality and consumer safety have earned us Class A rating from Unilever – a feat most Unilevercompanies try hard to achieve.Business of fulfilling dreamsThe diversity of our brand portfolio poses a unique challenge to understand consumers withvaried background, education, income and lifestyle. We extensively use market research tounderstand consumer trends and complement that with insights from direct consumer contacts.90% of Bangladeshi households use one or more of our products.Aspiration beyond meansResponding to the aspirations of millions of people living with less than a dollar a day, UnileverBangladesh pioneered the introduction of sachet or mini packs of fast moving consumer goodsfor the consumers in Bangladesh. We are today able to provide same quality products with lowcash outlays even to the lowest income households.Adding value through innovationHarnessing consumer insight is the beginning of an intensive process of developing brands andproducts that fulfill the unique needs of Bangladeshi consumers. Leveraging global network andcombining it with local consumer insight Unilever Bangladesh introduces relevant innovativeproducts. This has led to the development of products in categories such as Detergent powders,Dish wash Bar, Face wash, Deodorants, etc enriching the lives of Bangladeshis.
  12. 12. Our performance25% of our portfolio met the criteria in 2011, up from 22% in 2010. This is in line with ourplans. Relationship MarketingChannels of Unilever Bangladesh limited:Channels are a common group of point of purchase which provides similar services to similar setof customers with similar desires. Different channels serve different customers with similar set ofdesires. Channels are created so that it can be analyzed and managed in groupsThese set of channels can be identified based on four criteria. They are:  Location: The first criteria Where the store is situated, like urban area, rural area etc.  Structure: The structure of the store, like concrete building, tin shed building etc.  Goods sold: What type of goods are sold here, like grocery items, cosmetic ite  Type of customers: What kind of customers come to the store, like lower income group, higher income group, male female etcUtilities of channels:By analyzing each type of channel it can be learned that type of products sold by differentchannels, the type of products sellers are interested to sell and the reason behind it. The idea ofchannel category also helps to design different marketing strategies for different channelsbecause same strategy cannot be appropriate for different channels. That‟s why it is important toknow about the categories of channels, so that the marketing team of the company can formulateappropriate strategy for each channel.Importance of channel:Categorizing channel is very important in order to understand the retail environment and relatethat with the company. There are also other factors which can be addressed as importance ofchannels is given below:  The nature of sales can be understood through which marketer can focus on the product line for specific channel  Distribution of product in cost effective way
  13. 13.  Reducing damage rate of product  Allow brands to reach their full potential  Ensuring 100% sales in every launch & re-launch  Knowing about the buying behavior of different type of customer  Maintaining better trade relationsEmerging channel:The emerging channels are channels identified with unique characteristics which cannot becategorize in priority channel. They are different in terms of structure, shopper and productcategory. Three types of channels have been identified under this category. They are describedbelow:� hopping complex: Shopping complex is located in urban areas, generally on the roadside of Sprominent roads. Outlets are permanent in structure, found in clusters, generally under one roofor similar demarcation. Basically sell all sorts of fashion and HPC items. There are 23400 storesunder shopping complex running countrywide.� elf Service Store: These stores are starting to emerge from 1999. It started with very few in Snumbers and now increased up to 62. These stores are permanent in structure, have significantlylarge space where all sorts of products are assorted under one roof. Both male and female frommid to higher income groups shop from here. These stores sell all kind of products.� ural cosmetic store: Rural cosmetic stores are located in rural market area, especially on the Rroadside. This emerging channel has some significance because of its increasing demands. Thestructure and decoration of the store are quite developed for the rural area. These storesdominated by female shoppers because it sells personal products. As said earlier channels arecreated to focus on different categories of products, different set of needs of buyers and to easethe marketing strategy taken by the company. Based on the channels Unilever decides what typeof aid to provide to which category, they also take effective measures to ensure the SKU level ineach channel. To increase the sales and to gain major market share Unilever has taken differentmeasures to enhance the channels in so many different ways.UNILEVER CUSTOMER DEVELOPMENT:Starting from the depot to reaching the products to the market, Unilever CD plays very importantrole.  Proper indenting of the products with focus on special brands and SKUs by managing the distributor‟s money  Handling the products with care during transit so that the products in their real state can be delivered to the market
  14. 14.  Training the distributors field force about the products/ brands/their usage and how to convince the retailers  Planning about the product placements in the markets, delivering the newest of the brands to the remotest of the places  Making sure that all the brands with their relevant SKUs are present in the right outlets  Segmenting channels according the image and requirement of the brands  Setting SO‟s targets of LPC so that every SKU of every brand is available in the right places  Ensuring top-class visibility that appeals the consumers by:ConclusionThe holistic marketing concept is the most updated concept of marketing. By using this conceptorganization and industries can ran their business very effective way. As it consists all the segment ofmarketing so it’s very helpful for all types of organization. As it encloses all the information so thereliability of customers on the organization increases. Thus organizations can enlarge their business andmake strong relationship with the customers.ReferencesMarketing Management (Philip Kotler)http://www. wikipida.comhttp://www.unilever.com.bd/