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Over HALF your day is spent sitting [3,4,5]
Your body is influenced by what you do most often [6]
Prolonged sitting damages your spinal health
Stress on the discs between the vertebrae
Reduced structure and stability of the spine
Reduced function of the spine
Increased inflammation, leading to pain and early degeneration of the spine

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Sit right workplace_presentation_hoh

  1. 1.  Over HALF your day is spent sitting [3,4,5] Your body is influenced by what you do most often [6] The longer you stay seated:  the harder it is to do basic activities like standing, walking, running and jumping [6]  sitting posture (eg. slouched shoulders) will stay with you, even when standing or walking [6]
  2. 2. Sitting too long Standing Active = Bad = Better = Best
  3. 3.  Prolonged sitting damages your spinal health• Stress on the discs between the vertebrae• Reduced structure and stability of the spine• Reduced function of the spine• Increased inflammation, leading to pain and early degeneration of the spine [12, 10]1 in 2 office workerswill experience neck painrelating to their sitting habits [11]
  4. 4. Even if you meet Prolonged sitting alters the shape recommended and function of your body physical activity levels [1, 18]• Body slows down its processing of fats [1]• ‘S’ curve in back deteriorates• Weight pressure on back increases• Leg and backside muscles weaken
  5. 5.  Prolonged sitting increases risks of disease and death • Every hour spent watching television (sitting) increases the risk of death from chronic disease by 11% [1] • A recent study in WA found that an office desk job can double your risk of bowel cancer [7] • In short, sitting too much can shave a few years off your life [6, 13]
  6. 6. 1. Sit Less...  Stand up more  Stand when you’re on the phone as a way to break sitting time  Move more  Swap the boardroom for the pavement - introduce walking meetings
  7. 7. 1. Sit Less...On your feet timeTake regular breaks from your sittingtime, like:• Stretching• Walking around office• Standing• Changing/correcting posture• Jumping or shaking on spot to loosenbody
  8. 8. 1. Sit Less...Regular Physical ActivityChoose an activity appropriate for you,like:• Walking• Jogging• Exercise classes• Dance classes• Playing sports
  9. 9. 2. Sit Correctly...Sit Right Checklist Your seat... Hips, elbows and knees should be at open angles (slightly more than 90 degrees) [14] Recline slightly to ease lower back pressure [15] Thighs parallel to floor Ensure feet are flat on floor (or use footrest) Sit about one arms-length from the monitor
  10. 10. 2. Sit Correctly...Sit Right Checklist Your monitor… Position centre of screen at eye level - tilt the monitor upwards slightly Your mouse/keyboard… Keep wrists in neutral position, not bent up or down Only use wrist rests while resting, not when typing Keep alphabetical section of keyboard centred to you
  11. 11.  Download the Sit Right widget  Free desktop app  Prompts regular breaks  Links to great online resources for stretching and
  12. 12.  Sit Right Checklist  Tear out of Sit Right brochure  Use on your desk, or in a prominent
  13. 13.  Straighten Up Australia  3 minute exercise program  Use daily to improve your spinal
  14. 14.  Just Start Walking!  Download our free mobile walking app  Track your walking activity  Set walking reminders  Find your local CAA
  15. 15.  Visit your local CAA chiropractor  Posture assessments and spinal screening  Lifestyle
  16. 16. Sit Less Sit Correctly Be active the put the the spine is your health & Sit Right Sit Right designed to your habits. Widget to checklist in a be upright, Change is upprompt you to prominent regular to YOU. Find take regular place on your activity is key out more breaks desk from your Chiropractor
  17. 17. May 21 to 27, 2012 An initiative of theChiropractors’ Association of Australia
  18. 18.  Hands on Health – Family Chiropractor Camberley, Surrey 01276 501777
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  20. 20.  Hands on Health – Family Chiropractor Camberley, Surrey 01276 501777