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Justifying the Cost of Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR)


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IT provider? Justifying the cost of backup and disaster recovery to end users can be difficult. Here are some tips to help you make the sale.

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Justifying the Cost of Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR)

  2. 2. In a recent survey of Datto partners, we learned that a top pain points for managed service providers (MSPs) is communicating the value of backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solutions to end users.
  3. 3. Convincing prospects/clients that BDR solutions are worth the investment is difficult for a couple of reasons...
  4. 4. Most MSPs come from a technical background and lack the sales and marketing skills they need to close deals. Reason 1
  5. 5. Reason 2 Many clients operate on small business budgets. It is difficult for them to grasp why a BDR solution is more expensive than it has been historically or compared to other data protection options.
  6. 6. So how can MSPs overcome these roadblocks? It all begins with how you approach the conversation. To offer some ideas, we’ve asked real MSPs for their best BDR pitches.
  7. 7. “ The Insurance Pitch MarkLantry ClientAdvisor DynamicBusiness Technologies ThinkofaBDR investment likean insurance premiumto protect your businessdata. The costofasingleeventthat wouldtypically result indowntime willeasily payforthe yearsofservice, if not longer.”
  8. 8. “ The Tech Lover’s Pitch Wetargetclientsthat haveITstaff. Takethetime toexplainthetechnology, becausethe value is obvioustothem. There’sa hugea benefit when your prospectsactually understand what they’re investing in.” PaulFranks CEO ThinkGard
  9. 9. “ The Safety Pitch Positiondatasecurityanddata protection using theanalogyofsafetyequipment when performing adangerousactivity.Ask:Would yougoskydiving withouta reserve parachute?” DavidPrince President&CEO Databranch
  10. 10. “ The Scare Pitch Mytopsalesexecutive willask,‘Can youaffordto be without yourdata?How longdo youthink youcould continueto run your business if you losteverything?’” MarkLantry ClientAdvisor DynamicBusiness Technologies
  11. 11. “ The Reputation Pitch I playtowardstheir brand reputationand how muchthat meanstothem.Ialsoalwaysdo my homeworkonthe potentialclienttosee what will speaktothem.” NickOlerud Directorof Technology NetrixIT
  12. 12. So there you have it. These sales pitches are tried-and-true for justifying the cost of BDR by some of today’s leading MSPs. Which one will you try first? Want even more tips on growing your revenue stream? Check out the eBook, Lead Generation Made MSPeasy. Lead Generation Made MSPeasy EBOOK $ $