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Mobile Banking Thoughts, webinar December 15, 2010 by Hannes van Rensburg


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In this webinar Hannes van Rensburg shares his vision on Mobile Banking. Hannes is the Chief Executive and Founder of Fundamo. Next to this, Hannes is the author of a widely read blog on mobile banking and an active participant in mobile banking conferences. Having launched the first mobile banking solution in 1999, Hannes is often seen as the pioneer of mobile banking.

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  • I agree that the market going mobile is the direction of the future, however I think that you will never be able to fully replace banking in person. I do not think that mobile devices offer a secure enough platform, even online banking can be hacked, cracked or remotely monitored by a third party with relative ease if you know certain IP information. Working as lead on product manager jobs has given me insight into the fallibility of the electronic era. If you have the desire, you can access supposed confidential information with relative ease. I worry that if banking moves to a mobile platform, then E crime will skyrocket. With technology the way it is heading, if everyone who has a mobile phone also had mobile banking, then we would be terribly ill equipped to deal with monitoring and policing the e commerce.
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