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Back Office Pro is a leading end-to-end outsourcing service provider for industries such as Engineering, Data Management, Transcription and more. Follow Back Office Pro to get the latest updates on outsourcing and offshoring industry. For more information visit :

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  1. 1. When Growth IsOn Your Mind,Time to LookAt OutsourcingOptions!www.backofficepro.comStreamline ProductionStay Within Tightly Maintained BudgetsGet ISO Quality Services
  2. 2. Profit From theNew Idea in Town!Back Office Pro offers a full array of services to help youmarket your company or product for a successful pathforward.Our staff is highly trained and only selected from thebest candidates in a variety of fields, many of themspecialties that require advanced degrees and training.We adhere to strict ISO quality standards and produceaccurate, quality work on time and within budget.From video production, to image manipulation, to datamanagement and transcription services, let us help youbecome the best you can be.The development and production of any video productis expensive and complex. In the past, it also tookmany months to produce a short video product. Withthe invention of digital products, video production goteasier but unless you are experienced or very creative, aprofessional video still requires the use of a productioncompany.Outsource Film &Video ServicesBackOfficePro ServicesOur delivery model includes‘inclusive’ strategy ofchoosing low-cost citiesaround the world andmapping its labour potentialand business environmentand to provide the bestservice at the best possibleprice.Back Office Pro’s offshore services can produce a filmor video quickly and within budget. From weddings, toeducational to corporate, our videos are high qualityand tailored to meet your needs.Video EditingMany people begin editing a video only to learn thatthe process is harder and takes more time than theyanticipated. Without the proper computers, softwareand storage, the project often ends up abandoned.Back Office Pro offers basic editing servicesas well assubtitling, editing the sound, correcting color, removingunwanted backgrounds and highlighting individualsusing special software.Audio EditingOur professional team of audio editors can transformyour audio track by various means such as reducingvoice fillers, those annoying “aaahs” and “humms,”
  3. 3. Outsource Print& Designcutting repeated words, removing background noisesand voices and pitch leveling. To do these things wellrequires years of experience. Hiring Back Office Proputs experts at your disposal, while making the editingaffordable.We can take recorded speeches, meetings andpresentations and turn them into professional productsfor future use for researchers, training or whatever youneed.Video BrochureOur increasing use of the Internet to market servicesmeans taking the next step to multimedia products. Nolonger are static websites and brochures the only way toincrease sales. Video brochures are an effective way tomarket. Our professionals are experienced in marketingand will storyboard your ideas and turn them into ahigh-quality video brochure for use in presentations, onthe Internet or wherever you want to show it.Sub-titlingSub-titling a video is often necessary for use withinternational clients, to reach those with hearingdisabilities and for use in an exhibit or display wherethere is a lot of background noise. Our experts willtranscribe the audio and time it to sync with thevideo on the screen. We will also handle languagetranslations.YouTube MonitoringYouTube has turned into the go-to source for anyonelooking for a video of an event, song or movie clip. Butdue to the huge numbers of videos uploaded, it alsoharbors copyright violators. If you own a number ofintellectual property rights and want to stop copyrightviolations, Back Office Pro will monitor YouTube, flagviolators, inform you and YouTube and speed up theprocess of having the violators removed as quickly aspossible.Graphic design software advances put affordable toolsin the hands of anyone who wanted it but you still needsome design skills in order to produce professionallooking marketing materials for your business. If youchoose to outsource graphic design projects, you needto make sure the artists are not only talented but canturn your ideas into a professional product.Back Office Pro employees a full team of highly skilledgraphic designers with years of experience working inillustration, desktop publishing, logo design, brochuredesign, magazine artwork production and bookillustration.Whatever your needs are, our team of dedicated designspecialists will ensure the final product is just what youwanted.Graphic DesignThe highly trained professional graphic designers at BackOffice Pro have the experience and technical knowledgeto turn your ideas into polished visual communicationproducts for your business or product. We offer logo,hoarding, brochure, banner and flyer design servicesthat are tailored to fit your marketing needs. We canalso incorporate videos, pictures, and sound, to yourcompany website.Logo DesignHaving a recognizable logo to represent your businessis an important marketing tool. Our designers at BackOffice Pro have worked on more than 700 logo designprojects for customers in over 45 countries. Our skilledgraphic designers guarantee originality and we willprovide several versions for you to review. We alsodeliver the logo in as many formats as you want formultiple uses.Desktop PublishingThe desktop publishing industry began in the 1990s andthe ability to quickly and easily create documents fromsimple reports to full color magazines was now availableto a large number of people. But lacking design skills,many of these documents lack creativity. Hiring BackOffice Pro to manage any job from text formatting totypesetting, layout design to PDF conversion will ensureyour final documents have a professional appearance.
