Can I Buy A Car With Bad Credit


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Find out if you can buy a car with bad credit.

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Can I Buy A Car With Bad Credit

  1. 1. Can I Buy a Car with Bad Credit? Quite often people who have had financial challenges automatically assume that their credit is so damaged that they will not qualify for an auto loan. For some this is all boils down to a fear of rejection. They are so afraid of being turned down for a loan that they would rather not even try to apply for auto financing. Certainly, fear of rejection is a strong emotion that often keeps many from getting what they need and want out of life. Buying a car with bad credit is no different. There are many dealers that specialize in working with people who have badly or no credit histories. The problem is that these dealers are often locally owned and not as well known as the major companies that market in mainstream media. Some of the popular dealers known to help people buy a car with bad credit include DriveTime and JDByrider. Both of these car dealers specialize in selling used cars to individuals with no credit or bad credit. Both JD Byrider and have locations across the United States, especially in major metropolitan areas. Many car dealers have offer so-called "fresh start" or "second-chance"programs to serve the people with bad credit. Many of these car dealers prefer to sell the most economical new cars they carry. It is far easier for the dealer to get the customer approved for a new car loan, where the profit margin is high for both the dealer and the financing company. Many dealers shy away from selling used cars because of the issues in finding financing for a vehicle that has already lost a considerable amount of equity. Unfortunately, these second change programs do have their limitations and often require that the buyer bring a co-signer with good credit. A better option is to opt for a local "buy here, pay here" dealer or a “rent-to-own dealer”. These small, locally owned and operated dealers are known to provide customers with in-house auto financing solutions. This means that the dealer will finance the car themselves and benefit from the additional profit generated by the financing terms. Unfortunately, this also means that they carry more risk in their business which results in higher sticker prices and interest passed on to the buyer. However, both offer people with very bad credit the opportunity to buy a car. So can you buy a car with bad credit? Yes! But be prepared to shop around and make sure you learn to read and understand the terms in those very long contracts. This could save you considerable amount of grief in the event anything goes wrong in the future. Apply Online Now