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Your API is your Product - Arun Ravindran, Unisys


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APIs have risen exponentially with over 9000 public APIs in use. Enterprises are adopting APIs in a big way making it a core component of their cloud, mobility and social strategy. Learn why having an API strategy is crucial for a product manager.

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Your API is your Product - Arun Ravindran, Unisys

  1. 1. Some facts on APIs PublicAPIs haveincreasedexponentially13 times since 2007.Thisis onlyatip of theiceberg. Source:Programmable Web
  2. 2. More facts on APIs In5 years,86.5%of largecompanieswill haveAPI programs Source:Layer 7
  3. 3. Your API is Your Product
  4. 4. @arocks Hi!
  5. 5. Introductionto API SMACForces Business Benefits Success Stories Coming Revolution Business Models API Product Manager Fin Hi! Casestudy Questions
  6. 6. ImFit ImmersiveFitness
  7. 7. ImFit Howitworks ImFitAPI JSON/XML REST Django/ Rails/ Node.js
  8. 8. API – déjà vu? ApplicationProgrammingInterface
  9. 9. What is an API? An API(oraservice)isa businesscapability deliveredoverthe Internetto internalor external consumers, insimple terms a contract Keyfeatures: • Networkaccessible function • Availableusingstandard web protocols • Withwell-defined interfaces • Designedfor access by third-parties
  10. 10. What will be the connected mobile and Internet of Things powered by?
  11. 11. APIs helpsyou to deliver an experiencerather than supporta device.
  12. 12. GartnerNexusof Forces APIs Social Mobile Cloud “Web APIs are emerging as a way for organizations to deal with the mobile, social, cloud and big data nexus of forces” - Gartner Big Data
  13. 13. API Success Stories faberNovel,6 Reasons Why APIs Are Reshaping Your Business, November 2012. “90%ofwhatwedois businessthrough APIs” Save9Billionannually by notneedingadditional salesforce Saves1Billionannually throughathriving ecosystemofdevices 7millionwebsitesandapps useFacebookConnect Saved$1milliondeveloping 20applicationsoverAPI APIswouldplayamajor partintheforthcoming digitalstrategy
  14. 14. What are API’sbusiness benefits? • APIs allow companies to open their resources in a secureand controlledway while bringing them closer to their customers • Create radically new business models and revenue streams • Opens new distribution channels like Smartphone, Tablet, Game consoles or SmartTV ; extending your reach • Foster innovation by exposing some of their resources and promoting co-creation • Opens up possibilities for new partnerships at a low marginal cost • Adds agility andflexibility to internalprocesses faberNovel,6 Reasons Why APIs Are Reshaping Your Business, November 2012.
  15. 15. In the 90’s youcouldn’t do withouta website; today you can’tdo without an API!
  16. 16. What Business Problems does API Address?MonetizationChallenge – “How do I actually perform investment re-capture activities?” – “Once I offer an API, what should be theshow-back, charge-back mechanism?” GovernanceChallenge – “Who is consuming APIs and services?” – “How APIs and services are being used?” IT InvestmentChallenge – “Meet SLAs with business units with consistent QoS” – “How can I improve developer adoption and reuse of services?” BudgetingChallenge – “Can I get early returns versus long running SOA projects?” SecurityChallenges – “Can I built an App store-like marketplace for trusted access and self-discovery?” OperationalChallenge – “How can I track the usage of various services across the organization?”
  17. 17. Ignore the man behind the curtain • RESTwon theprotocolwars and isthe API protocolof choice • XML orJSON wouldbe the data formats of choice … +goodideas from WWW
  18. 18. Facebook Growth and API Facebook Connectis a set of APIsfrom Facebook that marks an inflectionpoint 
  19. 19. The API Leaders
  20. 20. Glaring omissions: SOA Software and ProgrammableWeb
  21. 21. Tremendous interest in API leaders • (Apr 17) MasheryIs Selling To IntelFor More Than $180M • (Apr 22)CA Technologies,snatched up Layer7 • (Apr 23)MuleSoft buys ProgrammableWeb • (Nov26) AxwayFinalises Acquisition of Vordel • (Apr 24) 3Scaleannounced a new round of funding ($4.2mi) 2013
  22. 22. Even the Whitehouse has an API strategy “Make Open Data, Content, and Web APIs the New Default”
  23. 23. Am I missing something?
  24. 24. The ComingAPI Revolution
  25. 25. It all started with this… Jeff Bezon’s Big Mandate (2002): 1. All teams willhenceforth expose theirdata and functionalitythrough service interfaces. 2. Teams must communicate witheach other through these interfaces. 3. Therewillbe noother form of interprocesscommunication allowed:no direct linking,no directreads of another team's data store, no shared-memory model, no back-doors whatsoever. The onlycommunication allowedis via service interface callsoverthe network. 4. It doesn't matter whattechnologytheyuse. HTTP, Corba, Pubsub, custom protocols-- doesn't matter. Bezos doesn't care. 5. All serviceinterfaces, withoutexception,must be designedfrom the ground up to be externalizable.That istosay, the team must planand designtobeable to exposethe interface to developersinthe outside world.No exceptions. 6. Anyone who doesn't dothis willbefired. 7. Thank you; have a niceday!
  26. 26. 2002: Online bookstore 2005: Extensible API for entire Infrastructure 2006: Initial beta of Amazon EC2 with API 2008: Amazon EC2 and EBS goes live 2013: Biggest Cloud Playerin the world with 34 APIs and 400 mashups
  27. 27. Agile Powers API Revolution • ContinuousImprovement • LeanStartup • Kanban • SCRUM In2000s,Agile transformedProduct Development • API • REST • ServiceOrientation • CloudComputing In2013,Agilewill transform Product Architecture
  28. 28. Building a Successful API
  29. 29. Building a Successful API 1. Determinethe business purposefortheAPI. 2. Understandthecost/benefitoutcomesforthe business and intendedusers. 3. Agreeon thepriorityand delivery schedule for theAPI. 4. Structure your business tosupportand manage theAPI.
  30. 30. Building on your API success • Realizingthatdevelopersareyour channel • Beingrecombinantand easilymixed • UnlockingyourlegacydataintoopenAPIs • Drivingnewdata intoyoursystem viaopenAPIs • Supportingyour applicationecosystem
  31. 31. API Business Models
  32. 32. API Business Models
  33. 33. What does an API product manager do?
  34. 34. What does an API product manager do? • SME and product expert forAPIor other products that are managed • Deep understanding ofclient needsand market trends, through client interaction and other market research • Owning and creating theproduct strategy and roadmap • Reviewingthe roadmap with key stakeholders • Determiningproduct priorities,including new features and bug fixes • Owning and creating the business/product requirements documentation • Management of clientAPI integrations and pipeline • Ownership ofAPIdocumentation (ie– developer’s site) API Product Manager Front-end Engineer ClientAPI Engineer API Project Manager
  35. 35. My API is My Product • APIsexistedbut theywereinternaltoolscalled SOAs • Amazon popularizedthe conceptwhenthey made theirinternaltoolsavailable to thepublic • Turn YourAPIServiceintoa Product • APIProductManagerMakestheMagicHappen
  36. 36. @arocks