  4. 4. OutsourceAnimationIllustrationIllustrations add interest to any publication or websiteand can be used to tell a story, augment the contentand enhance the overall design of any product. BackOffice Pro offers comprehensive illustration services forbusinesses large and small. Our illustrators can providecover design, artwork and graphic design servicesto produce the exact illustrations you need for yourprojects.Brochure DesignBrochures are a wonderful way to market your companyor product. The expert designers at Back Office Pro areready to take your brochure project from start to finishand provide you with a quality product. We offer thefollowing formats, but are more than happy to workwith you on specific requirements: • Bi-Fold Brochures • Tri-Fold Brochures • Z-Fold Brochure • Gate-Fold Brochure • Folders • Inserts • Catalogs • Flyers • Leaflets • Booklets • PamphletsMagazine ArtworkWhether you need professional grade artwork producedfor a magazine layout or the magazine layout itself,Back Office Pro employs the skilled desktop publisherscapable of producing and publishing professionalmagazine artwork and layouts. The development anddesign of magazine artwork and layout requires years ofexpertise and the latest design software. Let us worryabout the production and you will not be disappointed.We offer these layout styles: • Mondrian Layout • Picture-Window Layout • Alphabet-Inspired Layout • Copy-Heavy Layout • Frame Layout • Big-Type Layout • Circus Layout • Multi-panel Layout • Rebus Layout • Silhouette LayoutBook IllustrationOnce an author finishes a book, he or she often needsthe help of an illustrator to draw accompanying images.And some books rely almost exclusively on illustrations.Back Office Pro has a team of highly skilled illustratorsand artists ready to draw to your specific needs.We offer book illustration services for the followingproducts: • Children’s Book Illustration • Comic Book Illustration • Picture Book Illustration • Open Book Illustration • Book Cover IllustrationAnimation adds interest to any multimedia productbut the ability to produce animated objects requirestraining and specialized software. Back Office Pro canhandle your animation needs, from full scale projects toaugmenting productions already started.We can work with both major studio productions andsmaller projects for short videos, television, viral videosor product demos. Our animation services include 2Dand 3D animation, storyboarding, animatics, productdemos, illustrations, logos and banners, and charactercreation for websites, applications, feature-length films,demos, and computer applications.
  5. 5. 2D AnimationProducing 2D animation in a variety of formats toinclude Analog computer animation, PowerPoint,and Flash is a specialty of Back Office Pro. Our expertanimators can provide the product you need for movies,games, presentations, logos and more.Back Office Pro offers both Cel and Path animation toproduce 2D images as well as morphing, tweening andonion skinning.3D AnimationWe live in a 3D world so why not display your logos,images and other animation products in threedimensions? Back Office Pro’s highly skilled animators,artists and illustrators will create 3D animation formarketing, video, game or any other purpose. We workwith: • Skeletal animation • Motion capture • Crowd simulation • Cel-Shaded animation • Morph target animationFlash AnimationFlash is one of the newest forms of animation availablefor use on websites, in games and for softwareprograms. It requires specific knowledge and skill soif you need Flash products produced for a variety offormats, hire Back Office Pro. We will meet your needs,large or small, and deliver a quality project quickly andwithin your budget parameters.Logo AnimationThe company logo is one of the most recognizablesymbols a business produces. An animated logoprovides you with many more options to use the logoto promote your business or product, from multimediapresentations to videos to the Internet.Back Office Pro offers the following logo animationservices: • Flash logo animation • 2D logo animation • 3D logo animation • After Effects logo animation • Corporate logo animationAnimaticsProducing animatics for animated films saves timeand money in the final production process. Theseanimated storyboards allow producers, marketingteams and directors to bring the written script to lifeso they can make changes prior to filming. Back OfficePro’s team is skilled in producing animatics for a widerange of products including films, animated features,commercials, marketing pieces, corporate presentations,educational films, and web videos.StoryboadingStoryboarding helps production teams see what thefinal script will look like when it is shot or animated.Back Office Pro works in a variety of different storyboardformats to guarantee your needs are met. We work withimaging types for: • Thumbnail storyboard • Floating storyboard • Framed storyboard • Photo storyboard • Animated storyboard • Film storyboards • Cartoon storyboardsCharacter CreationEnvisioning a character for animated films and videogames is the first step in producing a successfulproduct. But few people have the skills necessary tocreate the animated character. Back Office Pro’s staff ofillustrators and animators can do the job for you. Weoffer character creation for the following products, andmore. • Video game character creation • Cartoon character creation • Mascot character creation
