Introducing Samsung Multi-Screen Gaming Platform


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Introducing Samsung Multi-Screen Gaming Platform

  1. 1. Introducing Samsung Multi-screen Gaming Platform Alan Queen Sr Director, Innovation Lab. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
  3. 3. I. Service Background 1. Gamer Needs “I’d be excited to play games on multiple screens if…” ▶ it enhances gaming experience on a big screen TV in living room without purchasing a new console or accessories ▶ it is seamlessly playable with multiple devices currently in possession ※ Source : 1 on 1 interviews with 23 gamers(mixed type) worldwide
  4. 4. I. Service Background 2. Developer Needs “I’d be excited to develop games on a new platform if…” ▶ the market is big enough while addressable with less resources ※ high cost and outdated distribution of next-gen console perceived as risk factors ▶ it opens new market opportunities where the competition is low ※ Source : 1 on 1 interviews with 10 developers(PC, console, mobile)
  5. 5. I. Service Background 3. HW Trend ▶ Solid Growth of the Smartphone/Tablet/TV Market : 1.2B (’12) ! 2.3B (’17) ! Samsung sold over 200m Smartphones, 20m Tablets and 30m TVs in 2012 ▶ Gap between Smartphone and Console is narrowing rapidly ! Samsung Galaxy S4 is twice as fast as the Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone5 (Unit Millions) Worldwide Smart Device Shipments ※ Source : IDC's Worldwide Smart Connected Device Tracker Forecast Data, February 28, 2013 Gaming H/W Comparison ※ The information provided above is confidential and strictly for internal use
  6. 6. I. Service Background 4. Samsung Gaming Service overview and value proposition
  8. 8. II. Samsung Games 1. Mobile Console : Service Overview (1) HW Composition : Samsung Smartphone + Game Pad(s) + TV (2) Target Gamers : “above mid-core gamers” + “have Samsung Smartphone” + “console skeptical” (3) Service : Use of Samsung Smartphone as a game console for any big screen TV (4) Industry Examples : OUYA, Green Throttle, Game Stick, Shield ① Connect Smartphone to TV (HDMI, Wi-Fi) ② NFC Tagging (Samsung TecTiles) ③ Auto-connect to BT Controllers & Auto-execution of optimized game launcher ④ Game on-the-go
  9. 9. II. Samsung Games 1. Mobile Console : Initial Set-Up 1.1. When tagging gamepad, the mobile device reads gamepad information from the NFC tag in the gamepad. BT session is automatically set up between the gamepad and the mobile device 1.2. When turning the power on without tagging gamepad, general BT pairing is also available BT Connection
  10. 10. II. Samsung Games 2. Mobile Console : Key Mapping 2.1. Principles of gamepad behavior - Gamepad provides key input message according to the Google’s HID profile - Gamepad is basically to control the game launcher and game applications - However, analog sticks, D-pad, and action keys also work in the Android home screen and other Android apps. Category 1 Category 2 Name Up L 1 Analog Stick 1 R 1 D-Pad Left Action keys ‘G’ key D-pad Analog Stick 2 Stick1 Stick2 A Game Control Action Buttons B X Game Button Y Select Power Switch 4-way navigation Right Analog Sticks 3-Color LED Down Start(Pause/Start) Shoulder Buttons Console System Keys L1 L1 R1 R1 Pause/Restart Pause/Restart
  11. 11. II. Samsung Games 3. Mobile Console : The “Game” Key - 3.1 “Game” Key provides specialized functionality for Samsung mobile devices When a user press ‘Game’ key, the mobile device launches the game launcher application at any case Even when the LCD is off, “Game” key turns it on Game Launcher Run the game launcher Yes or ‘Game’ key press Yes Launcher Download page No Are you sure to quit this game? Launcher installed? ‘Game’ Key (Short press) Android UX ‘Game’ Key (Short press) Game Application No
  12. 12. Mobile Console Demo
  13. 13. II. Samsung Games 2. Samsung Multi-Screen : Service Overview (1) (2) (3) (4) HW Composition : Samsung TV + (*Samsung) Smartphone(s) + (Game Pads) Target Gamers : “have Samsung TV” + “have (*Samsung) Smartphone” + “console skeptical” Service : Samsung TV becomes an equivalent of game console Industry Examples : Xbox SmartGlass, PlayStation Cross-Platform Play, Wii U Now supports native game development with Unity Finally, replaced by real game controller Samsung Multi-Screen features integrated in Unity IDE ① Remote Controller ② Gamepad Inve Map/ Sniper ntory Radar Mode ③ *Samsung Smartphone providing Wii U-like multi-screen game play
  14. 14. II. Samsung Games 2. Samsung Multi-Screen : Multi-Screen Scenarios
  15. 15. II. Samsung Games 2. Samsung Multi-Screen : Pain points Developing multi-screen game is possible, but not that easy.
  16. 16. II. Samsung Games 2. Samsung Multi-Screen : Easy Development Develop with customized Unity3D Export to Samsung Smart TV and Mobile Export to Samsung Smart TV Single Project Export to Samsung Mobile Devices
  17. 17. II. Samsung Games 2. Samsung Multi-Screen : Architecture Game Host Multi-Screen Game Framework Synchronization Game Control Game specific data Game Client Multi-Screen Game Framework Game discovery, Verification, Automated launch Multi-Screen Game Service Framework Need to be developed by game developers Samsung will provide
  18. 18. Multi-Screen Game Demo
  20. 20. III. Summary 1. Service Flow Single Dev. Tool Dev. Support Unified Seller Site develop once, runs on multiple platforms more financial & educational support track sales seamlessly for multiple platforms Convergent Games Direct Download Unified Store true multi-screen games without extra HW auto-installation of packaged applications single sign on, game community, cross promotion
  21. 21. III. Summary 2. Schedule Mobile Console to be launched Q4 2013. Samsung Multi-Screen to be officially announced at the H1 2014, Samsung Multi-Screen supporting Unity IDE to be released Q4 2014.
  22. 22. Q& A
  23. 23. License Notices Except where noted, sample source code written by Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd and provided to you is licensed as described below. Copyright © 2010-2013, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. All rights reserved except as otherwise explicitly indicated. Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met: ● Redistributions of source code must retain the above