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Webinar: The Future of Omni-Channel Banking (Recording)


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In this webinar we are looking at omni-channel banking experiences. Today's consumer has several channels they can use to interact with their bank, and they want to use all of them. Financial institutions can, and should, communicate with their customers across all channels, not just one or two. A single platform with a rich customer experience layer makes it possible to create omni-channel strategies that use all channels and meet the needs of the 'connected consumer'. Real omni-channel banking is about more than a brand being available on a variety of touchpoints, it is about creating a multi-faceted, unified customer experience.

Backbase's CEO and co-founder, Jouk Pleiter along with Global Head of Marketing, Jelmer de Jong, will discuss the latest strategies and best practices to help your bank successfully deliver a truly omni-channel banking experience.

Topics include:
- Best practices for creating an omni-channel Bank experience
- Strengthening the brand by combining offline and online
- The future of distribution: The hybrid approach
- Next steps - How to continuously improve your omni-channel experience

Published in: Business