  6. 6. OutsourceEngineering ServicesComputerized engineering software provides a widerange of services and plans that can be viewed andtested prior to development, enabling engineers to fixissues and solve problems before the actual productis built. Back Office Pro offers a variety of engineeringservices from mechanical engineering to architecture.Our CAD conversion services provide a number ofconversion options ranging from industry-standardDWG and DGN formats to advanced JPG conversions,MicroStation conversions, AutoCAD conversions andmuch more. We also offer raster to vector conversionand can convert both MCD and PDF formats into DWG.In addition, we do 3D rendering, retail space planning,reverse engineering and architectural drafting. Contactus to find out how we can help your company.CAD Conversion & MigrationEngineers and drafters have many tools at their disposalto design projects but it is essential the drawings areconverted to the correct CAD files. Back Office Pro canconvert your files to the format you need. We offer CADconversions services for: • AutoCAD® conversion • Drawing to Design Conversion (DWG to DGN) • JPG to Drawing Conversion (JPG to DWG) • MicroStation conversion • Raster to vector conversion • MCD, PDF, to Drawing Conversion (MCD, PDF, to DWGBuilding Information Modeling (BIM)The ability to design a new building on the computer isa tremendous step forward for architects and engineers.They can see what will work and what won’t, makechanges on the go and ultimately produce a structurallysound and aesthetically pleasing building. Back OfficePro uses Building Information Modeling to help youdetermine scheduling, cost information, the scopeof the design, geometry, spacial design, geography,and building components. It also helps to plan futurerenovations or maintenance schedules.3D RenderingDeveloping 3D renderings of a structure or productaides greatly in the final production process, allowingengineers to spot defects or errors that would leadto failure.Back Office Pro offers the following 3D renderingservices: • 3D rendering • 3D animation • 3D walkthrough • Product and Industry Machinery AnimationRetail Space PlanningDesigning the layout and footprint of a retail store inCAD software helps the owners to decide how to funnelconsumers through the store or where to place differentmerchandise displays. Back Office Pro works withyou for your specific project and offers the followingservices: • Retail space planning • Office space planning • Commodity planning • Consultancy • Project Management • Planograms • Feasibility studies • SurveysReverse Engineering (RE)Back Office Pro offers years of experience in providingreverse engineering services that are affordable andprecise. From electronics components to complexmachines, we can reverse engineer anything you need.We can also take legacy products or old blueprints andturn them into working documents.
  7. 7. Finite Element Analysis (FEA)Finite Element Analysis measures a prototype in a testenvironment to determine what range of conditionsit can withstand or to validate if a design has anyproblems that would only be uncovered after it is massproduced.Back Office Pro offers a wide range of Finite ElementAnalysis services to include: • CFD • Structural analysis • FE modeling • Modal analysis • Dynamic analysis • Mold Flow analysis • Thermal analysisArchitectural Drafting Back Office Pro can produce CAD drafting andarchitectural drawings or convert paper files to digital.Our 14 years of CAD experience have seen work forcommercial and residential buildings, parking garages,restaurants, high-rises and industrial complexes.We work with local governments to ensure codecompliance. We offer: • Layouts and landscaping • Elevations and sections • Floor plans • Sanitation and piping plans • Architectural working • Interior designs and plans • Furniture • Site plans • Reflected ceiling plans • HVAC systems • Electrical drawings • Millwork drawings • Structural drawingsOutsource Research& AnalysisComprehensive in-depth data analysis and researchprovides the statistics necessary for businesses to makefinancial and marketing decisions. Gathering data oncustomer purchases helps companies make futuredecisions on products and sales.Back Office Pro offers exceptional online researchservices by analyzing websites, social media, forums andblogs to find out what customers want and what theyare saying about you and your competition.We can also help you in the international market,providing analysis of the cultural and sales challengesand issues in working with foreign customers andbusinesses.Market ResearchFrom qualitative to quantitative market research, dataand survey analysis, brand research and more,Back Office Pro provides the information you need tobe successful at understanding customer needs andhow to target demographics to give your company theadvantage over the competition.Financial ResearchUsing your financial data, Back Office Pro’s experiencedstaff of financial experts can provide in-depth researchand analysis of your investment targets, creditaspirations, investment or equity research and more, alldesigned to give you the edge over the competition.
