4 Ways to Ease Into Cloud Storage


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4 tips to help your company ease into cloud storage, starting with non-mission critical files, then moving to mission-critical files.

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4 Ways to Ease Into Cloud Storage

  1. 1. 4 Ways to Ease Into Cloud Storage
  2. 2. Computer Storage • Think back to the first time you started storing data on a personal computer – Were you leery of storing financial data on your PC? – Did you worry a virus would destroy your digital photos? • Are you still afraid of storing data on your PC, or are you comfortable with your digital lifestyle?
  3. 3. Online Storage • The same acclimation process you took for PC storage applies to online storage • At first, you probably only hosted your email address online and joined a few social networks • At work, do you now have a hosted CMS, virtual email provider, online accounting, or other browser-based tools?
  4. 4. Start Storing Non-Mission-Critical Data • Non-mission-critical data is data that, if lost, will not cripple your company – Examples: Photos, tweets, RSS feed, etc. • Start off storing these online (and backing them up) to help you test out the waters of online storage
  5. 5. Monitor Your Accounts • Monitor account activity regularly • Many sites allow you to see the last login date, including the visitor’s IP address. Make sure both belong to you
  6. 6. Have a Backup Plan in Place • In case of any single point of failure, it is always a good idea to have a backup of all online data • Not all online data losses are due to service or hardware failures – 1/3 of all data loss is due to employee/user error
  7. 7. Begin Storing More Important Data • Important data includes email, CRM, CMS, financials and other critical digital documents • Store this data online one by one to test out the waters until you feel comfortable • Ensure you are using a secure and complex password for these accounts – Never send passwords over the internet – Encrypt any data sent over the web – Monitor the sites for unusual activity
  8. 8. Take Control of Your Online Life • The less data lock-in and the more user independence you can have online, the more you will benefit • We believe your data is yours and you should have access to to it wherever and whenever you need it • Start storing your social media and Google Apps data online with a Backupify backup account