Market Match Capabilities


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Market Match Capabilities

  1. 1. “An organization’s ability to learn, grow, and refresh itself is critical to high performance.” - Outlook Journal An Introduction... Focus x Momentum x Results
  2. 2. The Beginning JanuaRy, 2002 A bold idea and an energetic entrepreneur. apRil 15, 2002 A company is born. SuMMeR, 2002 First clients join the revolution...Customer Leadership Marketing. A marketing process focused on results. Custom-tailored for each client based on balance sheet, internal strengths, and external challenges. DeceMbeR, 2003 10 clients, reach the double digit plateau. Stable of strategic partnerships to provide complete menu to client. FebRuaRy, 2004 National speaker, highest rated telebrief by ABA. SOBMM strategic marketing paper is top requested piece from AIB Center of Banking Information. DeceMbeR, 2004 Deal signed with ABA to author the series of Marketing Financial Services textbook. “Building a Better Bank” is the newest edition and the defacto teaching guide for bank marketers across the country. SepteMbeR, 2005 Marketing Financial Services “Building a Better Bank” hits the streets. We add staff and deliver incredible client results and a unique perspective from our national client base and broad exposure to leading thought. DeceMbeR, 2005 54 clients, 24 states, 28 professional speaking engagements...9 team members. Founding lecturer at Arab Academy Marketing Academy (Cairo, Egypt) and featured speaker at ABA, NCUA national and state association annual meetings. The Beginning JanuaRy, 2009 MarketMatch acquires Main Street Marketing, a competing Indianapolis based firm. Expanding our team of experienced bank marketing and sales professionals to capitalize on the increased demand for more strategic counsel by banks and credit unions. toDay National Reputation, firm client base built on referrals, triple digit year-over year growth, 100% success rate with ROI Guarantee...loyal clients! Unlimited Future...
  3. 3. An Overview MarketMatch…a team of experienced thought leaders that solve business problems through marketing strategy and delivery. We elevate success through insightful perspective and experience. Whether clients have dedicated marketing staff or require ongoing, daily support, MarketMatch provides the people, processes and perspective to help financial institutions succeed in new ways. The bottom line…We Solve Marketing Problems! MarketMatch has developed a proprietary process-driven marketing approach known as Customer Leadership Marketing™ that helps a community bank leverage their internal marketing resources in new ways. We bring proven bank marketing expertise and provide a guaranteed ROI! MarketMatch provides the process, “bench strength”, and the creative integration of customized marketing tactics necessary for our clients to meet their goals and impact the bottom line through: • Identification of your unique selling propositions • Researching the impact We help you generate revenue! • Defining the difference and developing strategies We solve marketing problems! • Delivering the creative difference to your customers MarketMatch is leading a new wave of branding, customer service and bank marketing through our innovative process known as Customer Leadership Marketing™. CLM represents five distinct modules of bank marketing processes that guide a bank into stronger and more profitable relationships with their key customers. Starting with a rigorous customer research program through customer acquisition and retention models, branding and segmentation, the CLM process is a ground breaking method to improve your core relationships and involve your customers in increasing their perception of your products and services! MarketMatch delivers tailored marketing strategy that creates Focus, Momentum, and Results for financial institutions around the country. An Overview
  4. 4. As a full-service solution provider, MarketMatch provides the complete suite What marketing challenge keeps of marketing services to meet the depth and breadth of your organization’s you awake at night? marketing needs. Strategies, tactics, creative, fulfillment, project management, product design all targeted to your market and needs. We provide proven strategic direction, through: oRganizational eFFectiveneSS • Strategic planning - in what direction are consumer trends driving your business? Where should you invest your marketing dollars? How can you leverage your results? • Targeting - what lifestyle characteristics define the consumer groups you want to/should target? What new groups are the best opportunities? Are you aware of your highest impact customers? • Marketing communications - what marketing messages resonate strongest with your target consumers? Is your marketing proven, fresh, and creative? How can you minimize disconnects? • Branding - is your brand an intersection of quality product and a quality experience in obtaining your product? Has your brand been consistently applied through logo, service philosophy, service delivery, and emphasis on meeting the client’s customers’ needs? • Channels - what is the best way to communicate with your consumers? What channels work best? cuStoMeR RelationShip Depth • New product/service development - what lifestyle need can your new product or service fulfill? What new products are opportunities? What does your market demand? • Product/service redesign - what changes in consumer lifestyles impact your product or service? How should you change your offerings? • Positioning - what lifestyle do you need to satisfy that competitors do not? How do you communicate your superiority? Does your marketing message present a clear, sustainable difference? Revenue geneRation • Sales – what is your sales process? How do customers respond? Are service and sales the true focus? Does your staff sell all the time, to each customer, at each branch? Are you coaching? • Pricing - what are consumers’ attitudes about price, value, quality? How do they feel about spending and saving their money? What price should you set? • Brand loyalty - how do consumers perceive the role of brand in the shopping process? How can you encourage strong brand loyalty? What programs work? leveRage MaRket poSition • Market share - what do consumer trends suggest about the future of your business? How can this help you create a sustainable competitive advantage over your competitors? • Community Involvement – Is your institution known as a community leader? Are you positioned in the community to be a part of major opportunities? • Competition – Are you, your marketing team, branch personnel, and operations aware of the competition’s products/services and advantages? Can you identify the opportunities?
  5. 5. Our Approach Process Driven Marketing. Focus x Momentum x Results “MarketMatch. We are experienced thought leaders that solve business problems through marketing, strategy, and delivery. We elevate success through insightful perspective. Whether clients have dedicated marketing staff or require ongoing, daily support, MarketMatch provides the people, processes and perspective to help financial institutions succeed.” Client Need Strategy Electronic Delivery Our Approach Planning Delivery Channel Branding Product Development Creative Design Sales/Service Plan Research Segmenting/Targeting Customer Program Delivery Program Management Service Measurement Customer Voice Leadership Marketing Process Custom Tailored Solution
  6. 6. The MarketMatch Team Roster Bruce Clapp, CFMP is a leading executive marketer with over 20 years of marketing expertise leading banks and credit unions to success through new product development, brand building and strategic planning. Bruce’s career includes successful growth at Bank One, Midfirst Credit Union, and Liberty Savings Bank in executive marketing and sales management roles. Bruce is a familiar speaker on the national circuit with the American Bankers Association (ABA and numerous ABA state chapters. In 2005 Bruce authored a book on Marketing Financial Services for the ABA entitled Marketing Financial Services: Building a Better Bank, which now serves as the de facto training and education textbook for financial marketers in the banking industry and is actively used by the ABA, AIB, and all state associations. Bruce also co-authored “Shift Happens: The New Age of Bank Marketing” in 2008. He is currently on the faculty at the ABA Stonier Graduate School of Banking, the ABA School of Bank Marketing and Management, and the international Academy of Banking and Financial Sciences. Mike Witsken, is a seasoned marketer in the financial services industry with an extensive background in market research, database marketing, customer relationship management, deposit and credit product management, direct mail and sales management. He has successfully used this background to grow the balance sheet and enhance revenue of financial institutions of all sizes with an acceptable level of risk. Mike graduated from the ABA Stonier School of Banking with Honors in 2002 and currently serves as a Capstone Advisory to current students in the final year of their program. Mike has served on the Boards of the YMCA, Humane Society and Catholic Charities and currently is active in “Mobile Loaves and Fishes” a program that feeds the homeless and working poor in San Antonio, TX. Sharon Lovejoy, a former bank consultant and banking executive with Fifth Third Bank and Bank One, brings proven marketing expertise and innovation to MarketMatch clients. Sharon is the creator of MarketMatch’s Winning Team series, a highly successful sales optimization process and training program for community banks that catapults cross-sell ratios. Sharon’s passion for community banking, financial literacy, and desire to help bankers help their customer’s with financial counseling is her unique gift to the banking community. She is an active author and speaker in the banking industry. Jim Simon, a former head of communications for Columbus, Ohio-based Nationwide Insurance, is a nationally recognized leader in financial services communications and marketing communications. Jim has also held the top Team Roster position in communications at First Interstate Bancorp (now part of Wells Fargo) and NatWest Bank USA (now part of Bank of America). He has published articles on investor relations and regulatory change and recently served as chairman of the communications committee of the Insurance Information Institute, the leading trade association for the property and casualty insurance industry. Jim also is a former partner at KPMG LLP and is widely known for his experience in media relations, issues management, employee communications, investor relations and marketing communications. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Denison University. Eric Gagliano, CFMP is a leading marketer with more than 15 years of marketing experience focused on strategic planning, branding, market research and product promotion. As the Vice President of Marketing at a $115 million institiution in Ohio, Eric successfully increased brand awareness, member growth and services per member. Eric has achieved numerous awards for his work including: the CUNA Marketing & Business Development Diamond Award, the OCUL Marketing Brilliance Award (5 times), CSCU Cameo Award and was a World Credit Union Professional Scholarship Nominee. Eric is a frequently requested speaker for groups such as the CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council, Marketing Association of Credit Unions, and numerous state associations.
  7. 7. Bob Clary brings unique experiences from his 30 years of financial marketing, including the highly specialized niche of assisting start-up banks and young community banks. To align founders and build capital… to prepare the community for opening… to develop a strategic marketing plan and budget… to capture market share and establish a relationship with the community…to build a staff culture… Clary provides the case histories and commonsense game plan to help reach profitability in a reasonable timetable. Each community is different, yet certain consistencies are true everywhere: you get one chance to make a first impression; you exist only by the approval of the community. Clary helps senior management set priorities, measure objectives and wisely use marketing dollars as if our own. Only someone with the experience of starting a bank can fully understand the highs and lows — the successes and surprises — and then stay the course without diversions or compromises. Clary partners with MarketMatch to share and blend financial marketing skills to a worldwide pool of new and emerging banks.ons. Karen Banks focuses on enhancing customer intimacy through segmentation strategies, attrition and loyalty programs, as well as handling ongoing business development for MarketMatch. Banks was previously Director of Database Marketing for Regions Financial Corporation, having created that function from scratch for the then $50 billion regional banking company. Banks was also part of the original marketing team that became Capital One and handled customer communications, attrition and loyalty programs. She is a graduate of the ABA School of Bank Marketing at University of Colorado and the National School of Bank Card Management at the University of Oklahoma. Dusty Simmons brings financial institution experience from both sides of the table, having worked as a marketing and community relations manager for the largest Indiana-based bank, as well as a bank and credit union marketing consultant. Her expertise in new market entry strategies, branch design and merchandising, and email marketing is helping clients gain market share, increase customer share-of-wallet, build brand awareness, and produce bottom-line results. Debbi Offenberger has more than 10 years experience in marketing, advertising, product development and sales. Her experience includes successfully devising a new market strategy to gain instant brand recognition at Liberty Savings Bank in Dayton, Ohio. Debbi is skilled at measuring the effectiveness of promotions, advertising and community awareness campaigns and evaluating marketing tactics from idea to completion. Debbi is active in her community and serves as President of the Greater Dayton Advertising Association and Secretary of the Local Advertising Review Council. Jamie Jenkins is an experienced financial institution marketer who develops marketing strategies, manages client relationships, and contributes to business development at MarketMatch. Jamie’s experience managing product development, marketing strategies, advertising and public relations for an Ohio community bank makes her exceptional at developing and implementing creative marketing solutions for MarketMatch clients. Jeremy Yontz serves as Director of Creative Services for MarketMatch. With extensive experience in graphic design, printing and client management, he provides clients with creative consulting, concept creation and graphic design. Jeremy is a member of the American Institute for Graphic Artists as well as the Dayton Creative Syndicate. He has received several national and regional awards for marketing excellence and design including the Ohio Marketing Brilliance Award, the CUNA Diamond Award and various Greater Dayton Advertising Association Awards.
