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Gas station

An online business listing directory is an imperative and valuable addition to your online marketing strategy.

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Gas station

  1. 1. An online business listing directory is an imperative and valuable addition to your online marketing strategy. Thousands of people search every day for businesses and they land to these online lists. In addition, the majority of business profiles on these online business lists are indexed by Google and other major search engines. Links of your business profiles are shown when people do a generic search in Google and other search engines, for example, a search for ethnic food in Bermuda displays all links to restaurants in Bermuda more examples are like Beer in the Evening, gas station etc. So if you're an ethnic restaurant in Bermuda then it's very important that you are listed on these lists in order to stand a real and speedy chance of being reached by customers. People searching for your business generally want to get what they are looking for as soon as possible. All the links displayed are the quickest way to do this. Well, about 90% of searches go no further than page one, and Google alone handle 88bn search queries each month - that's 80bn page one only search queries. This means you really must have page one prominence as your objective in your SME online marketing strategy plan.
  2. 2. The more quality online community friendly listing you are on the more chance that you will have increased customer inquiries and more. You should play clever about your business directory marketing strategy. You should follow below 5 rules to advertise your business on the online listing to make sure you make the most of it 1. You should go for only well respected and quality online community friendly listing (look at forums and blogs for recommended online community friendly listing) 2. You should Spend enough time to create all the content you want your reader to go through, e.g. text, images, video etc 3. Consider what keywords you want to target and clearly include them in the business description 4. It is not prudent to copy and paste your business description into each free directory – you should create fresh and unique content on each one 5. You should look out for upgrades to priority listings and links to your website. whilst the old saying 'content is king' may be true in the last decade, but in this fast and information-rich time it's evolved to 'quality content is king'. Put the quality content on your website. For more info – www.backato