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Boondi Ladoo Recipe


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Boondi Ladoo is a traditional sweet recipe, which are being prepared on every festival in India science ancient time. It is nothing but a big rose flavored ball made with several tiny balls.

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Boondi Ladoo Recipe

  1. 1. Badhiyakhana Boondi Ladoo Recipe Without Milk Recipe BOONDI LADOO RECIPE WITHOUT MILK RECIPE Ingredients 3 cups Bengal Gram Flour (besan) 1+3/4 cups Water a big pinch Baking powder Yellow food colour Red food colour Green food colour to deep fry boondis Oil Chopped Dry Fruits (kate mewe) FOR SUGAR SYRUP 3 cups Sugar 1+1/2 cup Water a pinch Saffron thread 1/2 tsp Cardamom Powder (elaichi powder) 1 tsp Rose Water (gulab jal) Nutritional information 362 Calories 22.9g Total Fat 3.0g Saturated Fat 0.1g Trans Fat 1/4
  2. 2. 11% Iron High Sugar Share BOONDI LADOO RECIPE NO MILK RECIPE BOONDI LADOO RECIPE | BOONDI LADOO | LADOO RECIPE | WITHOUT MILK SWEET RECIPE | DIWALI RECIPES | Today in my post I am going to share with you my Boondi Ladoo Recipe. Diwali celebration without Boondi Ladoo is impossible. We worship lord Ganesha with Boondi Ladoo, so I decided to share with you my Boondi ladoo recipe on this Diwali. Before Boondi Ladoo Recipe I have also shared with you Motichoor Ladoo Recipe and Pista Ladoo Recipe. On this Diwali I am posting many Diwali recipes which you can easily prepare at your home and enjoy with your family. This Diwali I also wanted to post some recipes which can be prepared without milk or any other milk items because we all know that on any festival how tough it is to find out pure milk, mawa(dry milk) and any other milk item? So keeping in mind such problems I decided to post without milk sweet recipe. My Boondi Ladoo Recipe is also without milk sweet recipe. So without compromising with health and taste enjoy the festival with my Diwali Recipes. My other Diwali recipes are – Coconut Kheer Recipe, Mix Veg Pakora Recipe, Methi Mathri Recipe, Besan Ladoo Recipe, Methi Matar Malai Recipe, Shahi Paneer Recipe. 2/4
  3. 3. Steps 1 Done Make Sugar Syrup At first make sugar syrup using sugar and water. At last add cardamom powder to it. You can add saffron thread and rose water to it also. 2 Done Make Boondi Ladoo Batter In a bowl mix gram flour, baking soda, and water leave it for 5 minutes. Add yellow color to the batter, if you do not want to make red or green boondi. If you also want to make red and green boondi, then in two different bowls pour 2 tbsp batter and add colors. 3 Done Check The Consistency Of Batter Now in a kadhai, heat ghee to deep fry bundis. To check the consistency of batter with the help of a knife pour one-two drops of batter in hot ghee if it forms ball like shape then it is perfect but if it is making tail shape bundis then your batter is too thick so add 1-2 tsp water in it and if your bundis flatten then it means your batter is thin then add 1 tsp gram flour in it and mix it properly. Now again check your batter consistency if it is perfect then go ahead to make Boondi Ladoo. 4 Done Make Boondis Take one big hole puniya (ladle with hole). Pour some amount of batter in it and deep fry bundis. With the help of another puniya take fried bundis out and transfer it to warm sugar syrup. Each time you pour bundis in oil clean your puniya properly from both sides. In this way deep fry all bundis and transfer it to sugar syrup. Now mix chopped dry fruits, cardamom powder and rose water in it and make Boondi ladoo from it. Your Boondi Ladoo is ready to serve enjoy it on this Diwali with your family and friends. 5 Done TIPS To enhance the taste of Boondi Ladoo you can use milk. HOW TO MAKE MAWA KHOYA WITHOUT MILK WITH MILK POWDER KHOYA MAWA RECIPE CHOCOLATE VANILLA BURFI RECIPE WITH MILK POWDER MILK POWDER SWEET RECIPE NO MILK SWEET RECIPE 3/4
  4. 4. 4/4