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Guidelines for Open Badges System for European Voluntary Service Mentors


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The system of open digital badges aiming to recognise and encourage professional development of Mentors of the European Voluntary Service.
The system has been developed as a result of Strategic Partnership Project "Trusted Badge Systems" in cooperation with Association of Non-formal Education in Lithuania and NGO "Socialinis Veiksmas"

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Guidelines for Open Badges System for European Voluntary Service Mentors

  1. 1. Open digital badges for Mentors of European Voluntary Service > Strategic Partnership Project “Trusted Badge Systems”
  2. 2. Welcome to the badge world! This a step-by-step guide which will prepare you for using Open digital badges to recognise learning and work of Mentors for European Voluntary Service ABOUT OPEN BADGES ∎ Open Badges is a worldwide standard to validate and recognise learning that happens anywhere. They are visual representation of learning and achievements. ∎ Badges are digital and thus create new possibilities to manage achievements: store, share and display them anywhere on the web and include on CV. ∎ Find out more about Open Badges / INTRODUCTION Trusted Badge Systems
  3. 3. ∎ This system has been developed with organisation, usually implementing group EVS project with approx. 10 volunteers and 7-8 mentors. Therefore badges for the systematic work are a lot based on mentors’ training and colleague support. ∎ Badges for self-development can be used in projects with any number of volunteers. There are no levels, mentors can earn any badge whenever one is matching the criteria. Meta-badges are unlocked when all badges of that competence are earned. / INTRODUCTION Trusted Badge Systems
  4. 4. Two Major Objectives Recognise and visualise EVS mentors’ learning Promote and recognise systematic work of mentors
  5. 5. EVS Mentors’ Achievements Recognise and visualise EVS mentors’ learning Reflected practice with EVS coordinator Promote and recognise systematic work of mentors Methodological competence Educational relationship competence Facilitation of learning to learn competence Communication and cooperation competence Cooperation with Hosting Organisation Intercultural competence Training and reflecting with other EVS Mentors Constant support for EVS volunteer
  7. 7. I have certain of knowledge of methods which I can use in supporting my mentee Curious learner Experimenter I developed skills to choose, adapt or create an appropriate method Analyzer I have analysed ways a method was applied, assessed strong and weak sides of method.
  8. 8. When a person earns 3 badges related to knowledge, skills and awareness or attitudes, the Meta-badge is unlocked, recognising the development within specific competence area. /
  9. 9. Meta Badge “Master of Methods” This badge shows my experience and methodological competence development. I unlocked this badge after receiving badges for demonstrating knowledge and understanding about methods for EVS mentoring context and reflected practice of using methods.   Trusted Badge Systems
  10. 10. HOW TO SET UP BADGES Create a badge project on Import “Badge System for EVS Mentors’ Achievements” from badge library Specify badge content Familiarise with tips for using badges ? 1 2 3 4 Trusted Badge Systems
  11. 11. Create a badge project at 1 Trusted Badge Systems
  12. 12. Click to register your account. Login, if you have one
  13. 13. Go to Projects/ Organisations and create an organisation. If you have it already, skip this step
  14. 14. Create a new project for your activity
  15. 15. Import badge system from 2 Trusted Badge Systems
  16. 16. Type keywords “evs mentor” Import full badge system to your project
  17. 17. Specify badge content 3 Trusted Badge Systems
  18. 18. CONTENT OF BADGES★ ∎ Badges have quite generic descriptions, making the system easily adaptable to any EVS project. ∎ However, you might wish to add specific details about your EVS project, dates, places, etc. ∎ “Systematic work” badges are based on a practice where Mentors have introductory training, mid-term training and final evaluation. They also have periodic meetings with EVS project coordinator as well as meetings just among mentors. Check if badge criteria are matching with your organisation practices. Trusted Badge
  19. 19. Go to Projects/Badges to view all imported badges “Draft” indicates the badge that can be modified and yet not visible to users. You can change badge status in “Settings”
  20. 20. Tips for using badges 4 Trusted Badge Systems
  21. 21. SMOOTH START ∎ Introduce Open Badges to all Mentors before the project starts. ∎ Use a video What is a Badge? Or any other resource ∎ Give out task code for starting a quest for the badge “Decision maker”, which is a badge related to cooperation among EVS Mentor and project Coordinator RECOMMENDATIONS! Trusted Badge Systems
  22. 22. Make sure to change the badge status to “Draft”. Then click on “Modify” for see what is the task code and change it, if you wish.
  23. 23. Check the code and you may download QR code. Mentors can start a Quest for this badge by scanning this code.
  24. 24. KEEP MENTORS ON BOARD ∎ From time to time remind mentors about badges that they could earn throughout EVS project. ∎ Keep an eye if there are any evidence verification requests ∎ Discuss badge earning process with mentors during your meetings with them. RECOMMENDATIONS! Trusted Badge Systems
  25. 25. USE DATA PROVIDED BY BADGES ∎ Review what badges are earned by mentors, analyse tendencies and encourage mentors to focus on specific competence if needed. ∎ At the end of the project, generate certificate, where mentors could choose which badges should be visible (e.g. either all or just Meta badges) there. ∎ Encourage mentors to share badges or certificates in order to make their achievements visible RECOMMENDATIONS!
  26. 26. HOW TO GENERATE BADGE BASED CERTIFICATE? ? Trusted Badge Systems
  27. 27. Go to Project’s settings to enable certificates Establish partnerships with the third parties and ask for endorsemenent. Their names can be entered here. It will increase the external value of open badges
  28. 28. Users with the permission can generate badges to certificates from the Project’s section “People”
  29. 29. Users can access their certificates from “My certificates”. They can be viewed or downloaded as PDF
  30. 30. Technical feedback & support write to @ Trusted Badge Systems
  31. 31. References TRUSTED BADGE SYSTEMS Strategic partnership project for developing youth work recognition systems and establishing endorsement possibilities together with employers. #trustedbadges ERASMUS+ European Union’s programme which offers funding for mobility projects in various fields of education & learning mes/erasmus-plus ““ Key Action 2 Strategic Partnership project “Trusted Badge Systems” is co-funded by EU Erasmus+ programme NGO SOCIALINIS VEIKSMAS This badge system was developed in close cooperation with EVS coordinating organisation “Socialinis Veiksmas”. Find more at: ex.php/en/