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THE ARENA (A Project of Bahria Town)


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A Project Management presentation on The Arena (Bahria Town)

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THE ARENA (A Project of Bahria Town)

  1. 1. THE ARENA A PROJECT OF BAHRIA TOWN Presented By M. Omar Tariq Badar Sultan Qureshi Shujaat Khan
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION • Inaugurated in April 2012. • Based on the vision of the founder of Bahria Town. • Pakistan’s first Gold Class Digital 3-D Cinema. • One of its unique kind of cinema of international standards with “Gold Class” category. • Favorite hangout for the film buffs of twin cities and of Bahria Town as well.
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION • Unique blend of the latest high-tech equipment combined with serene luxury. • Arena has the seating capacity of 252 heads at a time and has an addition of 2 V.I.P Boxes consisting of 6 Lay-z-Boy recliners each. • It is not just a movie theater but a back to back entertainment facility of fun & games for the entire family.
  4. 4. ARENA FEATURES • Seating Capacity 264 • 2 VIP Box Offices with electronic sofa recliners • Concession Area • BARCO Digital 3D Projector • 4-Way QSC Sound System • Restaurants • Shopping Arcade
  5. 5. SPONSORS
  6. 6. GENERAL INFORMATION Owner • Malik Riaz Board of Directors • Bena Riaz • Ali Riaz Architects Of Arena • Ali Ishaq- Also the Head of Bahria PMO • Architects INC
  7. 7. GENERAL INFORMATION Construction Company • Bahria Construction Company Covered Area • Approximately 12 Canals • Started June 2010 • Fish date June 2012 • Budget approved: Rs. 20 crores
  9. 9. TECHNOLOGY • World’s brightest BARCO projector. • A state of the art 7.1 channel 4-way QSC digital audio systems. • Equipped with latest 3D technology.
  10. 10. BENCH MARK • The bench mark of arena was Cine-Gold that is located in Mall of Lahore that was the first cinema project by Bahria town.
  11. 11. ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE General Manager Human Resource Marketing Media Projection Accounts Theatre
  12. 12. PROJECT MANAGEMENT OFFICE • Bahria has established its own PMO to handle and coordinate all the projects in all over Pakistan including establishment of new societies, malls, theme parks, individual projects and exporting technical expertise. • Ali Ishaq was the head of PMO, project manager, and the architect of Arena. • PM selected before making the project charter • PM had legitimate authority to determine, manage and change the budget, resources and staff.
  13. 13. WHO SIGNED OFF THE PROJECT? • MR. Sajid Ilays. (General Manager ) • MR. Commodore Ilays. (V.P Bahria Town) • MR. Ali Riaz Malik (CEO Bahria Town) • MR. Malik Riaz (Owner of bahria town) • Decide whether the project is a success or not. • What elements need to be added. • Responsible for signoff of the project.
  14. 14. STAKEHOLDERS OF ARENA • Malik Riaz (The owner of Bahria town) • Bahria Construction Company • Sajid Ilays (General manager of Arena) • Ali Ishaq (Architect and project manager of Arena) • Bahria Community.
  15. 15. STAKEHOLDER ANALYSIS Power/Interest: • Mr. Sajid Ilyas • Bahria Town Community Power/Influence • Mr. Malik Riaz • Mr. Ali Ishaq • Bina Riaz • Ali Riaz
  16. 16. TRIPLE CONSTRAINTS 2 years Rs. 20 Crores Performing Arts Theatre
  17. 17. SCOPE STATEMENT Objectives • Provide the Bahria community a place of entertainment through reviving performing arts. But • Later on, with the consent of the BODs and the stakeholders, it was decided that the building will be converted into the state-of-the-art 3D cinema.
  18. 18. SCOPE STATEMENT • The reasons that were considered to scope creep were: • Community Demand • Time to break-even • Revenue generation • Differentiation
  19. 19. WORK BREAKDOWN STRUCTURE The Building Exterior Interior Foundation Masonry Work Electrical Excavation Finishing Plumbing Steel Erection Decorations
  20. 20. DELIVERABLES • Site clearance • Excavation • Sand cushion • Laying PCC • Fixing reinforcement for foundation • Fixing form work • Laying concrete in foundation • Foundation up to plinth beam • Fixing reinforcement for Plinth • Form work for plinth • laying concrete in plinth • fixing reinforcement for column • Fixing formwork for column
  21. 21. DELIVERABLES • Concreting for column • Tie beam • Brickwork • Fixing of doors • Column reinforcement • Concreting for column • Tie beam • Brick work • Fixing doors • Reinforcement for folded plate slab • Form work for folded plate slab inside • Concreting for folded plate slab
  22. 22. DELIVERABLES • Column reinforcement • concreting for column • Brick work up • Column reinforcement • Beam at roof • shuttering & reinforcement for slab • RCC Slab • Brick work up to roof level • Acoustic paneling • HVAC ducting • Electric wiring and fixing lights • False ceiling in arena
  23. 23. DELIVERABLES • F&S in arena • Fixing the screen • Fixing the seats • Fixing the Projectors • Laying carpets in arena • Final finishing works • Handing over to client
  24. 24. QUALITY CHECKS • Bahria town has its own QC department. • Government certification and licensing(Censor Board). • Distribution rights.
  25. 25. CORRECTIVE OR PREVENTIVE ACTIONS • The project manager of Arena focused on taking preventive actions so that there is less problems to solve. • He took preventive action in terms of: • Material (steel, cement, bricks, labor) • Equipment Acquisition • Electricity
  26. 26. GOVERNMENT INFLUENCE • Government of Pakistan has a proper check and balance on Arena from checking their license to tax payment to film censor certification. • Chaudhry Nisar, the interior minister, member of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz has a personal issues with Mr. Malik Riaz , so he on and off creates problems for Bahria town projects from time to time.
  27. 27. PROBLEMS FACED BY ARENA Less revenue • as they can play only one movie at time. Seating arrangement • designed as a theater with one hall and 250 seats which was later turned into a cinema, makes the first row very uncomfortable as the screen is just on the head. Single screen • creates problem in adjusting the movie timings.
  28. 28. FUTURE PLANS • Extension of hall • Up-gradation of equipment
  29. 29. CONCLUSION- SUCCESS • Cinema is the one of the medium of entertainment in the world. • Arena is one of the best cinemas that are providing healthy entertainment. • Arena is not only providing cinema facilities but also deals with exclusive corporate event. • Mobilink, Telenor, and Ufone are the major corporate clients of Arena. • This all shows that if the project is done in a proper manner it can lead to a great success just like “ARENA”