  8. 8. Outsource DataManagementData management has become overwhelming in thedigital age, for businesses large and small. The largevolume of information available today takes dedicatedresources to organize, manage and analyze, recoursesmany businesses do not have.By outsourcing data management to Back Office Pro,we can help you achieve your bottom line. We can helpyou receive benefits such as comprehensive data entryfrom PDF documents, product catalogs, online orders,insurance claims, vouchers and documents, mailing lists,business cards, birth records, hospital records, townrecords and much more.We can also help you with data mining and warehousingand data capture and cleaning services.Data EntryEntering massive volumes of data into a system requiresaccuracy and time. Back Office Pro can help you with allof your data entry needs. We offer data entry serviceson the following sources:Pharmaceutical ResearchThe pharmaceutical market draws billions of dollarsin revenue each year. To be successful in this field,knowing key data points, case studies and even forumconversations is vital to producing an effective drug.Back Office Pro works with data analysis, databasecreation, text, numerical and web data mining to gatherthe analysis you need.Scientific ResearchSuccessful product development needs proper andaccurate scientific research before taking the plungeand possibly wasting millions of dollars to produce anunworkable product. Hiring Back Office Pro to handlethe scientific research necessary gives you the footup on the competition. We offer clinical investigatorprofiling, medical content writing, clinical datamanagement, physician profiling, key opinion leaderprofiling and biostatistics.Media ResearchThe Internet offers a tremendous resource ofinformation, delivered daily to computers, tablets andsmart phones. But keeping track of what is being saidabout your company, and your competitors, is nearlyimpossible. Back Office Pro can monitor news sources aswell as social media sites to analysis data to aide you innumerous ways.Research ReportsBack Office Pro offers affordable and scalableresearch reports to analyze, in real-time, market andcompetition data that can help you be successful. Weoffer competitor profiling, competitor analysis, trendanalysis, perceptual mapping, key opinion leaders andcompetitor business analysis. • Product catalogs • PDF documents • Hard/Soft copy • Online orders • Insurance claims • Mailing lists • Legal documents • Vouchers and documents • eBook and magazine publications • Hospital records and patient notes • Business cards • Birth, town and municipal recordsData ConversionFrom a large database to a small one, Back Office Procan quickly and accurately convert your documents,print or electronic, to the format you specify. We can
  9. 9. provide the new data to your internal systems or anoutside filing system, whichever works best for you. Wealso offer XML and HTML conversion.Data ProcessingWhether you have forms, orders, images, surveys orany type of data you need to do business, we can offerfast and comprehensive data processing to help yourbusiness be leaner and more efficient.Data MiningData mining and extraction from raw sources andturning the information into a product you can use istime consuming and complex. Back Office Pro providesyears of experience using cutting edge technology tohelp you with data mining from websites, databases ortext documents such as financial transactions or medicaland scientific research.eCommerce Data UpdatingRunning a business on the Internet can be financiallyrewarding but if your databases, prices and othercontent are out of date, you will suffer by losingpotential clients. Back Office Pro can help you ensureyour products and other information is accurate and upto date.Catalog ManagementCatalog management can be time consuming andtedious, especially if your business has a large numberof items displayed in both print and electronic catalogs.Back Office Pro can ensure that your catalog remains upto date in real time, helping you with your bottom line.We also offer to build your online catalog and index it.E-PubThanks to the explosion of electronic reading devicesand tablets, the electronic publishing industry has madeself-publishers out of many authors and pushed thepublishing industry into the digital world. Back OfficePro has extensive experience working with every majoreBook format and can convert your books to any formatyou choose. We also tag and link your table of contents,proof images and illustrations so they display properly,re-paginate and convert to and from PDF files.Outsource ImageEditingDigital photography revolutionized the industry as muchas the Kodak brownie cameras did in the early part ofthe 20th century by putting cameras into the handsof everyone. While snapping a photo and uploadingit to the Internet is a fairly easy process, producingprofessional grade photographs still requires skill. Addthe computer and image processing to the equation,and producing superior photographs from mediocrepictures is possible in the hands of a skilled graphicartist.Back Office Pro offers extensive photo editing, photoenhancement, image manipulation and panoramas forbusinesses large and small. Our image editing serviceswill provide you with the photographs you need toproduce marketing materials, catalogs, presentationsand virtual tours that will make your business stand outfrom the rest.Real Estate Image EditingSelling a house is a highly competitive business todayso having great marketing materials gives you thecompetitive edge. The photos of a house, its rooms,yard and other components are vital to enticingpotential buyers who often narrow down choices bywhat they see on the Internet or in a publication. BackOffice Pro offers real estate image editing to real estatebrokers, agents and developers by enhancing photos,creating panoramas, producing 360-degree virtual toursand correcting perspective.
