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Open discussion about badge endorsement


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This presentation created the grounds for open discussion about possibilities to endorse badge systems by various stakeholders: business organisations, public institutions, community organisations.

Trusted badge systems are developed by strategic partnership of organisations from Lithuania, Spain, Germany and Netherlands. Partnership includes youth work organisations on one side and representatives of employers on the other side.

The project is co-funded by Erasmus+ programme.

Published in: Education
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Open discussion about badge endorsement

  1. 1. /neformaliai Trusted Badge Systems #trustedbadges
  2. 2. Strategic Partnership “Trusted Badge Systems” #trustedbadges • To develop several open badges based recognition systems in the field of youth work and non-formal learning • To strengthen cooperation among NGOs and employers and achieve endorsement for badge systems • To create new opportunities for young people across Europe • To create possibilities to scale recognition of non-formal learning
  3. 3. I E Badge issuer Badge earner Trust building C C C C Badge consumers Recognition Endorsement #trustedbadges
  4. 4. Developed by Cazalla Intercultural (ES), Asociación de Jóvenes Empresarios de la Comarca del Guadalentín Badges earned by Young people who carry on volunteering activities in local communities abroad Programme Erasmus+ European Voluntary Service Badges enable to: • Support volunteer's learning and reflection • Structure mentoring process • Monitor long-term learning progress • Promote benefits of volunteering abroad #trustedbadges
  5. 5. Developed by GOEUROPE! at German Red Cross Landesverband Sachsen-Anhalt e.V. Badges earned by Young people from Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany. Engaged in diverse voluntary activities Programme “Multipliers for European Competences” Badges will enable to: • Engage into training activities • Keep track of “European Competencies” • Make learning visible • Showcase volunteering experience to others #trustedbadges
  6. 6. Developed by Platform e.V. (DE) Badges earned by young people from deprived urban areas Entrepreneurship programme “Ladebalken” - working on micro-projects in small teams. Badges will enable to: • Recognise skills in planning, organising and implementing their ideas • Recognise communication and management skills • Acknowledge contributions in developing local communities #trustedbadges
  7. 7. Developed by JWB and Breakthrough foundation (NL) Badges earned by Young people from care institutions Participation in Youth Councils of Care institutions Badges will enable to: • To acknowledge and recognise skills acquired from involvement in youth councils of their care institutions: • Debating • Holding a meeting • Leading a workshop • Running a project #trustedbadges
  8. 8. Developed by Association for Non-formal education in Lithuania Badges earned by Young people (Not in Employment, Education or Training) in Lithuania Volunteering programme “Atrask Save” Badges will enable to: • Engage into volunteering activities • Collect verified evidence of learning • Become aware of personal development • Showcase volunteering experience to others #trustedbadges
  9. 9. Developed by “Socialinis Veiksmas” (LT) Badges earned by Mentors of European Voluntary Service 9 months voluntary work as a Mentor within Eruopean Voluntary Service projects Badges will enable to: • Communicate work standard for Mentors • Show personal and professional development pathways • Get feedback and recognition for hard, but rewarding job #trustedbadges
  10. 10. Questions for Discussions • What is the value of open badges for employers? • How can we ensure trust in Open badges? • What are the skills important for labour market, that are gained through non-formal learning? • How NGOs and employer could cooperate in recognising competences gained through non- formal learning? #trustedbadges