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Rs744 magicard rio pro 2012 us


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Rs744 magicard rio pro 2012 us

  1. 1. The professional’s choice forsecure ID card printing
  2. 2. Key features• High volume, high speed, high quality• Customizable HoloKote security watermark• Ethernet as standard• Duplex ‘drop in’ field upgrade• Rewritable technology• Multiple encoding options• ICC color profiles for superior print quality• 3 year warranty and full support with printer loan service
  3. 3. AdvantagesSecure• Print your own logo or security design as a Custom HoloKote watermark• Multiple encoding optionsFlexible• Batch print with 100 card hopper• Hand feed slot• Color print or rewrite• Duplex field upgradeSmart• USB and Ethernet as standard• Microsoft certified plug & play driverTough• Fast print speed• Built for high volume printing
  4. 4. Trusted identity for every security application:• Education • Government programs• Events • Transportation• Business • Banking
  5. 5. Customizable visual securityWith no extra consumable costs Standard HoloKote anti- counterfeiting protection to eliminate fake cards. A customized HoloKote logo/security design in a grid pattern on the card. A customized HoloKote logo/security design in any size or position on the card. A highly visible gold seal, which works to highlight the HoloKote image.
  6. 6. Customizable visual securityWith no extra consumable costsPreview your ownHoloKote design online
  7. 7. Rewrite featurePrint and erase the same card up to 500 times!Ideal for applications such as:• Schools• Customer loyalty• Visitor management New nameJust plug in the printer, remove any dye film andclose the lid to start printing on rewritable cards
  8. 8. ICC profiles Magicards ICC profiles ensure that color attributes of the source image are mapped accurately to the printer. This process underpins the superior printing and color reproduction qualities of the Rio Pro
  9. 9. ToughRobust print engineThe Rio Pro is manufactured in the UKfactory of Ultra Electronics, a center ofmanufacturing excellence.Built with the highest quality parts:• Moldings manufactured by Brother Industries in the UK.• Kyocera print heads, the leading manufacturer of thermal transfer print heads for PVC card printers.
  10. 10. Field upgrades
  11. 11. Encoding options• ISO 7811: Magnetic stripe• ISO 7816: Contact chip• ISO 14443: Contactless (MIFARE/DESFire/iClass)• Contact chip and contactless combined• Other encoders available on request
  12. 12. ConsumablesCommon across the rangeColor dye films : Monochrome dye films :MA300YMCKO 300 prints YMCKO color MA600KO 2 panels, black + overcoat –MA100YMCKO 100 prints YMCKO color 600 printsMA250YMCKOK 250 double-sided prints, MA1000K-Black 1000 prints black resin colour on the front, black MA1000K-White 1000 prints white resin on the back MA1000K-Gold 1000 prints gold resin Sales MA1000K-Silver 1000 prints silver resin MA1000K-Blue 1000 prints blue resin MA1000K-Red 1000 prints red resin MA1000K-Green 1000 prints green resin
  13. 13. UltraCoverPlusOur promise to keep you printing• FREE replacement of a damaged print head no matter what the cause of failure• FREE loaner if a printer is shipped to our service centre for repair• Easy access to support team by phone or email• Personal guidance on printer use
  14. 14. Feature Summary Color print or rewrite100-card feeder 3 year printhead warrantyHigh-performance, Custom HoloKote card (option)purpose-built compositesfor durability ICC color enhanced prints Magnetic stripe and smart card encoding optionsUSB and Ethernet interfaces Clear, intuitive 4-line display Hand-feed capabilitySimple field Patented HoloKote watermarkupgrade toduplex printing 70-card stacker
  15. 15. The professional’s choice forsecure ID card printing