  10. 10. OutsourceTranscriptionTranscribing audio and video resources into text hasmany advantages. The text files can be key wordsearched on a computer, they can be scanned andread at your leisure and data can be extracted foruse elsewhere. Keeping the original sources for legalreference, Back Office Pro will turn hours of materialinto something easier to read and use for research.Our transcription services are accurate, high qualitytranscriptions that you can rely on. We offer a fullrange of audio transcription services from transcriptionof meetings and conference calls to oral histories,voicemails and speeches.Audio TranscriptionFrom meetings to phone calls, Back Office Pro willprovide you a 99 percent accurate transcript of yourFloor Plan ConversionStatic photos of real estate show the basics of aproperty but if you want to get a feel for the size ofrooms and other amenities, virtual tours offer a highdefinition representation of both internal and externalfeatures. By using Back Office Pro, we can convert yourreal estate marketing materials to include 2D or 3D floorplans to get a to-scale architectural rendering of a homefor online advertising.Image ClippingGetting the perfect photo is not easy. There is alwayssomething that interferes and ruins the perfect shot.Hire Back Office Pro and we can take a great photoand make it better. Our image clipping services includeremoving the background and replacing with a newone, image masking, image cutouts and hair maskingto fix errant strands of hair for a professional and polishphotograph.Image ManipulationImage editing and manipulation is now easier and fasterto do than ever before but unless you have a great dealof experience with image editing software, the resultscan be less than what you imagined. Back Office Prooffers a wide range of image manipulation services toinclude adding and removing subjects, color correctionsand background change. You tell us what you need andwe will make it happen.Image EnhancementFrom image retouching to airbrushing, Back Office Procan turn your photograph into a polished marketingpiece with image enhancement services. We alsoconvert Raw images ready to be printed, restore oldor damaged photos and correct color and density ofsubmitted photographs.PortraitGood portrait photography takes years of experienceand expertise in lighting and set up. Back Office Prooffers many portrait services to include portraitenhancement, sepia and black and white portraits,canvas and vignette portraits.PanoramaPanorama photographs are spectacular because theycan mimic what the eye captures in a single glance ofa location or product. Back Office Pro produces 360degree, fish eye panoramas or the normal rectangularformat. We can make your panoramic photo for use onwebsites, marketing materials or whatever you files. We offer audio transcription service fromacademic research interviews, focus group interviews,voicemails, conferences, webcasts, general surveys, oralhistories and songs.Video TranscriptionOnce reserved for films and television, videos are nowproduced daily by everyone with a smart phone. Theinformation on those videos is hard to capture and
  11. 11. ContactOfficial Website: us at: info@backofficepro.comFollow-us at: Twitter | Facebook | Google +preserve without a transcript. Back Office Pro cantranscribe videos to a format you specify from thefollowing sources: YouTube, client-provided VCD andDVD content and TV shows.Business TranscriptionBack Office Pro’s business transcriptions are producedaccurately and in a timely manner. We can turn yourwebcasts, analyst calls, investors, product launch ormanagement change conferences and teleconferencesinto a format you need.Media TranscriptionMedia transcription involves turning on airprogramming, from television to radio to the Internet,journals, online magazines or podcasts into a detailedrecord of what was broadcast for use by researchers,video production companies or anyone in need of atranscript for future use. Back Office Pro can providemedia transcripts quickly and accurately for you specificneeds.Legal TranscriptionLegal transcription services must be accurate and of thehighest quality available since the data represented isused in legal cases, court hearings and for subpoenas.Back Office Pro offers comprehensive legal transcriptionservices for lawyers, court officials and law enforcementpersonnel. We will provide a text version from audioand video files from the following: • Court hearings • Court proceedings briefs • Claimant/defendant reports • Subpoenas • Summons • Court tapes • Mediation briefs • Police interrogations • Jury instructions • ArbitrationsInsurance TranscriptionThe insurance industry processes millions of claimseach year, from accidents to house damage by naturaldisasters. Much of this information is captured byaudio and video formats, making it time consuming foradjustors to review. Back Office Pro will take the hoursof testimony and turn it into a readable, searchable textfile.Voicemail TranscriptionVoicemail is being used to conduct business in manyplaces today but without a transcript of the recordings,the data can be easily lost. Back Office Pro will quicklyand accurately transcribe your voicemails into a formatyou specify in order to capture customer comments andcall center exchanges, either from mobile or landlinephones.