  8. 8. Our Results below is a small sample of past projects we’ve crafted for a variety of clients and their needs. cuStoMeR acquiSition client: $234 M FocuS Create a new customer acquisition program and toolkit. MoMentuM MarketMatch created a complete program for customer checking acquisition. MarketMatch developed, managed and measured the complete customer acquisition program which included a sweepstakes drawing, Switch Kit, POS toolkit and media promotion. Media outlets included: online, TV, radio, print, in-lobby and direct mail. ReSultS Delivered in diverse markets, the program was a groundbreaking achievement for the bank in targeted marketing: • 215% ROI • $1.1 million in new deposits • 30% increase in word of mouth awareness WelcoMe kit client: $454 M Our Results FocuS Support a bank acquisition and increase customer retention. MoMentuM A custom “Welcome Kit” was created to proactively introduce the customer to the bank. The kit included a personalized welcome letter, information about account conversions, new services, expanded capabilities and branch locations. ReSultS 5,100 kits were mailed and became the talk of the town. The personal letter from the CEO solidified the bank as friendly, supportive and community focused. • Increased retention beyond initial expectations • Sense of pride created with staff for the acquired bank • Cross selling created for Checking, Money Markets, Loans, and Investments
  9. 9. “iDea houSe” caMpaign client: $491 M FocuS Make a splash in a new market with local builders and realtors with a special reception. MoMentuM We crafted a unique, upscale, interactive invitation for key customers and centers of influence that were invited to an event at the Southern Living House. The invitation showcased the exclusivity of the event and captured the bank’s appreciation for the recipient’s role in their success. Event communication also included a timely follow-up thank you card for event attendees with a corresponding design. ReSultS Anecdotal comments included a prospective customer saying, “this invitation is going in my scrapbook” and Southern Living said, “your invitation and entire program is the best we have seen.”: • 95% acceptance rate • 130 attendees • 4 significant new relationships created Web Site ReDeSign client: $1.2 B FocuS Create a user-friendly, marketing website that benefits all business units. MoMentuM MarketMatch created a website based, not on the banks products, but on the customers needs: Save Money, Borrow Money, Grow My Business, Manage My Wealth. ReSultS As a billion dollar bank with a full-range of financial offerings, it was important to create a website that told the right story to the right customer. The restructured site provided: • 109% increase in overall page views • 30% more visits to products, locations and contact information • Time per visit and pages per visit decreased from easier navigation
  10. 10. I would like to get Better, Faster, Stron ger in… Optimizing Our Staff Planning Our Strategy Enhancing Our Brand Evaluating Customer Scoring Our Progress Experience Addressing Retention Generating Rete Auditing Communications Utilizing Our Switch Kit Guaranteed ROI Engaging Customer Communicating Our Message Rebating Research Costs Viewpoints ntio Extending Our Marketing Leveraging Our Dollars Knowing Our Marketplace Managing Our Reputation Allocating Our Budget Aligning Staff, Bank, Creating Impactful n Marketplace Promotions Planning & Strategy Project Management Evaluations & ROI & Delivery Focus Momentum Results Growth MaRketMatch Solution: MarketMatch offers full service support or a simple “free 2nd opinion.” MarketMatch provides our clients perspective on their marketing issues balanced with your local market needs and ROI effectiveness. Working with clients of all sizes and structures from 24 different states, we have a unique industry viewpoint that allows us to create clear direction to attack your challenges. With proven expertise and a written ROI guarantee, MarketMatch offers integrated support, additional capacity, and focused effort to build impact on your marketplace.
  11. 11. Achieve tremendous Results bruce a. clapp, cFMp president, MarketMatch 216 Pointers Run • Englewood, OH 45322 937.832.7894 office • 937.609.1710 cell 937.832.4545 fax •