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Conditionals NAYIBE and SOFIA


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Conditionals NAYIBE and SOFIA

  1. 1. English ConditionalsSofía Parra and Nayibe Cueva.
  2. 2. The zeroconditional
  3. 3. N: Hi Sofy how are you?S: Fine Thank you, and you?N: good too, Sofy we don’t have classes tomorrow right?S: No we don’t.N: So what time do you usually get up?S: if i go to school, i get up at 7 o´clock, and you?N: Well, if i go to school, i get up at 6 o´clock, because I live far from the school.
  4. 4. The firstconditional
  5. 5.  S: Nayi Im worry about our english test for tomorrow, What about you? N: Well, Im not worry because i already study but Sofy dont worry about that, if you study hard, you will pass the test. S: oh, thanks Nayi, i will study harder than ever. N: i can help you Sofy! S: Really, thanks Nayi I aprecciate this. N: Ok let´s go, if we catch the train, we will arrive early at home.
  6. 6. The secondconditional
  7. 7. S: Hi Nayi what are you doing? I’m practicing my exercises for gimnastic.N: Im bussy right now, my mom told me that i have to do some things, but i really need help.S: Oh Nayi sorry! If i had more time, i would help you.N: its ok! Sofy i know that.
  8. 8. THANKS