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Projet 2013 english


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Projet 2013 english

  1. 1. PROJECTS in 2013In next January and February two groups of voluntary will go to the orphanage Sandeba to continue thework begun 2008. Since this time the orphanage and the schools have been kept supported by the visitsof two other groups.The groups which are proceeded in this winter there have already planned the different works to makepossible an improvement of the education, the health cares and the conditions for the orphans ofSandeba … Here find some of this work:Elementary school:- Painting of all classes* Purchase of the school boards* Purchase of cupboards, tables and chairs* Purchase and Installation of solar panels* Installation of a shower in the place of residence of the teachers* Organize the library with the book sent last summerHigh school (secondary school)- Installation of a fountain with pumping system on the ground of the secondary school.- purchase of new writing desk and chair. (You have only sufficient for half of the pupils)- organization and arrangement of the library with the rest of the book sentHealth clinic– Installation of a solar panel.–Orphanage Sandeba* Washbasin equipment for the flood irrigation of the garden* Organization of a henhouse.• Installation of additional swing for the children.• Improvement of the system of the water supply which is still bad.This project can only be accomplish with your help. Its with some small things that we can give hopeand improve the life of a small community. Thank you.